The Woes of Coding

So, I have never coded before, I’m talking complete blank slate. I have watched a few videos but whenever I get started I just seem to hit a wall. I would be eternally grateful for any recommendations of videos, tips or tutorials that have helped you guys! Or if anyone else is teaching themselves the impossible, to let me know what’s helped them in their coding process :wink:

Hello, you can look at this post, it has a lot of information to start learn the gears of it

You can use this tool to start writing and coding and testing your game all in the same place.

If you get an error there’s probably already an answer here on the forum so google and the search bar are your best first step friends.

Start trying and experimenting, is the best way, and also you have all the documentation explaining the commands and their functions on the wiki.


Have you looked at the example codes for scenes on the main COG site? I’d pull up one of those (I think one of choice of dragon’s scenes are up there and fairly basic) and use it as a practice template to get a feel for how basic coding works. Start simple and work your way up to adding different commands, I’m still learning new ways of coding stuff in. (You can build a complete game using just the *choice command if you really wanted to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a good idea to add a few variable stats in at least.)

As someone else teaching themselves choicescript with little actual coding experience, good luck! Remember when in doubt, simple code is best. I’m working on my first project right now and the feedback has been widely positive. Once you have the foundation down, you can always add more details later on.

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