Neighbourhood Necromancer (spoilers)

I figured that we should get a topic up and running to discuss Neighborhood Necromancer. I’m enjoying it so far; for my first playthrough I’m attempting to keep my humanity up. How are you all fairing?

I liked it. The writing was good, Samantha’s cute 8-> the choices are meaningful and there are intense moments. The length is decent, too.

The only thing I didn’t like was that the background info choices are too blunt.

Edit i jst downloaded from web. Looks good

i want a sequel to this it was very good and the endings left me wanting to continue the story.

I can’t buy it bc my software on my iOS can’t update more

If you have google chrome, you can purchase it on the google app store.

That was a lot of fun. High humanity first time - well ended up at 50% - so got ‘good’ ending. Trying to make myself do an evil playthrough but it’s hard I feel guilty :smiley:

I just can’t be good lol most I achieve is 48 game is good but terribly rushed and fast paced i miss some moments due the excessive hurry and crudeness characters are presented. More customitation and more character creation and background could be welcome, here is barely existent. Has tons of replay value and choice matters. Its insanely cheap lol only 2’11 €? I give it a 7’5 and 5 stars in google but the lack of poison is a great problem and the fact you couldnt make your parents zombies also a succubus could be in some how

@poison_mara I agree with the parents (would be a nice option for corruption), but a succubus would seem out of place in a game that’s oriented mostly towards zombies.

I finally achieved the good ending (with a smoking hot romance to boot) and about 83 humanity, hoping to achieve 100% soon.

Haven’t managed the dark ending, but I’m getting closer.

I also just discovered an option to raise some animals thanks to our vampiric friend, although I was unsuccessful. More research is required.

I raised the animals on my first try :slight_smile: in the end, my humanity was only 49%. I’ll try to get it to at least 70%

I enjoyed it a lot, but I was a little disappointed I couldn’t romance the vampire. :frowning:

But Sam was cool. Although I didn’t romance him and we kissed? I dunno, maybe if I specify Sam’s gender and I do well in the game we just automatically get together.

You can romance Sam, you need to put in a bit of effort, but it’s not terribly hard.

I know I can romance Sam, but I accidentally romanced him in my playthrough. We just ended up kissing at the end, which is odd but I was okay with it.

My big sadness was the vampire :’(

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Yeah the vampire :(( @Airtamis if it’s a zombie game what the hell make a Banshee and a vampire in it? Its same accurate a banshee as a succubus. A succubus could make a feminine RO same a Vampire male RO, come on I just have a 89 dark character and I have to romance a human teen really? Having a hot vampire? I want my vampire romance dlc now including a make your parents zombies and a ending becomes a vampire necromancer like in Skyrim.

Banshees and vampires are both undead, succubi are not, mara, so yes the first two are far more appropriate than the third.

Succubus are demons and demons aren’t mortals either, at least in my culture. In my culture necromancy is a demonic magic and the worst magic for the Spanish inquisition due wake the body that has to remain quiet in sacred soil until jesus second arrival in apocalypse. For us a succubus is a luxury demon i dont know other cultures. What about Lamias the half snake Greek mythology vampires?

The endings were rather short and disappointing, especially if you went for the evil route. Just a single paragraph and tada! The end. You’ll destroy the town eventually after breakfast. Like what?

Vampire romance! Vampire romance! :smiley:

And the banshee would’ve been nice, too. ^^

It wasn’t really my cup of tea, mostly because I don’t like too much humor in my games. (Which now sounds like I’m the most un-fun person ever, but I swear I’m actually quite a funny gal. There just comes a point in games where it crosses over from ‘There are funny moments’ to ‘This game is so ridiculous I can’t take it seriously anymore’.)

Loved it. Even better than Gavin’s last game.

Only won with the dead so far, but will see whether I can replicate with a more humane necromancer…