Oria - The Weeping Prince (WIP)

The World of Oria is one filled with magic and wonders. It is a world inhabited by many races, and creatures, most prominent amongst them; The Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. But not everything in Oria is well and just, evil lurks in every shadow and just as magic can be used for good, it can be abused.

You play the Heir to Cordia, a county that once loomed large in the History of Men, but for centuries now subservient to the Emperor of Man.

The landscape of Oria is changing heavily, while the Empire of Man and the Elves of Ardast have enjoyed decades of peace, a tragedy forces each nation to make hard decisions for the good of their people.

And this is where you are. Making hard decisions and being haunted in the darkest of Nights.

Currently, it’s about 38k words long (prologue and Chapter 1 are currently finished), and I plan on updating every week (or every 2 weeks if I am busy)

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/15040


All humanoid companions will be romanceable.

Antonius Fabianus (He/Him, 24)
The charismatic and honourable second born son of the Emperor, Antonius, is a man of Knightly Virtue. And while at first he may seem naive, gullible, and stupid, spending time with him, you will find out that brain and brawns can fit together. He is a muscular man with short black hair and blue eyes. He has reached an impressive height of 6’3

Tiberius Fabianus (He/Him, 25)
The polar opposite of his younger brother, Tiberius is the Heir to the Empire of Man, and quiet. He is neither charismatic nor bold, instead he prefers to sit and listen. Sometimes you can even catch him talking to himself. In appearance, he looks very similar to his younger brother, though unlike his younger brother, he is a man of thin almost sickly stature. He is just shy of 6 feet.

Galadia Atiana (She/Her, 22)
Galadia is a simple woman from a small village, and while most would think her illiterate and simple, she is quite the opposite. Not only has she learned to read and write, but it seems she is much stronger than anyone in her village. To the surprise of many, she is a well muscled woman of average height with brown hair and green eyes.

Irene (She/Her, ???)
Supposedly a peasant woman, Irene is a strange figure. She is of Elven Descent, with sharp ears and silver hair. Her Eyes are brown, with a tinge of gold within them, giving her a strange appearance. Aside from that, she makes quite the strange figure, she is sickly thin, only accentuated by her incredible height. She is 6’6 tall.

The Dog
a formerly injured dog who has come to provide emotional support on your journey.


My main Inspiration comes from three different sources, that have led me on the path to make an Interactive Fiction game.

  • Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s LOTR
  • GRRMs Asoiaf
  • FatedFlames Kingdom and Empires
  • As well as various real life historical Myths and Mythology (main Points of Inspiration were Homer and Virgilius versions of the Illiad, as well as Babylonian and Ancient Hellenistic Religion)
Content Warning

The game will at times contain, mention and address: Violence and Death

  • I have just begun coding and so my expertise in coding a game is relatively low, expect a learning curve during the development of the game.
  • I am also not a Native English Speaker, so there may be some slight mistakes, I have overlooked.
  • The Prologue itself does not contain any choices
  • Game will be ungenderlocked with the next update

The demo is only 9K words, but I can easily say this is top-tier story telling, and while I was reading it, it felt similar to LOTR, not in a bad way. Of course, I am glad that your inspiration is LOTR,because I love LOTR thanks to Lord of the Rings trilogy, my interest in fictional fantasy worlds has started, plus I am a fan of playing as the crown prince or the king himself in interactive fiction. This is all I have to say for now. I will follow the updates, good luck buddy.


Interesting permise, and a nice style of writing. Definitely keeping this one in my bookmarks.


I like the premise. I would like to see where you take it.:slight_smile:


Good luck but I won’t touch it. Never playing male-locked stories.


Why are you even commenting then?


Updated Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is now roughly 30% done. It currently encompasses around 10k words, and the hunting route for MC has been created and finished.

As of now, I am working on finishing the other two main paths of Chapter 1, so I can move on to Chapter 2.


To wish the author good luck on the writing of the story? Can’t I do that?

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When will you add the save system?

Oh yeah I totally forgot. I’ll add a save system today. Thanks for the Reminder Krieg_Enthusiast.


Save system implemented.



Since I know roughly where to take the story and how to properly code it. The next update alongside the finished paths for chapter 1 will include the removal of gender-lock in the game. (You will be able to choose your gender.)

Genderlock was always something I was very unsure about, and in order to broaden the scope of the game; I find it necessary to include its removal.


Yeah, sure, you are the author; it’s your choice after all. I can’t wait for the next update. The current demo ends with such a cliffhanger.



Chapter 1 is now almost done, as I finished the second path. Currently Chapter 1 encompasses around 18k words. The only path that is now missing is the first library path that I will finish writing today.

Furthermore the Genderlock now has been officially removed, as well as added in an option to return to character creation if you do not like the culture you selected.

Currently I am working to finish the last piece of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2

Though now seeing as I am almost done with the next update as well (should be rolling around before the weekend) would you like to see a tumblr blog or a discord server for this IF?

  • Discord Server
  • Tumblr blog
  • Neither, just update it pls
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I want it to be longer before I start reading it😅. I don’t want my heart to be ghosted again.


I can see where you are coming from. A lot of WIPs get abandoned unfortunately. So that’s definitely fair!


@moderators I can’t seem to edit tags and my post in general (Id like to remove the Genderlocked tag)

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Hi –

I went ahead and removed the genderlock tag, and I converted your post into a Wiki, so that you should be able to continue editing the original post.

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Thank you so much! And I do apologize to the other mods who got pinged now that its already done!