The insignia- tale of a rebel

Currently still 8%, 100k words demo

And silence spoke to you like a rat biting the rope holding you from falling into insanity.

Justice or your destiny?

All you knew was the cursed,

“Welcome home.”

Born as the son/daughter of the dethroned emperor, you lived much of your life in hiding, being trained to rebel against the current tyrant of a ruler.

However everything changed at the month you turned 16.

The elders of the rebellion decreeing you to gain fame at the upcoming tournament known as the election, you are forced to take your first steps in reclaiming your father’s throne.

Carve your own journey, a passionate rebel or a rebellious anarchist? Take down the tyrant that is nibbling on the lives of his people and discover the rottenness of the rebellion!

Chase your fate

  • Lead the rebellion/ Be a fugitive wanted by the tyrant and the rebellion/ Infiltrate into the depths of the tyrant’s court
  • Potentially be corrupt

Customize your pa

  • Combat centered/ Charismatic/ Wise/ mixed
  • Male/female
  • Determine your personality
  • Determine your self esteem

Dynamic gameplay

Dynamic gameplay

  • Betray and be betrayed
  • Convert your enemies into comrades
  • Be convinced to side with the enemy
  • Different branches of love with same
  • Discover secret routes
  • Encounter assassination attempts

Adventure theme

Slowly descend into angst and darkness. From the first step of adventure. Enter the mind of your character and chose what to let go

Customize your faith

  • Christian (struggling and reborn)
  • Christian Nazirite (struggling and reborn)
  • Unbeliever

Currently it’s about (10%, 1.5Chapters (if flashback counts as a chapter, 100k Words, excluding code.) done, and I plan on updating approximately one chapter every two/ three weeks.

To play the demo, go here:


Glad to see you post your game.

You might want to tell everyone the type of feedback you are looking for.


If you pick male it’s starts from beginning.


Alright, thank you for the advice :"))

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If you start having trouble editing the original post, a moderator or “Leader” can turn the post into a wiki. Sometimes a forum bug strikes new posters.

@TheDrunkenGamer have a bad save plugin error going on just getting started but curious to see how it goes. :smiley:

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Thanks for telling me about it, It’s fixed now ^v^/

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Ah right, I saw that, I fixed that sorry TT I rewrote the scene and forgot to fix the label. Thanks :")

Thank you for the reminder :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Will the main character get to use the Power and blow up a huge spherical spacecraft named Death Sun by launching torpedoes through its vent?


Just checked lol and while that error is fixed another issue with it exists with it lol needs its on dedicated game save code what have you. Because right now its picking up other games saves with a similar problem.


That sounds real fun, but no :"( The scifi here is just like scifi fantasy fusion weapons, nothing like spacecrafts, think more historical with weirdly advanced technology.


Oh! I figured it out, turned out I needed to rewrite the mygame in the sminit code with a unique identifier :sweat_smile: Hope it worked this time, thanks for being patient.


No worries will check it out more later on but interesting will try to give more indepth later on at some point. Yet will point out something i noticed there were sometime gender issues when playing as a female MC. The biggest thing to jump out was when signing the team up after quickly registering and resting option multiple gender flipping when refrencing the tryant.


Owhh! Thanks for the detailed feedback, I must’ve forgotten to put the variables in. Have a good day :blush:


I read through as a male MC and found there were a couple of places that used “her” about the MC – worth doing a comb-through for those at some point too. :slight_smile:


:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: Thanks for trying the demo. I’ll fix that up soon.


Awesome. :slight_smile: One other thing to consider: Choice of Games’s style recommendations include having at least 3 options for every choice block, because binary choices generally aren’t as engaging for players. If a choice then has to be binary, it’ll stand out more and have more weight when the majority of other choices the player has faced have 3 or more options.

The original drafts of Choice of Rebels had a bunch of binary choices, but on the advice of my editors I went back and found ways to add a third option to almost all of them. I think it made the game stronger, and I’d give the same advice to any other author.

I guess my other advice would be to try to give a sense within the story of what the different gameworld faith options mean, rather than breaking out of the narrative to tell the reader “this means you’ve picked hard mode… this means you’ve got more latitude to make violent choices,” etc. You’ve got enough of a story “runway” leading up to this choice that I think you could briefly (through dialogue or the MC’s thoughts) give a sense of what a Nazirite vow means, or how reborn Christians are expected to behave in the gameworld. And depicting the role of Christianity in your gameworld, even a little, will help people make a decision on their MC’s faith semi-independently of their real-world feelings toward Christianity, rather than that being the only thing they have to go on.

(Renouncing violence has sadly not been one of our historical strong points, though I agree with you that it should have been! Too often renouncing affairs/sexual unfaithfulness has functioned as a replacement for renouncing violence in the ethics of major churches – “we exclude the sexually unrighteous, so we’re clearly a faithful community regardless of our track record on the whole love your enemies/bring justice to the poor thing” – rather than part of a thoroughgoing commitment to Christ’s teaching and example.)


Thanks! I’m always glad when people enjoy it, and even more glad when it inspires them to launch projects that explore similar themes and dynamics. Keep up the writing. :slight_smile:


I found it! Turned out I set the ${his} to her accidentally on the male determining choice. Thank you so much again. Also I really liked the game you made! It was the game I replayed the most during my childhood :smiley:


Owhhh! Now wonder! Thank you for the advise! I will think it through and try to fix the game parts. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: I agree, Christians nowaday do a lot of things that are discouraged in the bible such as retaliating and affairs. It’s sort of sad.