Scene_list troubles

I’m having trouble with getting the scene to work

Error: Name line 6: bad label chap_one

*label Name
You know, it's going to get annoying to keep calling you "great and mighty dragon."  What is your name?
        *set name "Argon"
        *goto Chap_One
        *set name "Pilore"
        *goto Chap_One
    #Choose my own name.
        *label input_name
        What name would you prefer?
        *input_text name

        *comment check capitalization
        *if ("${name}" != "$!{name}")

            Your name is $!{name}, is that right?

                    *set name "$!{name}"
                    *goto Chap_One
                #No, I want to change it.
                    *goto input_name


*goto looks for a *label in the same scene-file.
Are you meant to go there or to a whole new scene file, which would require

From what i remember the file names and scene names need to be in all lowercase.

@MeltingPenguins I am trying to go to a whole new scene. Thank you for the help

@GoldenSilver Thanks for the heads up.

As I am kind of new I am learning this stuff pretty quickly. However, the tab and spacing for choices is becoming quite difficult.

Give this a try if you haven’t already, it indicates the indentation better. And just use a single tab press to make things easier:

You might also want to check out the wiki

@GoldenSilver I am currently using that. It makes life a whole lot easier.

@Szaal I am using that as well.

Thanks for the advice everyone! :smile: ile:

Oh ho ho, that’s great.
Feel free to return to this thread when you have any other questions.

Us oldfolks here love to see everything tidy, you see :eyes:

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Alright cool! @Szaal

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