Question about labels

So. I am pretty sure that I know the answer to this. I hope.
When doing *goto, when you want to go to the next label, but the next label is the next line down. Do you have to put the *goto and *label in?
I am pretty sure you do, from what I know. However. Well, unless I turn the implissit control to true, anyway.
So. Thoughts?

If you are using a choice you need the goto and label.

If you are using a fake choice you don’t need the goto and label and can just let the text continue.

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Yes, your assumptions are correct.

Yes. But you can also use *gosub label_name to which seats the player to the label and can send them back to the start point with *return.

Likewise you can use *goto_scene label_name which sends the player to a new scene and to the label.

*gosub_scene label_name does the same as *gosub but sends players to new scene and returns from that.


I have a lot to Learn

You can also use the gosub_scene in a fake choice🙂

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