Choice Script Changes To Run Tests With Firefox ver 68 ( See Post 12 & 31)

No way, as with the change of Firefox policies the only way of testing and using quick text is through upload your files or make your own server.
Except you use a older firefox application and a older choicescript as i do but could cause security issues

See this post

You will still need to set up “virtual server” per computer boot up though, but it’s definitely better than manual “upload” per testing session.

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Ok, so even though I’ve kept a downgraded version of firefox on my computer, it still seems as if they’ve managed to do something to firefox as quicktests and randomtests no longer work on it today :frowning: Will need to try the new way. Just thought I’d post to let anyone still using the downgraded version know it seems to now be a problem, not an error with the game.

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I have some issues using choicescript, and I can’t figure out by myself how to solve them :sweat_smile:

An older Choiscript version I had worked a little bit funky, as whenever I try to quicktest/play/compile the game, this message kept poping up: Error: Could not open web/mygame/index.html

The problem is, I have all the files, I didn’t move nor touch anything, so I don’t know why it’s happening. Sometimes it says “statup.txt is missing,” but in the scenes folder the startup file is intact (and the *scene_list too, like this).


After attempting it to work to no avail, I downloaded a new choicescript folder to try my luck, I installed Node and did everything the page said, but this problem appears: localhost:53070 says: Uncaught ReferenceError: lines is not defined, which doesn’t let me do a thing.

Anyone here knows what’s happening? :face_with_head_bandage: Thank you for your time!

After a recent update you gotta do a few things to get it running.

But an easier way is to download CSIDE which you can just start it up and test your game easily.


Thank you a lot! :smile:

Can I just check I’m doing this right? It’s now running in the command box rather than a web browser right?


Yeap, now tests are executed through cmd prompt.


Running Firefox 68.0.2 on Ubuntu now, everything seems to work except the batch files. I don’t know that much about JavaScript but I can see that it only supports Windows and Mac, so I still have that upload page.

Did you get the node package? You can run it in terminal just fine after that:

node quicktest

Another alternative is to use a different browser. I’ve found that Falkon and Qutebrowser work (and have the advantage of being fast, lightweight, and keyboard-driven using vim-like keystrokes. Qutebrowser is also scriptable.)

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Whilst an informative response (which I do appreciate), I think this will of minimal value for the same reasons behind the infamous “don’t ask for coders” ruling. Most people here probably don’t fancy themselves tech-savvy, and certainly won’t want to run off and download random non-mainstream browsers (or particularly care if they’re scriptable). There’s also a matter of security here. Whilst it’s now inconvenient for us to run ChoiceScript, the browser vendors have made these decisions for a reason. Chrome went first, Firefox has now followed. Hopefully (for the sake of security) other browsers will shortly follow. If people really don’t care, then you can actually disable this behaviour, at least in Chrome – no need to download another browser.

I understand the desire to standardize the browsers for multiple devises; I do wish there was an optional PC build available that did not necessarily need to seamlessly interface with phones and their different security needs.

Running these tests in a shell is a major inconvenience and one that necessitates complicating the game development under Choice Script, a complication that non coders/programmers will find much more burdensome than others.

I figure it’s nice to have options. True, Qutebrowser might be more for coder-types, but Falkon isn’t. I did wonder about the security issue, but the backend of browsers is almost always the same these days, webkit or webengine, same as in the big mainstream browsers. Are these just using an older version? Or is something else going on to make it safe? I dunno, but if that’s a concern, just use it for choicescript testing only. And who knows, people might find they prefer a lightweight browser that doesn’t spy on them. I even saw that there’s an android version of Falkon (didn’t test choicescript in it, though) for those who develop on their phone. I’d think if the choice is between having to install Node or another browser, the browser’d be easier. It’s just another program. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or anything for that.

As for the scriptability, it comes in handy. I just found Qutebrowser yesterday, but I already wrote a script to pop over to the part of the code you’re at in the browser. No more having to find where I’m at all the time! I’ve been wanting that for a long time. Even the non-tech-savvy might be willing to go through the extra hoops if they want that too.

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I am not very computer savvy but I have somehow managed to keep the last version of firefox that allowed tests to run. It does mean I keep having to say no to updates every time I reboot though!
Can I please ask if anyone knows - if I download the very latest choicescript code will I still be able to use this for testing?

Yes; instead, there’s just a bit of hassle involving pointing the browser at your game folder to let the tests run. You’ll need an updated version of the browser to do it, though, so if you update CS you’ll need to update Firefox (or use a different browser for this version of CS), too.

Can I ask for help please?
I have downloaded node js and the latest version of choicescript
I am able to run quicktest (passes!) and I am able to run randomtest (passes!) but when I double click run server it says File Not Found

I don’t know what to do differently to run the game and I can’t understand why it can test but not run?

Edit- I am able to play the game, by using an older version of firefox. I assume if it runs that way it is fine? Or might it run on firefoc for me but not for someone else using the latest node js method?