So I Keep Getting Something Called A "Script Error"


…whenever I click on the Index button in the Mygame folder. I’ve been told by Samuel_H that you need to use it in Firefox otherwise I’ll keep getting the error. The thing is, Firefox is the only browser I ever use.

Has anyone else run into a problem similar to this? If not, what would you suggest I try to fix it?


Until someone comes along and fixes it, I’d suggest continuing to write material, since it may be a little while until you’re able to discover the problem and fix it:P


I’m writing as I’m waiting, which doesn’t include the sentence I just wrote.


Download Internet Explorer and try that. It might be a poor browser yet it should work. I have IE specifically for ChoiceScript development only.


Downloaded, and I’m going to restart in a moment. I’ll be back as soon as I can.


Make sure to download the latest version of CS, too.


Where could I find that?


It should be on the CoG website under “make your own games”



@Yamamato Your FF problem might be due to something similar to this:


Hmm, do you get the Kaspersky Virtutal Secrurity Keyboard Security Extension with this Kaspersky Whitepaper I found online?


@Yamamato No idea, tbh. Check your extensions under FF Tools–>Add-ons, since any new ones added recently will be listed there. It needn’t be restricted to just Kaspersky, either, it could be any security software’s extension (disable add-ons one at a time & test CS, then re-enable and test another if needs be).