November 2023's Writer Support Thread

Honestly if Vampire’s Kiss 2 goes ahead (there’s a little bouncing around of two idaes in terms of scope, trying to work out what players want the most), I think I’d definitely launch a patreon, because otherwise I don’t know if I can afford to write it. The advance is $5000 over a whole year, and the investment in time is huge; with a patreon I can also share some of the (thousands of words) of extra content that gets produced in outlining the story. There’s so much lore that goes into these games.

I think a patreon is equally important because, honestly, some of the feedback - not in terms of the story, everyone’s entitled to like or dislike whatever, but the more personal attacks - has really shattered my confidence, not just as a writer but as a human. Being told I should be grateful people pirate my game, being accused of homophobia by someone who hasn’t played the game but didn’t like the sound of it, being told I am lazy, useless and stupid, or I’m ripping off someone’s IP etc… before entering this community, it had been years since I cried myself to sleep. And I don’t know if I’d be able to keep the momentum needed for the size and scale required without knowing there are people who want it to happen, especially as I know there are people who think I shouldn’t exist. Fans matter, and it’s a two-way relationship.


Absolutely, and I hope Patreon works well for you in building that relationship as well as an economic base for your writing.

I can also understand how a negative and/or callous minority of reviewers can have a disproportionate impact on your confidence. (Pretty sure it’s a small minority? Most of the Vampire’s Kiss reviews I’ve seen have been great.) So I’d suggest bracing yourself for a minority of your Patreon fans similarly turning on you.

The main reason I’m not very tempted by that route myself is that I recognize it would give my own workaholic inner bully more opportunities to self-flagellate when fans who are regularly paying me money expressed disappointment, dissatisfaction, “not good enough for the $3 I’m giving you,” etc.

Personally, that would hit me harder than bad app store reviews. I’m geniunely reconciled to the fact that:

Would I be able to take the same perspective on a Patreon community of people who are literally commissioning me to write for them because they like what I’ve already done? Maybe. But it would be tougher.


I’ve reached my goal. :revolving_hearts:

I’m running the battery of testing and then setting up for next month’s work now.


I’m honestly torn on Patreon as a whole. Because on one hand, it’s expensive to be a creative, you either need to work a regular job and have less time to create, or you need to find a way to make money off your art. And I think it’s a great way to facilitate a private beta. But on the other hand, as someone in school who can’t join patreon, it totally sucks when there’s exclusive content. Especially since so many people I follow use patreon. I would feel guilty doing that to others


Haven’t posted on these writer support threads for a bit (I just set myself some more concrete goals so hoping to contribute again in January) but wanted to chime in about having a Patreon since I have had one for a few months now to share my experience with it.

For me – I started it after getting asked by a few people who were asking to donate. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to write full time (or at least to make enough off of Patreon and eventually book sales to let me work less hours). I tried making this very clear when creating my Patreon and also stress that I work full time (often more than full time) and didn’t need the money to survive.

Thankfully, I haven’t had the experience of Patrons expressing discontent with what I post – this would absolutely be a demoralizing and crushing thing to hear.

A lot of people also mentioned a feeling of guilt with Patreon, which I totally get. For me, at least, I try to not view Patrons as people who are commissioning me to write, and instead view them as incredible people who really appreciate my writing and want to read more of it earlier.

I definitely feel bad when I fall into writing slumps and don’t post as often, but thankfully haven’t had any complaints about it.

I also think, in my own experience, creating a Patreon was a way of kind of forcing myself to keep with my project. Yes – I could of course just announce I gave up on the project and refund that month’s Patrons and go on with it – but it helped me to motivate myself to write and to keep writing a ton. The fact that anyone was willing to spend their money to support my writing and to read more of it was really motivating and mentally it helped me to keep pushing as a way of putting their “investment” to use so-to-speak.


@RFKramer this is pretty similar to my experience. The people who’ve subscribed to me have always been very warm and supportive.

I managed to do all this! Over this month, I drafted HB Chapter 6 and did my edits to Chapter 5-6 (and some bits and pieces elsewhere in the game), did a bunch of small edits to the Royal Affairs epilogue, and coded Chapter 7 and started writing. I’m now maybe a quarter of the way through Chapter 7.

And I went to AdventureX in London which was a ton of fun!

I felt infinitely better about this side of things after I shared my next chapter publicly. There is a certain kind of writing-anxiety that rears up when it’s been a while since fresh eyes have seen something of mine, and although I get nervous about sharing, it always makes me feel better to have other perspectives on it than mine.


Here is a digest of November’s releases and WIP updates! If I’ve missed anything, or anyone would like their link removed, please let me know. Congratulations to everyone who’s created something this month, whether or not they’ve shared it!


Current Closed Beta Testing:

CoG WIP updates:

New HG and Hobby WIPs

HG and Hobby WIP updates:

New Steam pages:


Me deep into my studies, being pinged here to see “Femboy dating simulator” being associated with me


I actually had a really good November! I hope it keeps up :blush:

check! :heavy_check_mark: I have maybe one more edit, but it was writing based rather that typo or bug based, so I’ll come back to that later

mostly check? :heavy_check_mark: I have to see how it handles being stress tested, but I have something in place now

probably check? idk I wasn’t really counting :heavy_check_mark:

I spent most of my writing time this month working on a code outline for my current chapter because it was a convoluted beast. (which was fun, coding is my favorite part, but I’m so tired :weary: I want to write now) I am learning so much about what kinds of things and how I like write, as well as scope. This current project is stumbling into place rather ungracefully, but it is my little tester pancake and I love it.


I’ve just spent the evening going over the first chapter of Daemonglass . I’ll be creating a topic for it tomorrow evening as I’m currently adding a bit more character description choices.

Length of hair, hair colour, hair styles, eye colours so far but I intend to add height as well (just need to decide on the heights of the ROs and other NPCs.)

I would also like to improve on the gender choice. Specifically allowing readers who are genderfluid to actively change their gender mid -game if they wish. As well as make it so trans readers feel more welcome. I think having an option to be nonbinary in UnNatural was a start (well I didn’t see any negative reaction to it) I would like to improve upon it and find an MC any reader could see as themselves.

I am just trying to come up with a way of offering that choice naturally in the story.

Daemonglass is a story I really love and I want to be able share it with as many people as possible by making an MC you can relate to whoever you are.


I managed the first! And I think I roughly wound up doing the second as well, but that I’m less sure of. Honestly, just having Asphodel’s draft done and launched out into the world feels kind of… wild. Like I’m still processing that it’s happened? Here’s hoping the edits don’t take a year haha.


(sigh) Well, I only got about half as much written as I’d hoped to in November. The code in this section is a lot denser – bringing back lots more callbacks from Game 1 – and it’s taking me longer to unfold the setting and characters than I’d hoped. But I’m enjoying how it’s coming together in everything except how long it’s taking me.

Onward and upward!



I am continuing my long-held tradition of setting the wrong example by not committing to any goals---- except to keep going.

Congratulations to everyone who has a posted WIP. And thanks again to Hannah for taking the time to make such a list. I have read many of the first few pages of the listed stories. Everyone should be proud of their creative ideas---- Proud of sharing those ideas---- And proud of taking a chance---- a chance on themselves.

----- Write Strong!


Yup, every time I sit down and think “okay, I finally have some free time to…” something always needs to be done :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see how my goals turned out:

  • still didn’t finish chapter one. TAT
  • Definitely didn’t manage another months worth of posts… gotta get on that.
  • My sleep schedule is fucking awful, but oh well.
  • the honorifics system has been put on pause, in favor of fixing a footnote/translation system. It seems to be functioning though!

All in all, not great, as I’ve been working on this game for 5 months now and haven’t finished the first chapter even… But still, better than nothing!


My soul almost left my body when I saw mine on the list, too! (In a good way.) Thank you for making these lists that draw attention to everyone’s hard work. :blush::two_hearts:


Your legacy has been set in stone. Civilizations will find the prophetic scriptures thousands of years from now and think, “This was peak IF, no cap fr.”


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