Rise of Nation(WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game, Rise of Nation(working title). I plan to update for 3 weeks a once but i tried to update earlier if i had free time.

if you had any suggestion or criticism, please please leave a comment below it might be helpful for me. If you may want to praise my work you can do it to :grin: :innocent:


your play as a leader to build your nation. Will your bring prosperity in your nation until it can rival superpower nation or bankrupt your nation. Your play as leader of your nation. Decided what type of economy your bring into your country. Will your solve the problem with other countries used diplomacy or might of army?, are your type of leader loved by your citizen or your become leader ignore of your people need. Addressing concern into your nation issue or became irresponsible by bring corruption into your country and make your people suffer.

"nation" mean

A nation refers to a territory governed by one government for all its citizens. Besides the fact that a nation can be defined as a group of people who share a history, traditions, culture, and, often, language, a nation can also refer to a group of people without a country of their own. There is a concept of nation that enables a group of related individuals to be the same with respect to origins, places, descents, relatives, countries, and homelands. As early as the 14th century, this term was introduced. Before the nation, at the start there civilization shape the nation in a way to the nation to grow like tribe or commune full of people in the territory.

To play the demo, go here:
Rise of Nation

if you want to view my other work please click this link below:

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Nation builders are always fun.


Gender bug. I was called a hard working women when I selected male leader

What are the features? Are there ROs, pets, powers or abilities, customizations, polyamory, etc?

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An error has occurred.

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Always excited to play a game with politics!

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Love the idea but the game has too many bugs

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Its a really good game but there are a lot of bugs and grammer issues

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This has potential add it to political fiction

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Great game, but plagued by numerous bugs and grammar problems.

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