Neighbourhood Necromancer (spoilers)

I came back to this game recently to try to get the achievements on game center, none of them are hidden and most of them are pretty straight forward. Although there is one achievement for having a tea party, I didn’t know you could even have a tea party in the game, I though it was just cover artwork.

Anyways I love the game so I don’t mind replaying it a few times. My favorite part has to be when you are fighting the cop and you send the skeletons after him and he says “It’s Jason and the bloody argonauts”!

This person gave Necromancer a 4 because he/she couldn’t wait for Heroes Rise…wut.
Maybe, but that doesn’t seem to fit their tone, does it? I’d be more inclined to read that as a person for whom a 4 is a great score (and a 5 is reserved for, I dunno, life-changing art).

I thought that could be the case, but he did say “But” and he did say this in a review for Necromancer.

I’ve beaten the game a few times and I’ve romanced Sam fairly easily, but is it a possibility to romance Max?

@CosplayPrincess It is, but you have to continue making evil choices throughout the game.

Help getting friends w frog? Also has anyone gotten 100% in humanity or corruption yet? I can’t get past 85…

I just finished playing Neighbourhood Necromancer. It was fun. I kept bumbling around accidentally murdering people and doing evil things without even meaning to, and my undead army kept rising in numbers. Yet weirdly my clueless playthrough was far more successful than the second time, when I tried to behave competently and ended up being imprisoned.

Have anyone hoped to romance the vampire?? Ugh… I wish there is a next sequel and where I could continue my job being the driver of that vampire… And I hope I could make myself a vampire by dying and the vampire would have no chance but to turn me into one and hahahaha

Does anyone know how many word there are in the game??

Thought that was sort of the point: to demonstrate how utterly the protag’s life sucked before meeting his undead buds. His human ‘friends’ aren’t very good friends.

Okay who are the ROs exactly? Are there only male ROs?

Anyone knows where is this available?

The two ROs are Max and Sam, and I think they are gender variable according to your choice (they were women in my playthrough). If I recall, one was the ‘popular’ kid at school and another was a goth.

Is Sam the goth one? I remember I love the goth one a lot, memories memories :joy:

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I think so! You only meet Max at school, so Sam must be the goth.

How do I meet Sam? In all my playthroughs I could not meet them

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I met Sam automatically on the second day. It might be because

When a boy took my photo, I posed and let him do it.

Because she has to hear about your undead somehow.

I keep getting to the part where the soldiers break into your house, but no matter what I do I keep getting captured and getting a game over. whether I break into the facility or not, no matter my power or whether I keep the vampire around, the fire extinguisher doesn’t work neither does scattering things on the or getting the height advantage, could i get a suggestion or some help please.

I’ve completed my review for Neighbourhood Necromancer.