Chapter and startup

Okay this is really confusing and frustrating, chapter one has choices and dialogue which leads up to chapter two but instead it starts as it should, you get to choose your family name then skips straight to chapter two then three.

I’m at a lose

obviously this is how startup works but how do I make it go to the next scene within the same chapter? for example after you choose your family name you get to choose your name and gender both of which are in chapter one

Okay, it looks like you are using *finish after choice which is making it go to the next chapter (I assume, it could also be an indentation issue) you have to use *goto to call on the labels in your chapter to navigate.
If this is not the issue please share the code of chapter 1.
Refer to the articles below for examples

Label and goto work however I think its indentation issue as the scene I want it to goto does not exsist within the startup and I was told to condence them into chapters which I did as the startup reflects but this creates an issue evidently

Okay I see a few problems here, it is as I suspected, you are using *finish, which causing it to jump to next chapter in the *scene_list, here you don’t need to use *choice as the scene is pretty linear so I recommend using *fake_choice, also another thing you are using *goto_scene instead of *goto which is also wrong, also the placement of *label is wrong.

Below I have fixed the errors I see, and it should work

Your family name is 
    *set family "Pendragon"
    Your family name is ${family}.
    *goto name
    *set family "Buxton"
    Your family name is ${family}.
    *goto name
  #Create your own.
    *input_text family
    So your family name is ${family}.
    *goto name

*label name
What is your name?
*input_text name

    *set Gender "Male"
    *set mal "true"
    My Lord 
    *set Gender "Female"
    *set fel "true"
    My Lady 

Sidenote: I strongly suggest you read through the Wikia tutorial, particularly the examples as they will help you in understanding about which functions to use when.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!