Apocolyptia (Small Demo is now up with fixed link)

So I’ve been working on this one WiP I’ve had in my head for quite some time and after exactly 5 revamps and rewrites, I’m officially 30% done with the writing the “final version” and will just have to convert it to ChoiceScript to have people demo it. However, I would like to see if I would even have a interested group of people for such a project, especially since I find it rather…unconventional in it’s style. Which might be bad because I’m the ultimate loser with ChoiceScript right now.

Anywho, the plot is pretty simple on the surface. You’re the resident shopkeep of a small shop in a big merchant city that lives with your Ghost-like Pet and childhood friend of a Healer. However, the city gets word of an Evil Being being reawoken and adventurers going wild trying to kill the being for fame and glory. You don’t want any part of this because your profits are finally in the green due to this humbug, that is, until you run into a bunch of crazy people who just turn poor PC’s life upside down.

Said nuts being a royal water mage, a chivalrous master thief, and stoic fighting mercenary. Now stuck in those three’s issues, PC, Pet and Healer have no choice but to accompany these three on their quest or risk being executed for treason. Big issue is…nothing in this realm is quite what it seems.

It’s pretty dry comedy, being mostly poking fun of things in typical DnD runs and MMORPGS as well as some anime references/jokes being made. Luckily, I’m fond of parodic deconstructions, so it will definitely be dark.
So before I close, I will say it’s different in style, since I’m seeing it as more of a visual novel-esque style, with six routes (Healer, FIghter, Mage, Thief, Pet and Solo) that all have a code that will lead to the “True End” as well as each route having a Good and Bad End. Also because I kinda have a bias towards having all the main characters guys or all the main characters girls due to my severe lack of expertise in ChoiceScript and uniqueness I guess?

Edit but not of 11/5/15 at like, midnight because what is productivity?

Anyway, I managed to get a short demo up to give everyone a taste after literally a month! The writing isn’t top tier, but I’ll fix it up after everything gets all organized and not as chaotic. Also, I’m like 70% sure this link will work, if it doesn’t please tell me!


*Also, due note. I cannot paragraph for the life of me and for some reason italicizing was being testy. So there will be some weird…run ons.


Yeesss, it looks very interesting I will be looking forward to the demo :slight_smile: one question…will there be romances? anyway good luck with converting it, I heard coding is really time consuming.

Ah yeah, that what I was trying to get with the whole “Route” thing :sweat_smile: . All of them are Romance Routes but Solo there.
And thank you so much for your interest, I earnestly appreciate it! But that coding…Hoo boy that’s gonna be a crazy ride.

No problem, if you need any help or have questions about coding don’t be afraid to ask around on the forums.

Dry humor, you say? You have my interest.


Your game caught my attention. :smile:
If you need any help, I would be happy to assist. :grin:

Ah yeah, that what I was trying to get with the whole “Route” thing :sweat_smile: . All of them are Romance Routes but Solo there.

Hold on… :open_mouth:
So we can have a non-platonic relationship with the ghost Pet? Is this pet like animals or some form of humanoid in ghost form?

Other than that, I appreciate dry humor, and this story seems quite intriguing.

That’s gross, dude.


@Ledalla OK,I like the premise.Will the PC have personal stats or is it just relationships stats? and also,do we get to manage our shop somehow?

Yeah, you’ll have stats like Power, Magic, Survival, Charisma, ect and even weapons like a Musket (prototype) or Chakrams. There will be Relationship stats too, so it’s more like two sets of stats.

As for your second question, Solo Route focuses more on PC (other than the True Route) and would have much more influence on your shop and situation around it. However, for the others, past the initial build-up not much. They’re probably be some issues regarding it (since your being hunted by the city, where does all the lost revenue come from, so on and so forth) but nothing too much,

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Well, without revealing too much, I will say there isn’t going to be any beastality regarding Pet. If I say anything else it would be spoilers, since its a mystery, that’s a mystery, literally the whole plot is mystery that has to pieced together~

Save me from my mystery loving burden.


Have you thought about doing this story in Ren’Py?

What’s Ren’Py? Also, before anything does it cost money. I am quite literally broke, so I can’t afford anything like a subscription ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ren’Py is an open source engine for writing visual novels. I’ve never used it (not a visual novel fan), but the writing itself is supposed to be very easy to do. Because it’s open source, it does not cost anything. You can download it here.

A Choicescript project would be much less involved, but if you want to create an actual visual novel with artwork and probably sound, that’s what Ren’Py is for.

I love it already

+ over 9000 characters


Do I get to make my PC say witty one liners? Please tell me I can make them do witty one liners.

Definitely interested in this. Love me some dry humor.

If there’s gonna be jokes you gotta let our character fight a bear and say it was (clears throat) “unBEARable”

Edit: Or that it was almost imPAWSible (I can’t bear these puns) maybe we could fight it with our bear hands? (imma stop now)

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I feel I will have a fight that will be done entirely in puns. Because it’ll be punny


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That pun was a crime to puns, you should be sent to the PUNitentiary

Edit: I guess during fights you will have to PUNch people