REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE [126k wip, updated 31.03.2024]


You’re a mercenary, gun for hire, assassin, information extractor, delivery person – call it what you want, because the people that hire you for your services don’t give much of a shit what you call yourself as long as you actually get them what they want.

Your last delivery ended with you – or rather the body you have decided to take over that day – as well as your delivery getting killed. The boss is pissed now and demands you fix your mistake or else you’ll be a head shorter. Not really a look you think you can pull off so you set out to fix what you fucked up, if it just weren’t for that mask wearing asshole that wants to cut your adventure – and life from the looks of it – short.


REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE is an interactive novel, with a cyberpunk-esque aesthetic, playing in the fictional city Vapolis , where you take on the job as a mercenary with a very special ability, looking to keep all your body parts attached to the rest of you and also find out who has their deadly sights set on you.


  • gender choice
  • sexuality choice
  • five unique romance options, including one whose gender you can decide
  • a club called saints & sinners (yes, really) that becomes your second home (over time)
  • and the choice to wear heart-shaped sunglasses all day and if that doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what will

characters/romance options

orla [ female ] your boss and the owner of the saints & sinners. orla has been around for as long as you can remember, always working from the safety of her club und gathering as much dirt on people as she can get her hands on. she never tells you what she does with the info she has, but if you know her at all, you can guess why no one tries to run her off the streets of vapolis.

jax [ male ] as bouncer of the saints & sinners and right hand man of orla, jax knows what is going on in the dark underbelly of the city. he is the man you call when it is time to get rid of a body or you need extra firepower, because he is almost as mysterious as he is good with a gun in his hands.

royal [ non-binary ] royal is a little bit of everything. bartender and hacker, they know how to track you down wherever you are. often underestimated, they have learned to see the positives in flying under the radar and are incredibly good with a SocialLink in their hands and a couple of minutes of uninterrupted time.

echo [ non-binary ] as the arms dealer of your choice, echo has been around quite a lot. their shop has become somewhat of a safe haven to you when jobs got too much, or you simply needed Intel no one else offered for the right price. their disdain for anything orla or the saints & sinners isn’t lost on you, though, and it’s a mystery you hope to uncover sooner rather than later

dante/delilah [ gender cust. ] a new addition to the staff and a bit of a mystery on top of that. you don’t know yet if they’re friend or foe.

the merc [ main ch. ] taking on the role as the merc in vapolis, you are somehow infamous for your approach to jobs and are never out of work. you might be a terrifying character on the streets of vapolis, but you’re by far not the deadliest.

currently available

  • 126k words in the first 3 chapters and prologue


feel free to pop by the tumblr blog and ask questions!


This is really interesting. Can’t wait to explore the world and this whole mind control thing :smiley:


Not too bad! I look forward to updates! I shall keep my eye on this one.


It was really good ! You’re way of introducing the lore is not overwhelming but still deep enough to let us understand how things work. I especially liked how you introduced the MC’s power by showing it first. You give a lot of attention to small details which helps build the atmosphere of the scenes, you’re quite blunt with your narrative and this is something that I personally appreciate !
I look forward to your next updates and to learn more about your characters and worldbuilding ! (sorry for the broken english!)


I really enjoyed the demo! Great mood, setting and characters. Looking forward to the rest! :v: :grin:


thank you so much for the comment!!! I’m glad that my descriptions aren’t overwhelming bc I personally hate it when the reader gets overloaded by new lore within the first few pages <3


It’s interesting and I like it a lot, really looking forward to more

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Damn! What a great demo start, Story already got me interested.
Best of luck!


thank u very much!!!

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Loved the demo :blush:

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I stumbled upon this

I really like the demo so far! I’m excited to see where it goes!! Came across an error though, I picked the black skin tone and in the stats page it said tan

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Sounds interesting going to check it out

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Oh I’m definitely gonna have to check this out once I get the time to do so it sounds super interesting!

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@mirikajana @atmerie thank u very much for pointing it out!! I’ll fix both as soon as possible.

Aaahh I’m loving the eyelash shape sunglasses!! :sunglasses: I didn’t even know they existed until now!
And already want to spend more time at S&S~

So… I always play the type of character who wouldn’t harm a fly, and decided to give this type a try aaand is going well so far!
Well let’s see what happens when MC has to kill haha… :sweat_smile:

Some typos

that they actually did something to keep track of all the crime happeneing within the city.

The beat from within the club is shaking the doorsoff its hinges

and that’s feeling a body stand only inches from yours, there hand covering your mouth

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For what it’s worth, this is now part of a very exclusive club of stories that legitimately feels cyberpunk to me. Most end up basic future/sci-fi dystopia or Neo-Noir (again, at least to me).


@Kyumm thank u so much for pointing out the typos! I will fix them soon and update the files <3

yeah, those sunglasses are really unique and while I was looking for cool shapes I discovered them and knew right away I had to add them sjakjskjsj and to the part where Mc has to kill: that’s definitely gonna be a part of the game, but I’ll leave it up the the players whether or not they’ll be a merciful or ruthless killer! thanks for letting me know about your thoughts!

@ElliWoelfin thank u! that’s exactly the vibes I was going for and I’m happy that it actually did feel like cyberpunk :slight_smile:


This is really good! The vibes, the characters…and cyberpunk Droole

I’m totally gonna call my mc ‘Trinity’ and imagine her badass like carrie-anne-moss Lol

Btw are there different species in the game? Like your boss…could be a scary Troll or Orc :sweat_smile: Oh crap! Don’t tell her I said that!

Edit: Also, your save/load is kaput lol

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hey @E_RedMark! thank u very much!!

also your mcs name already sounds badass I love it sjkajsks but no, there won’t be different species in this game! everyone is human.

and thanks for letting me know about the save function! I’ve been editing files lately and always forget to put it back in.