March 2024's Writer Support Thread

So, I only wrote about 3k words for The Mage’s Adventures and 5.5k for Meteoric this month. I don’t feel bad or anything because I moved into a new house in the beginning of the month and had my broken spare laptop finally die on me in the middle of the month.

BUT I got a new laptop, and have switched gears to focusing mostly on Meteoric, and have been much more productive recently. About half of the writing I got done this month was in the past week. I’ve been consistently writing about 800 words a day, so I should be able to post Chapter Two, and possibly even Chapter Three of Meteoric in April


I am wildly disappointed by how I have done this month. It might be an aftereffect of the large amount of writing I did last month and sort of reeling back from that, but I’ve made about 10k words total this month which is about 1/3rd of the way of my original goal this month. Hopefully this writers block ends soon because by god I feel like shit for not writing more.

May April go swimmingly for everyone and it was lovely reading what people made this month. And happy easter for those who celebrate it. Oh and Ramadan Kareem too. (could that have had a hand in my lack of writing…?)


Given that the flood season is starting around here, I certainly hope not.

That said, I’m trying to establish some new routines that help me focus, so here’s hoping I’ll get something actually done. (I’m currently somewhere around 25% of transferring my space opera draft to the writing software, which is… somewhere less than 50% of the estimated whole length of the plot. It’s… a bit of a slow going, since I’m doing the page cut while doing so, the text stylings don’t transfer, and the copy/paste is finicky, but it’s going. Also did some real progress on my thesis, so yay.)


March 2024 Release and Update Digest

Here’s my collection of releases, new WIPs, and updates for March! Let me know if anything’s missing or incorrect, and I’ll amend the list.

Choice of Games Release:

Hosted Games Releases:

New CoG WIP:

New Heart’s Choice WIPs:

Current Closed Beta:

CoG WIP Updates:

New HG/Hobby WIPs

HG and Hobby Updates

AletheiaKnights reviews:


What about On the Run: Rogue Heroes?


I was hoping ot maybe do more than one update this month, but that’s just how life is. At least I got some decent reader engagement this time around.

Although some of that engagement is kinda weird. A while I wrote a character whose sole role in the story is being a despicable person who gleefully insults, traumatizes and manipulates others, including the MC. Yesterday, someone asked me to include an option to join and romance that character. And after multiple requests to let the player romance an octopus, I’m not even surprised.


I did update my WIP as well.

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@AletheiaKnights @Marmus thank you! I was sure I missed some things this month because of having various hectic things going on.


You kinda got the wrong name. It’s “Rivers”, not “ripples”. Just saying.

Thank you for the great effort you put each month to make these posts!

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Oh gosh, can you tell I need some sleep? I can’t believe I wrote that wrong despite having it literally on the screen in front of me. Thank you for the catch!


I was able to update Children of Iseir this month. Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon (WIP) [Update 3/6/24 27K words]
Thank you for compiling this list each month!


Thank you, I’ve added it!


The Bureau was also updated this month as well. Thank you as always for doing this!


Done! Thank you for your patience :sweat_smile:


Just think of the hugging possibilities!

Hannah you deserve a medal for all the amazing work you’ve been doing. Here, have this until yet get a real one :medal_sports:. We appreciate you​:partying_face:


Thank you so much for the shout-out, Hannah!


With less than four hours to go in March, I’ve finished drafting chapter 6 of Ink. :dancer: I pushed hard to meet that goal, and am pleased I managed it.

I also fell down another rabbit hole of a possible next game. :rofl: I keep telling myself I have to finish this one before I can start another but the ideas keep coming so I make notes, then rein myself back in. I really enjoy the story I’m writing, but as I get to the last few chapters the complexity adds up and my brain tries to derail and throws fun new plot bunnies to distract me. :smiling_imp: In spite of this, and motivated by it, I continue to make progress.

Thanks for including Ink and Intrigue in the monthly digest, @HarrisPS! :raised_hands:


Oh, I feel this so much. I’m constantly bouncing different story ideas. In fact, I was idly plotting one tonight.

Here's my fav line from that session.

“Please, save me from that overly loud condescending buffoon with no sense of personal space.”


All month long, I have worked on these things, and I got a lot done. Things like headers, advert blurts, the Codex (which I am sure you are all tired of me posting about) and even temporary cover art are things I worked on.

Numerous good things came from this work, but it is very draining to me. When I write normal prose, and especially IF, I am creating something out of nothing, and that not only inspires me to write more, but it renews me deep in my core as well.

The benefits to me of seeing the completed UX items is nice, but it isn’t the same as the benefits I get from writing.

I still have work to do in this area, but next month, I am going to take some time to actually write creatively, something I did not do this month, and something I should have done, at least a little.