Death Interest - (WIP)


Hello people.

I started writing this since last week and I would like to hear you guys’ opinions about it.
This is only the beginning and a lot more ideas can be thrown into it.

The MC moves into a residential area in a small town called Winter’s Oak to live with his/her sister, Sarah. He/She lives a normal life, made a few friends and ran some errands. One night, they were invited to a costume party held at the big hall in the area. So they go and have some fun there. What they didn’t know is that a secret cult group is out on a hunt that night. They did some horrible things.( I can’t tell you guys what but you guys can take a guess)
The story goes on like a zombie story, but only the zombies are replaced with psychos. It will take place in the whole town,not only during that night. There will be romances, new friends, side quests and hard choices(maybe).

Please give your honest opinions whether if it needs a lot more effort or if it’s good enough.
And what do you guys think about the title?

I am almost finishing chapter 1, but I need to know if you guys like long intros like, I describe the place,the weather, the characters very detailed and something like that.
Also, can someone explain to me how true and false boolean variables work? I cant figure it out :frowning:

Guys, I’m sorry for the longest chapter 1 creation ever. But I do wanna ask, how can I make like the dashingdon demo thingys once I’m done?


I moved your game to the Works In Progress category.


Can you have your Mc join that cult?


Or be a sacrifice and dye and somehow come back to life after a week when friends mourn and that


Oh, kind of like Crossed? That would be so cool.


Can we kill the entire cult?


Depends on the choices you make, you do have to make tough decisions if you decide to join them.


Of course, there are multiple endings that I plan to do, and that’s one of them.


Cool i can make me a cold blooded Mc.


Sounds like a cool idea! I’m hoping we have the ability to make our MC utterly sarcastic and freaking out. I can just imagine the MC running around screaming at the top of their lungs about what the crap is going on.


Cool idea, as far as the not zombies more psychos thing do you mean something like the movie The Crazies?


I LOVE your idea, but please make sure that the various escape scenes of your WIP are not too similar to the ones found in many WIPs on here. The concept of an MC trying to escape/join a cult is really interesting, just make sure your story is unique.

I’m linking a popular example of a cult-themed WIP below so you can play through it, and compare (if you haven’t already). With writing, it’s always important for authors to play through different games, because it improves your own writing style. It is incredibly useful to view how other authors coded their games, especially because it gives you ideas on how to code your own scenes (which is crucial for this type of game, where the results of choices throughout the game could mean life or death for the MC).

Monsters (WIP)


This sounds like an awesome idea! It actually kind of reminds me of a game that was more recently released, Night in the Woods, if you know of it. I think the whole quiet town with a dark secret (especially in this case a cult) has so many avenues that it can be taken down, I’d love to see this progress!

As for a title, is it just “Death”, or are you planning on adding more to the title? I think maybe adding a little more to the title might be a good idea? Death gets the point across as I’m sure in nearly all your endings death awaits either the MC or those the MC is around. So it’s definitely not bad, but maybe a word or two more to be more intriguing? Good luck!


Sounds very interesting


I haven’t figured out a good and intriguing title for the story. I planned to think about it once I finish making chapter 1. But, if you have any suggestions for a good title, I won’t complain :grin:


How about something mysterious like ‘In the Midst of Death?’ Or maybe “Madness is Merriment?” after the psychos, or something like that anyway? :wink:


I’d suggest finishing the story first then naming it, otherwise you’ll end up trying to make the story fit the name, and not the other way around.

That said, how about something like “Besieged by Madness” for a title?


So this seems pretty good so far but I’d recommend you also include the option for the player to be non-binary, not just male and female.


May I ask you to elaborate? Its not that I don’t accept it, its just that I don’t really understand about non-binary genders thingy. I’m not even pass 18 yet so I hope you understand.


I’m going to refer you to this very informative thread about that very topic. I’ll caution you ahead of time, this thread is gigantic, so I would suggest just cruising through it and picking up a general sense of what it’s about…

Also, try this one…

Hope this clears things up a bit…:wink: