Death & Prejudice (WIP)


After several months of lurking on CoG and immersing myself in many of its games, I’ve made a promise to myself to try to write and stick to my very first game using ChoiceScript. Currently, I have it titled as Death & Prejudice (a small and possibly irrelevant spin on Pride & Prejudice, since there is no Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy in the writings as of now).

"Humanity happened. The zombie apocalypse came.

It stayed. It went.

In the aftermath, you are one of the Dead. Considered nothing more than sub-companions and nothing less than play-things, it’s hard for the Dead to find the life that they want to lead. Will you find love? Seek to reunite with your Dead family? Mask yourself as the living and plot a grand overthrow of the universe?

It’s all up to you in a strange and colourful world trying to remind itself of what it means to be Alive."

The game draws inspiration from a handful of things, including the storyline dynamics of Katawa Shoujo, the whimsical decadence of La Belle Époque, the intoxicating influence of the Green Fairy and, of course, the despairing atmosphere of a world living in dystopia.

After surviving a ravaging zombie apocalypse, reminding itself of what it means to be Alive is humanity’s greatest goal. In the race for elation, recovering zombies are left in the dust and treated little better. Those who are Alive have a right to “own” a zombie as a sub-companion, while they are the dom-companion. Sub-companions have as many rights as the dom-companions allow them to have. In the game, your dom-companion is firm and controlling, insisting on keeping you locked away from the outside world. The story begins on a choice – will you disobey them?

Finding love is a prime objective of the game, and you will teeter between the influence of Love and Jealousy, with the larger influence deciding on the outcome of your story, as well as whoever you choose to share it with. Your love interests are as follows:

MORTICIA – A melancholy lay-backer (prostitute) who works at the Green Fairy’s. She is Dead, much like yourself.
QUINN – The gender-neutral owner of your very soul. Kidding. You’re their sub-companion, and they are very rich and very firm.
FRITZ – A golden-haired, plum-coloured party girl with insecurities that run deeper than the Amazon River.
ARNOLD – A bartender at the Green Fairy’s with a quiet disposition and a very personal secret.

I’ve honestly just started working on the whole thing, but hopefully I’ll have a demo up soon for you all to enjoy. In the meantime, please be encouraged to share any input or suggestions you might have, as well as any questions!


Sounds like something I’ll enjoy for sure. Can’t wait for the demo!


Double that :o3


Fabulous setting. Look forward to reading it!


Ever read Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~?


Sounds good, looking forward to it.


@Bagelthief No, I haven’t.

@everyone Thanks! It’s a lot of fun working on it, so hopefully some steady progress will be made. c:


sounds awesome :smiley:


I can see it becoming playable… :-B