Help! I Can't Find My Glasses! (WIP) (Updated Mar 17, 2024) - A slice of life high school simulation


It’s here :sparkles:

I’m so stoked for this! Finally I’ve gotten to introduce Thanh, the new love interest. I wasn’t exactly like them back in high school but the vibe was sort of the same, so they’re quite personal :joy: Along with their appearance is my favorite achievement and lines in the game, so you can imagine my excitement releasing this.

What’s available this update:

  • Bug fix, obviously :joy:
  • Jaime’s full route
  • Thanh’s introduction
  • A change in locations
  • New achievements (will update the walkthrough)

Let me know your thoughts on this update!


It’s March by the way, the update date is wrong.

Oops, my bad. I’m a little sleep deprived so my head is kinda funky rn. Just fix it

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i like the banner, i think its very cute! but im also stuck at this screen bc thanh (after selecting them and get back to this screen the choice still show as unselected)

Thanks! I made the banner while procrastinating at work :joy: Totally worth it lol. Also just fixed the bug!

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Question, what did you guys choose at this part? I’ve always wondered about that…

Much as it would be contingent on how they apologize, more than the choice itself, I typically choose the “forgive them” option because my MC is a book nerd. He’s not interested in picking fights just to make clear that taking something that belongs to someone else is a serious thing.

The glasses are needed because of visual impairment that borders on being, if not outright is a disability. This makes taking the glasses a more serious offense than a little “hee hee, it was a prank dude! :kissing_heart:” type thing, so I want to treat it with at least some amount of that seriousness despite this being more intended as a lighthearted fluffy type of story. So I pick “Forgive them” but will I really depending on their response? Who knows. :thinking:

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Hallo! :sparkles:

I have posted a new walkthrough for My Glasses. Come check it out here!

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Hey guys!

I’ve just updated my other game Stake Through A Bloody Heart, and now my focus is on Help! I Can’t Find My Glasses!

Because I’ve changed Minh’s location, I have to rewrite their route (luckily not from scratch, though, I just need to adjust a few details). It’s about 30% done already. I feel like the new location suits them much better, with the way they’re living their life :sweat_smile: Also I seriously didn’t know how to proceed their route with the old location, so the change is a lifesaver for me.

I want to release a longer update, so ideally both Minh’s and Thanh’s route will be out next time. But we’ll see what happens. I probably won’t be able to do much writing this month, though, cuz it’s the end of term and there will be a shit ton of deadlines for me :sob:


Slice of life story really rare for this forum so thank you for this story. I really enjoy the available demo and really hope this get more attention. Stay healthy