Hundsnächte - Dog Nights (aka Renfield - The Game) 12.3.24

I enjoyed all your bird themed demos (the cult theme is something I haven’t seen before and I love the world building) and this sounds really intriguing too. It’s nice to have stories that aren’t based in the US or Generic Fantasy Mediaeval World as well.

Supportive parents, what is this rare unicorn? I hope we can explain to them the truth and reassure them it wasn’t their fault. I’m curious to see what a vampire-hound hybrid is like. I imagine lots of fresh meat for dinner for dinner and particular sharp canine teeth. …Do they smell of wet dog when wet?

Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you.


Afro-Germans (die Afrodeutschen oder schwarze Deutsche) – people of full or partial African or African-American descent who live in Germany? I think it’s totally cool to lock an MC into a specific nationality (how many times have we seen American and British MCs? not that I’m not guilty of this myself), but people of every ethnicity live across the globe.


Thanks! I really love this WIP too but damn it is slow :joy: especially in comparison to this one.

Yeah, right? Oh you will be able to do that!
I think I will need to clarify what that means in the next update, but here you go: a Hound is a normal human. The noun Hound means hunting dog, since their main job is to take care of their vampire companion mainly by providing them with victims aka hunting and making sure the vamp can kill the “prey” like a hunting dog would.


I am very aware of the fact that black people live all over the globe.
But since when is nationality and ethnicity connected?? You can be black and live in Germany, you are still a german.

I may sound rude, but this sounds like an entirely US centric point of worldview and one I will not comment on further. MC is german, no matter their skin colour.


I didn’t mean to cause offense. I’m sorry if I was unclear earlier – I am in no way saying the MC isn’t German and I’m confused where that was implied, nor did I say that nationality and ethnicity were connected. All I mean to say is simply that the skin-tone range presented doesn’t cover dark shades, which prevents the player from making an MC of African descent.


Okay, now I understand what you mean.

I apologise, but I am a bit wary after I was called N*zi one too many times on the internet for similar things when talking about skin colour… I am party jewish so yeah. Thats why I went a bit overboard, if you want I can delete the other answer.

Darker skin tone has been added and will update with the next one!


Tiny b day update!
Added the option to write down your own name, black skin colour, talk more with your parents, learn a bit more about what MC had to endure.


Bir-Oh wait, it says dogs… Flying rats of the night?

for once no more birds!


So with you a bird is not a bird and a hound is not a hound – Tricked yet again! No cute animals here! :joy: I read about the human pet part but I thought they were werewolves.

But I did see similar last names to choose from like in the other WIPs…is this set in the same universe? Are these the same kinds of vampires that seem to be giving roses out to hapless little students?

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Random sidenote, I want to grab one of those surnames so bad :sweat_smile:

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You can not trust me! Beware of everything animal named!

It is!

Nope, those are the rich ones. The vamp focusing in this story will be on poor ones, that are not part of a court. (Will reveal this in game later but its not really a spoiler, just sth MC doesnt know that much about: but a Hound, or rather the practice behind it, is something only courtless vamps do, since they lack the network the courts have (like a blood source like the Divine Flock the Rapaces have)!

Same! These are all surnames I found in real historical or modern documents.


They’re all very good and make me bitter about how uninteresting the old family name I’ve decided to go with is. Technically I could just yoink one of these (probably Wolfskehl) but it feels a bit silly to do that instead of taking a name I’m technically a descendant of.

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Keep an eye out for the eventual WIP “Humans Doing Human Things” then? :smile:


Maybe someone with better ideas than me will write this.

But idk I want to focus on the other WIPs first :slight_smile: who knows what I will write after that.


you’re literally writing 4 stories, calm down. :joy:


Dont worry!
I focus mainly on Dog Nights, Birds of a Rose and after that on Hawks and Doves and Citadel of dancing Birds! Wisteria Birds is currently on hold.

And try tell that to my ahdh brain :joy:


Oooh~ I like this, definitely looking forward for updates :heart:

spoiler alert

Being a companion for a vampire before turning is a uncommon COG concept, same with returning to family after turning (perfectly awkward considering dad thinks I’ve done drugs lol),

and I can’t wait for encountering the RO’s.


Thank you! I cant wait to write it!

Thank you, I just love coming up with this! And I am still debating if our dear father may think he knows what to do and just does it… but we will see!

Neither can I! I am giving myself time to come up with them, since I dont want to force them just because, and this way make them feel one dimensional.


Christmas Update! What you can do:

-talk to a policeman
-learn a bit more about the world
-go for a walk
-meet a RO
-lie to a RO
-try to pet a sheep
-reveal your secret

Also as the story starts to branch a bit now I have added saves!