Neighbourhood Necromancer (spoilers)

I won with the living :slight_smile: woo

I am on board with @blackrising on this one. I don’t see much replay value and although the game was well written but not for me. I don’t find the story amusing nor interesting.
But as always I love to support the writers so I bought both this and planetary quarantine.

Just played through it, and I have to concur that the humour semed a bit forced. Then again, condering my idea of writing humour is “snark at it until people laugh” my criticism might not be the most qualified…

Oh I’m well aware of the sometimes linkage of necromancy with black magic, Mara, but that’s not universal.

And considering there is “no magic, just death” in this setting the exist of succubi doesn’t mesh, which is why I’m assuming in this game banshees are a form of ghosts and not faeries, if the banshee is in fact a faerie than in a setting that has faeries and the undead demons would certainly jive.

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find it overly humorous. The one part that made me laugh was when the cop running away was called a “tactical retreat” or something along those lines.

I enjoyed this game. I don’t really understand why killing people didn’t seem to immediately bring me more zombies, but you know…I would have preferred that. Enslaving all my enemies into the undead! Woo!

There was a point where the vampire mentioned that if he used the artifact there might be a problem where his essence (soul? memories? spirit?) would be trapped inside a zombie and I thought…wow I wonder if I can trick him into becoming a super zombie!

Sadly that didn’t seem to happen, but if anyone discovers if it is possible let me know!

I succeeded in getting the animals to join me. I’m still not really sure how I did it. Either way it was pretty cool, but I kind of wish I could have done more with them.

I’ll say this…the game was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. But I’m starting to realize that some of these games really build upon great and unique ideas, but then kind of just fizzle out a bit too soon. I think it’s the nature of the beast so to speak. I would love to see some ideas and things expanded, but these are enterprises with just one person involved and I suspect there just comes to be a point where the author says, “Okay enough is enough! No more choices!”

So yeah…great game, great idea, and I would like to revisit it at a later point (also see a sequel).


The bit that got me laughing was when I stood up to make an impassioned speech on behalf of the dead in the city council and got, [beat], “Why are you wearing an alien suit?” Good stuff. But of course it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea: sense of humor varies so much.

@BrianBlack, I agree, it’s the nature of the beast – especially for the “professionals” who write stuff like this for a living and have to decide how much their additional writing time is worth. I judge novels and short stories by different criteria; similarly, I don’t expect most CoGs to be Tin Star or Choice of Vampire. (But I love the “novels” when I get them).

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Honestly, allow us to beat the Zombie Wars game (you lose no matter what, and that’s annoying since your nerd friend practically pull shit you’ve never seen before and beat you), and elaborate more on the ending, and this’ll be a great game.

Like, take the Good ending for example: What exactly happens after you thwarted the military? Did the hairdresser repent? Did the fish and chip store fix their ways and serve their customers well? Did those three bullies regret their ways and become a better person in the future? How are you doing with Sam? How’s the vampire, how are the zombies, what’s your future, how’s the succubus doing etc, etc, etc…

Same goes with the Evil ending too. Like seriously, ‘I’ll destroy town after breakfast’ is a really, really, REALLY terrible way to end the story. It’s worse than the generic ‘I KILLED EVERYTHING MAUHAHAHAHA’, and that’s a loud alarm in my opinion.

Just won with the living, and a 66% humanity score. Not sure getting to 100 will be possible without peeking at the code!

I like both endings – they definitely don’t do what @Ceilando is looking for, but I thought they fit with the tone and length of the game.

Also glad that the Twilight reference was bemused and not a rant. :slight_smile:

“why are you wearing a pirate suit?”
I almost died laughing.

That and skeletons playing horns. That was amazing.

I wish I had the mind to make occasional humor in my works :slight_smile:

@Samuel_H_Young The goblin explaining why she’s not guilty was funny. I don’t remember what she said, but I remember I found it funny.

In Neighbourhood Necromancer, I found it hilarious when the skeleton came out of the basement and casually waved at me.

Oh, yeah :slight_smile: that was a rare stroke of genius.

“Wait, I’m not guilty!”

“Really? Please, enlighten me.”

“I was possessed by a demon; he made me do those things against my will!”

“You’re telling this to a demon ${hunter}; I know all of the signs of a possession, and you exhibited none of them.”

“Oh, well…actually, it wasn’t me whatsoever; it was my evil twin! And I only attacked you because you scared me.”

“You were directly tracked by the farmers and their hounds, so no, it wasn’t your twin, and I highly doubt you even have one. And do you usually attempt to decapitate someone who merely scares you?”

“Fine! I’ll tell you what actually happened…the farmers and I were planning to trick and kill you.”

“You really aren’t helping yourself, you know.” you say, rolling your eyes.

As for the skeleton casually waving: BWAHAHA that was amazing! I definitely need to give Necromancer another read.

The one thing that did give me a chuckle was at the very beginning, that throwaway line about how Battlestar Galacti- I mean, “Spaceship Simulator 2000” needed at least five people to play.

Sam that scene was amazing like to sell it to the farmer I was glad to be who suggest that I hope could sell more monsters to stupid commoners to buy Titus things and dresses

Glad you liked it so much ^^ maybe I’ll do something like that again, but that’s a discussion for my thread :slight_smile:

@Cataphrak, I thought most of Robbie’s game names were excellent – “Stalin Dice” in particular. Nutshell genre parody…

“No cranium can resist the thousand pages of A Methodological Approach to Command-Directed Revivification Under the Neuberger Model. He goes down.” lol :smiley:

very funny game.

4/5: “Ok, I love all of your games and this one is Great too. But when will the next heroes prodigy come out? Anyway great games and I love your guys games!”

This person gave Necromancer a 4 because he/she couldn’t wait for Heroes Rise…wut.