How to start a new game/project


Okay, I finished the tutorial, and all of that, but now I can’t figure out how to start a plain thing for my game, will any notepad file work, or must I open it a certain way?w


Notepad ++ for pc wrangler for mac are the most common programs use for now.


Download the ChoiceScript folder from the link on the website.
Delete all the files in the scene folder except startup and choicescript_stats.
Edit those files using your text editor of choice - Notepad++ is probably the best one.


Thanks so much! You guys were really helpful


Hello, I have finished reading 6 of the Choice Games stories (The ORPHEUS Ruse, Meta Human Inc., and the whole Heroes Rise series) and I decided to check out the site, and that is when I saw the Choice Script and decided I wanted to attempt to make my own.

My question is: What folders do I need? Is the only folder I need for my own new project the mygame folder and its contents minus the listed files?


Startup, and Choicescript_stats
As well as whatever you want to call any additional chapters in your game.

Which aren’t actually folders- just text files. But the folders and files necessary are all contained within the CS download. The files have a sample tutorial-like game, which can be erased easily enough to start your own project. Just need to learn how via the instructions -many of which can be found through the links at the top right within the link I’ve provided.