Stat reaction coding

So I’m trying to code some character reaction based on stats this is what it looks like

But instead of the reactions it skips straight to the woman stares in shock help please

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That code will prioritize Emotional stat over Stoic. If you have them both less than 50, Stoic will be skipped.
On the other hand, if both are over 50, none of the reaction will be passed.

Both your conditions only check if Emotional or Stoic are less than 50. If they are higher than that, the *if and *elseif will be skipped.

You need to add conditions to check if those stats are equal or higher than 50. Use an *else to always catch the situation where none of the conditions are met.

Other tips: You don’t have to use *line_breaks to break lines, simply leave a blank line and it will have an automatic line break when the game is run.

Use syntax highlighter for notepad++ for better visuals while coding:

Or use CSIDE:

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