goto_scene: possible to go to specific label in startup file?

So, I have a question regarding the *goto_scene command…

The CS wiki warns against using *goto_scene to go to the startup file, as this will reset all variables. But is it okay if you go to a specific label within the startup file? For example, if I use the command: -

*goto_scene startup bobs_house

Will this reset all of the variables created at the beginning of my startup file? Or will it just jump straight past them?

It should be fine, but why would you ever want to design your game that way?
You’re best leaving your startup file solely for *create, *title, *scene_list and other “initilization” stuff.

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I use the following system:

*gotoref scheduleplace

This will make you go to the label that matches the variable scheduleplace. So in events.txt you could have:

*gotoref scheduleplace
*label one
Blah blah blah 
*label two
Blah blah blah 
*label three
This is where I want to skip to

To properly skip to label three in events.txt, you would write the following in another file:

*set scheduleplace three
*goto_scene events

The game will go to events, see '*gotoref “scheduleplace” which gets replaced with “*goto three”, and then you’re at label three where you wanted to be.

It’s still probably a bad idea to do this on the startup file though. Just make your startup file super short and move what was in it, to startup1 or something.

Excellent ideas, all. I think that the best thing to do is to break up what is currently my startup file. I’ll keep all of my *create commands in the startup, and shunt what is currently the ‘story’ part of the first vignette into a different file, which I can come back to with a *goto_scene command later.

I guess I can even use a *goto_scene command at the end of the (shortened) startup file to move seamlessly into the first chapter of the story without having to use a *finish command.

Thanks for the feedback.