Increasing indent not allowed?

i think it might be indented, but it’s super late at night where i am so i’m gonna check tomorrow and get back to ya’ll

ok so i copy pasted from the tutorial template they gave us so i guess it is indented?

Try this:

      Strange it is to be called that you would be considered a father if you could have children right?
         #That is correct.
            *set gender "man"
            *goto next
         #That's correct but in your past people would've considered you to be a mama and a papa. But anyone who can saything like that is long gone
            *set gender "trans man"
            *goto next
         #This child is definitely wrong.

Dunno what you want to do with the last option, though. Return to the choice?

Seriously, people, you ALL missed that the last three options are a whole new choice-body? D=

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i tried and i got the tabs and spaces appear on the same line error,

hhhhh I just wanna make my game sob why do you have to be so difficult with me choice script!

I used only spaces, no tabs. adjust it to your needs.

You forgot a *choice command and you’ve mixed up double indents with tabs. You also forgot to make finish a command rather than just a word. It should look like this instead:

    Strange it is to be called that you would be considered a father if you could have children right?
      #That is correct.

EDIT: The problem with using any type of coding language isn’t that it doesn’t do what you tell it to, but that it ALWAYS does EXACTLY what you tell it to, whether or not it makes sense. Unlike English where you can be a bit vague to convey complex meaning through context, the poor compiler cannot guess what you mean. You have to treat it like a child that can’t do anything for itself. You have to be precise.

still getting the error ugh, at this rate it might be better to just start over from scratch

You don’t need a *finish to end a choice.
*finish ends the scene, *ending ends the game.
*goto (label) ends a choice (unless it’s a fake_choice)

Search Choicescript Interactive Tutorial on google and follow the whole thing. You’ll pick it up quick.

Perhaps you can consider using CSIDE to code? The indentation is done for you automatically, so it might help eliminate the problem!

yeah i’m probably gonna do that and see if it works

even with cside i’m still getting a tabs and spaces appear in the same line error >:/

how much code do you have? maybe try replacing all tabs with spaces

ok i deleted the code and it seems to be working now, still don’t know why it was being so finicky

It can get like that if you have tabs anywhere in the code and then use spaces.

but yay i can finally start writing stuff! \o/…at least until i encounter a new error hahaha…

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Have you gone through the Interactive ChoiceScript Tutorial and taken extensive notes on the commands you need to use and the syntax you need to follow?

i have the tutorials bookmarked so i should be fine if i get lost

Do them all first! It’ll only take an hour. You don’t start composing music without knowing the meaning of the notation first.

yeah…im thinking of maybe switching to an easier project, i think i got a bit too ambitious in trying to make this one my first