The Nascent Necromancer is now on Steam, and it's 33% off!

Originally published at: The Nascent Necromancer is now on Steam, and it’s 33% off! - Choice of Games LLC

We’re happy to announce that The Nascent Necromancer, our popular Hosted Game by Samuel Young, is now available on Steam for the first time ever!

To celebrate, you can buy The Nascent Necromancer for 33% off until December 7th.

Sorcery is forbidden and punishable by death. These punishments are summarily handed out by the Witch Hunters, a powerful organization of inquisitors. 

When a group of corrupt witch hunters comes to your village, accusing your brother of sorcery and wrongly accusing you of abetting him, your life takes a violent and abrupt change for the worse. After you’ve suffered more than you can bear and endured terrible tragedy, perhaps your only option left is to become the very thing that your enemies fear and despise so much.

The Nascent Necromancer is an epic, 238,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Samuel Young, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary. Romance men, women, both, or no one at all. 
  • Embark on a perilous journey, facing witch hunters, trolls, and goblins as you seek to gain the terrible power that will bring you revenge on your persecutors. 
  • Romance the cold, aloof Tozi; the sarcastic, charismatic Tanno; the shy, sweet Kenda; the kind, easygoing Meylor; or even the idealistic witch hunter, Lonnie.
  • Read approximately 100,000 words per playthrough!
  • Choose among three kinds of spells; mental, physical, or conjuration. Cast torture spells; summon flying, undead hands; control the minds of your enemies, and much more.

If they want a witch hunt, you’ll give them one.


Congrats on the release @Samuel_H_Young !


Congratulations on getting it ported over, Sam!


Five down, one to go. :smiling_imp:


Congrats, Sam!


Congratulations, @Samuel_H_Young!


Congratulations! Your story was on my radar a while, I went ahead and bought it as support! :smiley:


Wow getting to Steam is a great accomplishment man, cherish the moment Sam!

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I knew the slowburn nature of the plot and the origin story element, where you don’t become a necromancer until the end of the story, would not be for some people. That’s why I designed the title, the screenshots, the descriptions, and the demo to convey these things to the reader so they wouldn’t be expecting something else.

Well, that doesn’t appear to have worked out the way I intended because most of the game’s negative reviews have to do with readers being disappointed in becoming a necromancer late in the story. I wonder if there’s anything else I can do to make it more clear?


I suspect people are dissatisfied because it feels like there is only half the story here because of the sudden ending. I was totally taken by surprise, and there are enough loose ends to make a follow on or add a DLC without it feeling bloated. It would be a pity to waste such good work as its a great story and you kept up the suspense so well I didn’t even have a chance to chase a romance. I assumed, wrongly, I could do that once I had achieved becoming a necromancer and defeated Goro.
Perhaps people feel cheated? I don’t know how you help people understand that the ending was achieving the goal of becoming a necromancer beyond spelling it out in the description unless you can add something along the lines of will the MC reach their goal while being the victim of a witch-hunt?
Btw, I really enjoyed this, even if the ending took me by surprise!


I’m surprised at the ending being viewed as abrupt. I thought it was the natural conclusion to a first installment. Especially with the story being just 200k words and with the chapters listed along the way, I didn’t imagine anyone would be surprised when the story ended after the goal of the book had been achieved.


I’d stopped taking notice of the chapters as they went by. I did read it in the one run through after a couple of false starts. I had taken notice of the number of words, but some authors can do a lot more with fewer words than other authors can manage, and I really appreciated the lack of waffle and padding. However I hadn’t read your description on Steam as I’d had the game on my wishlist for ages after reading the demo on here so had little or no idea what to expect and had no preconceptions. There is nothing on the Steam page at the moment to indicate that its a first installment, perhaps there should be.
FWIW, I haven’t reviewed the game yet, as I wanted to do another play through before doing that.