Help! I Can't Find My Glasses! (WIP) (Updated Mar 17, 2024) - A slice of life high school simulation

Hi! My name is Lacey. I submitted this game to IFComp 2023, but haven’t finished it yet. Now I’m working on the post-comp version.

Help! I Can’t Find My Glasses! is a short and light-hearted slice of life game, featuring a short-sighted Literature Club student as they navigate through the maze of their school.



Your glasses are missing, and it reeks of a cruel prank to your dependence on them. You have your suspects. Now it’s only a matter of time before you unmask them. Will you find your glasses, and see what’s hidden in their heart?


Jaime (gender-selectable)

The big shot on campus, Jaime is beloved by everyone. That being said, there’s something about them that doesn’t quite add up. Will you be able to tear down their mask, and see them as the thief they are?

Minh (gender-selectable)

The center of entertainment, Minh is the one who draws in laughter and fun. Trouble is their middle name, and you can’t help but feel like another target for their mischief. Will you reclaim your glasses, and show them that not every joke is funny?

Thanh (gender-selectable)

The mysterious outcast. Like seriously, you can never tell what is going on in their mind. It’s as if they live in another world. Will you break through their wall, and finally get to see what’s behind it?


Finally I can roleplay as Velma from Scooby-Doo. That’s one item off the bucket list.


I love how this is the first comment of this post


“Jinkies!” Velma squints, her eyebrows furrowed as she pats her pockets. “Those glasses are hiding better than a spooky space alien disguised as a haunted hot dog on a runaway roller coaster!”

actually sounds like something she would say aswel, :rofl:


great game. btw, was playing halfway around when I stumbled on a bug. hope it helps in some way…


I thinks that’s the end of the demo…

Thanks for playing! I’m working to fix this bug, although I have no idea what’s going on… Probably will need to ask someone about this :sweat_smile:


I see Bad Luck reader here. Since we have Minh already I guess we will get An the Pig Brain here too?

For anyone can’t read Vietnamese, Nguyen Mot Dan Buom means
“a whole flock of butterflies” (a very embarrassing name if you know the other meaning of “butterfly”), it was this blond guy’s name who is a gang leader in Bad Luck, a Vietnamese comedy comic.


Yessssssss!!! Finally, someone recognize :laughing:

I didn’t realize the Minh reference, tho. That was a total accident. Should have named the secret RO An…


Oh I remember this one from IFComp. Great to see it is getting an extension. What are you planning to do with it when done? (HG or itch release perhaps?)


Ooh, glad to see someone from IFComp! For this game I am hoping for an HG release, but I’m not sure it will reach the minimum word count to be published :thinking: If not then I’ll just leave it on itch io

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Is the twist going to be: you’d pushed them to the top of your head all along?


That’s so unrealistic, I mean no one would ever do something like that… definitely not me… :woman_facepalming: :stuck_out_tongue:

Both good options, see how you go. It’s always nice to give post comp stuff a bit of an update regardless of if it can hit the minimum HG wordcount. (I do that with a lot of mine to extend them a bit, fix bugs or address other feedback I’ve had even if they stay on itch.)


I … um … know a person … who was looking for her glasses on the floor by the side of her bed and thought in passing how nice it was that at least she could see where she was looking, because usually at that distance she would expect things to be all blurry.

I … um, sorry, I meant to say “she” … was wearing them.


Wait, was this the game that was submitted for IFComp? I did review your game, and am hoping to see a longer, more polished version. If it meets the requirements, which I think it will, you can submit it under HG, but since this is a post-comp release, it most likely won’t be free. This one’s worth watching for sure!


Heyyyy :wave: Quick announcement, I’m going to update the game as it is in my file. Rather do that than to leave it bugged and unupdated forever :expressionless: There will be some unfinished scenes, so I apologize for that beforehand. Also a new RO is coming up y’all!


I just finished that last scene I wanna get done with before releasing the new update. My Glasses is coming up this Sunday y’all!


Just posted a new graphic. A little bit something before the update hehe


Nice. How did you make it?

@ChanceOfFire I used a template on Canva