Choicescript Unzipping and Files Guide


  1. Download the ChoiceScript source from GitHub

  1. Now you need to extract the files. In Windows 10 I go to where the files were downloaded, right click and select extract.

  1. Then I select the destination where I wish to extract the files.

  1. So now choicescript is downloaded what do I do next? I found it extremely overwhelming when I first downloaded choicescript. There were so many files and I didn’t have a clue what any of them did. It’s okay though, you can just ignore them all for now.

Ignore all of those confusing files and folders and browse to the web folder.

  1. Now inside the web folder are a whole lot of other confusing files. (This is where the ‘web/index.html’ file is which the choicescript tutorial tells you to open. But I’m just going to ignore that too.)

  1. There’s yet more files. We’ll skip by these as well for now and open up the scenes folder.

  1. Inside the scenes folder are a bunch of text files. This is the basics of your game. This is the folder you’ll spend most of your time in.

The only two files in this folder you need are startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt You are free to delete all of the others if you want to.


Stupid headache! This is half-finished. I’ll write the rest later.


Good job Feather friend. I find it useful if someday I decide use a computer to code … It looks so weird and complex for me use a computer to code Cog. I am weird.

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Ah! Can I continue the guide?

Feel free to resume your own anytime, though, and I’ll delete my own later to prevent confusion.

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Sure if you want to!

It’s meant as a supplement to the wiki. Particularly

And to

Ok, with the power granted by the Godfairy…

  1. There’s 6 different .txt files based on pic number 8. However, the only 2 files you’ll absolutely need are startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt
    You may delete the rest of the .txt files
    Now, open the startup.txt and take a look at it. I’ll open the file with Notepad++ program, but normal notepad works.

10)Oh, what are these codes?

Frankly speaking, these code is the one that “form” your game later. But for now, you can delete all of the code. Yes, press that Ctrl + A, and del keys.

11)Now you have a clean worksheet! You can begin to write your story, but first thing first, you’ve to type these commands (or just copypaste this code and adjust it by yourself later)

*title My story
*author Bejo and friends

Those lines are used as the “foundation” of your game and you can’t leave them empty. *title is for your story title, *author is your name, and *scene_list are the list of scene.txt files included in your game.

And that’s how it’s done. You can proceed to create game variables (*create), or write the intro of your story, or create a new independent scene file to mark an individual chapter of your game.

You can visit choicescript wiki links provided by @FairyGodfeather to begin writing your own story.

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  1. To compile your game and try your newly created IF, go to the main folder of the ChoiceScript (default location “…\dfabulich-choicescript-[versionnumber]”)

    Open the compile.html to begin the quick-easy-handy “compiling” (mozilla recommended. Or perhaps, required)

  2. This screen is what you should see when you open the compile.html.

Finally, to playtest your game, click the blue hyperlinked here text to “download” your game.

FYI, you can choose either option. However, I personally choose the Open with option.

  1. Ta-daaa

    Enjoy your game. Of course, there’s only 4 ending options since the game contains nothing but *title and *author

However, as you begin to write your game, the game itself will begin to expand and will soon take form into a proper CS IF.

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What advantage has compile over not compile? I have never compiled.

Hmm… local alpha testing? Evaluating the typography of your story? Or maybe just getting the “feel” of being the player.

I just use index in my Firefox local browser offline same interface than player no need compile. I could say exactly same thing. I could use quick and random text. And all from my mobile . So What real advantage has compile over normal system?

Wew, I never thought you can use index.html for that :laughing:
And surely it’s more beneficial to do that rather to “compile” since you don’t have to “download” the game every time.

Well then, the only pro of compile.html over index.html I can think of, is to create a copy of the compiled game and you can send it to your friends, or beta-tester, or maybe anyone. Rly.[quote=“poison_mara, post:10, topic:24376”]
I could use quick and random text.
About that one, I think it’s different from either compile/index. They serve different function.
I can’t compare them, at least that’s what can I say about it.

And I don’t really code on mobile though, so I never use my phone for coding nor bugfixing my game.
I’d rather plot the game and define the character when I’m on mobile.

I never coded on pc because when I started I haven’t one and now I don’t like it is too big and menacing. I have a pc phobia I barely use it. And like I could do everything possible in mobile phones and tablets why change? I probably could compile too but I never tried

I actually uses a notebook/laptop, personally.

PC that consisted of 4k screens, a glowing keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a custom built cpu is only for gaming.
I don’t have such PC :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There’s no hurt in using a smartphone/tablet/notebook/desktop computer to write your game. Suit yourself the best.

Heck, use a server mainframe. Nobody will complain on you.
Or maybe… everyone, if that’s the case.

Yay! I don’t have to finish my tutorial now! :stuck_out_tongue: I can just be lazy again.

Think you can explain the testing thingies too? With pictures?

I should’ve expected that.

Well, I don’t use random/quick tests that much, but I think I may give it a try.
I want to be lazy as well :expressionless:

urgh… why me… suddenly gone very diligent :weary: :fist::dash:


That’s what you get for volunteering to help. :stuck_out_tongue: