Help me name my teen supernatural game!


Hello all! I’m a new member of the CoG editorial team, and also writing a game. This game is badly in need of a new title!

It’s a teen supernatural story - sort of Veronica Mars crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in tone and theme. The PC is a clairvoyant teen investigator (one of a small group of kids with psychic powers in their town) who discovers that certain grownups are Up To No Good. It deals with themes of individuality vs. conformity, ambition, friendship, idealism, and romance.

The current leading candidate for a title is “Most Likely To Succeed,” which is OK, but I’d love more suggestions.

I’d like a title that indicates both that the game is about teenagers/high school students and that it’s got a supernatural plot. Something that does that and also plays into one of the major themes would be even better.

If you have more questions about the game, just ask and I’d be happy to answer. Thanks in advance!


Paranormal Growing Pains :smiley:


Choice of the Clairvoyant Teen Investigator!

(Can’t wait to read the game)


Teen Psytective: the few vs. the Unknown


BubbleGumshoe Mystic


The Teen Telepath in: Trust No Mom.

Or anything really, I just think Teen Telepath sounds nice. Good luck with the game!


The Supernatural Disanity of the Teen


Smells Like Teen Spirit :wink:
Heirs Without Glory
Criminals Without Sin
Blood In The Field
Destiny Of Whispers
Binded To My Destiny
(just to name a couple)


No way I would give a game called “Most Likely to Succeed” a second look. These may or may not suit your game:
Psy High
My Life as a Teen Psychic
Ridgemont High Paranormal Club (or whatever the school is named)
Ridgemont High Psychic Investigator(s)
(I also like WulfyK’s “Teen Psytective”)


Thanks for all the suggestions! These are great. Please, keep them coming!


@Batgirl, I like that first one, Nirvana is badass


Adventures of some teens who also have psychic powers!


Supernatural Teenage Angst Syndrome
(just kidding)


Supernatural Obstacles - SOBS


Teen Investigators - They won’t mind their own business.
Teenstigators - Adults Beware.
Teen Investigators - Getting Psyched.
Cheerleaders, Jocks, Geeks and Psychics.
Psychic Teen Investigations - We Know


Thanks for all the suggestions! I really appreciate your feedback.

I’ve gotten ‘Psy High’ from several different sources, and the more I hear it, the more it’s grown on me. So that’s what I’m going with! Look for Psy High to be released sometime this fall, if all goes well…


Woo :)!


Nice! Can’t wait. :slight_smile: