Stat Check Help

No I don’t mean anything like how to find my status screen.

I’m finally at the point in the game I’m working on where your stats come into play, so I’m wondering how to code state checks into choices.

Like for example

“A lone gunman is pointing a semi-automatic pistol at you. What do you do?”

A. Jump to the side.
Like if your reflex stat is below X number you die and gameover or above X number and you live and continue on with the story.

B Talk the guy down.
Or in this case if your cunning or persuasion stat is below X you die and above X you live and again continue on with the story.

Basically what I’m saying is I need help on how to code it in? I’d appreciate a response as soon as possible thank you

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There’s a couple of ways to do this. You’ll want if statements.

    #Jump to the side
        *if reflex>=50
            You successfully dodge
            *goto survives
            *goto dead
    #Talk the guy down
        *if persuasion <50
            He shoots you!
            *goto dead
            He decides not to shoot you.
            *goto survives