How do I run index.html?

I just started learning choice script, and I am having trouble on something ple help

I’m having trouble with the index.html part
When I open it shows something like the photo, but not my game please help

What does your startup and first gamefile look like?

There’s some threads here to help new writers learning the ropes (which I can’t find right now for the life of me, I’m sorry)

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It’s the example one, I mean the default one

What do you mean by opening it? What are you doing, exactly?

I mean when I run index.html on browser, it shows as the screen shot

Did you install node.js and start the server?

I have installed it, actually I watched a tutorial in YouTube

Update, I tried Choice script IDE, and it’s working, thank you


Glad that you’ve found a way around :grinning:. I just want to point out that Chrome browser cannot be used to run ChoiceScript, hence your problem earlier.

You can try with different browsers, or with the amazing tool that is ChoiceScript IDE.