Help with Labels/Labelling

So I’ve been messing with ChoiceScript and I was wondering:

  • Can you create labels in different documents and use them in another?
  • How do you end a label when you want to label two consecutive parts separately? Can you even do that?
  • Can you label commands like “*set humanity -10?”


  • collide
  • Yes you can.
  • You might need to explain that one more clearly.
  • No you can not.

Labels are used alongside *goto commands. When you ask CS to *goto a place it must go to the specified *label.

If you want to *set stats you must do that before *goto and/or after *label. *goto/*label are only meant to work as a Set your Destination and a Goto your Destination.

*goto_scene blank label

Blank: Is the scene you want to go to.
Label: Would be whatever the label in that scene you wanted to go to.

Well, the middle question is now moot b/c of the last answer but thanks, that really helped!

Of course, I’ll consider the matter resolved, good luck out there. :wink:

Uh, your questions are pretty unclear.

  1. Is I think no. *goto only check the current scene, it doesn’t check other scenes for the label.
  2. With a *goto of where you want to go next (or some other transfer method).
  3. No, and I think you may be looking for *gosub.


  1. Check my guide here (I got at least as far as covering *goto.
  2. Don’t sign your posts. It’s really not necessary.