Some question about states and states check

  1. If it would like to do 4 or 5 states check at once, how should I type it? or the maximum is 3? If you can do like 4 or 5, plz give me an example.

  2. can I set one state’s number to match another state number?
    like this, ‘companion loyalty’ was 67 and I want to set the ‘companion trust’ to the same number, is it possible? Plz give me example if it is

3.How long can you make a scene before it go ‘long load’? give me answer either size of scene or number of words plz.


*if (((stat1 >10) and (stat2 >10)) and ((stat3 >10) and (stat4 >10)))

*set stat1 stat2

will set stat1 the same as stat2

It’s hard to say as choices and checks both can cause the game to take longer to load.


On Q1, this thread includes examples with many stats (see esp the second post from bottom):