Hundsnächte - Dog Nights (aka Renfield - The Game) 12.3.24

You have been a Hound, the human companion of a vampire, for years.

Until you find yourself among the undead and masterless after a night where everything went wrong… leaving you with no other choice but to move back in with your parents.

(This used to be for the vampjam, but I am going to write another one for that)

There will be ROs, spoiler: your master is not one of them.

ROs (will be expanded)

-Theodor “Theo” Grimm

-Agent Rosa Caleb

-Marian Viorel

English is not my first language, so if you see any mistakes please let me know!

To play the demo, go here:

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Why are you creating so many WiPs, your going to over work yourself


Because I have ADHD which means if I lose motivation in one I can work on another one.

Plus I am working full time, so I am pretty sure I know my own limits, be it creative or physical so dont worry. (Plus this one will be pretty short)


Wow, it’s so good and I love that we are a hound/vampire. Good that our master is not a RO, dankeschön xD you are a great writer, and i really like dad and hopefully mom is happy to see us again too :smiley: (can we have more names, please?) I’m looking forward to more :smiley:


Thank you! Glad you like it!! (I love this oppurtunity to dive into my own lore haha)
And the master will make another appareance but you will see :slight_smile:

And I joked about that on my tumblr that I should put in a triggerwarning for super supportive parents lol, they are just delighted to have their child back! And will do everything to help Hound MC. However, of course there will also be more serious talks!
Ist nicht alles Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen.

Names, for a specific gender? Or in general?


Ohhh I love having supportive parents in a game. Going to read this now! (Well, I was going to even before you sent that, but seeing it made me want to comment.)


Oh, das ist so genial, wir brauchen unbedingt mehr Eltern, die ihre Kinder von Herzen lieben :smiley: serious talks are great too! maybe names you can place in a empty box to have your own name shown? :smiley: please? if you could.

With how dark the main theme and past of Hound MC is I needed something light!
I am glad you like it :slight_smile: I love writing supportive parents, its just so wholesome and there is a serious lack of it (btw you also have the choice of having supportive parents in Citadel of dancing birds!)


(schreiben einer fantasie die ich nich kenne lol)
I want to keep a balance: they are glad you, as MC, are back, but you are clearly not fine and they think talking will help! Which it will, depending on your choices to actually open up about what you have done… maybe your past will also catch up to you.

I will code that in!


sounds intriguing, I’m so happy I got to read your new story :smiley: the best for you and your stories, may the phantasies never stop coming to you and share their ideas with you <3


This will actually be the shortest of my WIPs and I already have a plan on which scenes will be feautered in this story, which ROs and what possible endings there can be ^^


Love this, all your demos are so interesting, can’t wait for more!


Oh my god, this was so good! I loved the transgender option and how it affected the dialogue, made everything so much more emotional when speaking with your father :slight_smile: Hopefully the rest is just as good!


Very interesting concept and a unique spin on the vampire IF! I’m craving another update already.

Some quibbles re: inclusivity
  • The skincolor options are not inclusive. The joke about being mistaken for Albanian is cute, but 1. it does lock you out of playing someone with a Balkan heritage and 2. more crucially, locks the darkest skintone at a fairly light shade, which excludes players from making an afro-german character.
  • I found the phrasing of the trans options to be confusing. I like the framing of the gender choice a lot and I understand the logic behind it, but I think it’s still confusing for the trans man option to basically just say “girl” and vice versa. Sometimes in IF, a trans MC will be referred to as their chosen gender at a young age, which muddies the waters – choosing the trans man option, I wasn’t actually sure if I was picking the trans man or the trans woman option, and when the following paragraph didn’t really clear it up I actually restarted and just chose the cis man option.
  • Similarly, calling the MC’s birth name their “true name” is pretty confusing, and if I hadn’t restarted earlier, I definitely would have when I came to that choice. “True name” makes me pretty uncomfortable, and something like “dead name” or “old name” or even “birth name” would be preferable.

Dies ist eines meiner Lieblings- interaktive Fiktion, das Sie bisher erstellt haben. Die Details und Optionen für alles sind erstaunlich.

This is one of my fav IF that you’ve made so far. The detail and options for everything is amazing.


Gotta say, was jarring to see my actual deadname in the list of options when picking one.


Thanks :slight_smile: I also cant wait to write it!

I will give my best!

Thank you! This game has been very heavy inspired by Let the right one in by John Lindqvist (which is a great book but man the trigger warnings are really there for a reason).

  1. I think I have a solution for that! (rip my beloved yugoslavia)
  2. I have been thinking about adding it. (and… sorry but afro-german?)
    However with the surnames I provide I am theoretically also locking people out of playing anything but german. Will add an option to input your own surname.

Honestly, same. Currently thinking about how to rephrase that.

Trying to also rewrite that to make it more clear!

Consider it done! Once I update.


:joy: nice! For the dead names, or “names the parents gave MC” I picked the names of famous stage magicians!


Is there any way to input a custom name?

will be added


Has great potential I love me a vampire game!!!