Code Editor program for ChoiceScript / Custom tag colors?

Hey everyone! Looking for a code editing program that’ll allow me to designate * and # as code tags, and then mark those with a designated color anytime it’s typed. (Just like Notepad++ has different colors for all their various brackets etc) But since ChoiceScript uses different tags those programs don’t recognize, I’m trying to find a way to make them custom?

My brain is very visually based and I need the colors to keep my lines separate and keep my thoughts from getting confused as I write.

I’ve used Notepad++ and just downloaded Brackets too, didn’t find any extensions that fit this though. Also already saw comments in older threads about Chronicler (no longer supporting ChoiceScript) and the visual thread one but I much prefer to follow the code as-is rather than the flowchart style.

Any suggestions for programs and/or extensions to allow this are appreciated! The white & gray in Brackets is putting me to sleep :confounded:

So I don’t use Notepad++ for writing ChoiceScript games, but I found this plugin which might be what you’re looking for: Choicescript Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++

If you want a program that’s specifically dedicated to ChoiceScript, you might want to check out [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019) .

You can set your own custom language in notepad++ highlighting commands or whatever, is highly customizable. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking.


CSIDE looks like a great option, thanks! I’ll keep the Notepad++ syntax highlighter in mind in case I need a backup.

No problem, glad I could help :+1: