Welcome to the Death March (WIP)

“Welcome to the Death March”, my first CoG, takes place in a software start-up company where you have to try to satisfy ever-evolving requirements and placate an unnerving boss. You get to deploy your skills as a developer, a product manager, or a “people person” among colleagues, rivals, and maybe a corporate spy.

With this first posting, you can only get very far if you choose to go to the fax machine as your first decision. I am building out what happens if you stay at your desk, but I have to draw a line under this game for most of May so I can build a different game for LordIrish’s competition.

If you play through the WIP and don’t actually die, you get to a temporary ending page that lists all the sequences that I will be adding over the next few months.

Here’s the URL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6646093/cog/deathmarch/index.html

Lemme know what you think!

I really liked it. Where did Josh go?

Stay tuned. Your character tries to find him in the next sequence

I have a question: Will there be romance? I’m a sucker for romance.

The main character has a spouse. He/she may also end up with a lover So that’s like double-romance, yes?

I dig it so far. I like that you can be a people oriented, schmoozer type, and aren’t called scum for choosing so. The writing is very solid too, which is good! There’s not much else to go on yet, but even so I definitely look forward to the future of this game.

Am I right in saying that Annie will be a RO? When I died it said she poured the French coffee on my grave in mt memory.

Annie’s role as the story goes forward depends a lot on the decisions the main character takes.

seems fine, wish it was longer though.
Hope to see the update soon. I like the idea though, refreshing.

I really like it can’t wait for an update

I wish I could update it RIGHT NOW. But I am working on a different game for LordIrish’s competition, and will be lucky to get that one done by the end of the month.

Next update for this game will be around June 5. Do not keep refreshing your browser display, as it will not speed things up at all.

@cottage14 will josh be romanceable? Lol

Josh != romanceable

With the game for the LordIrish competition submitted, I am working on the next update to Deathmarch. I started this game as my first excursion into CoG, and now I’m feeling I should take it a little more seriously than I was taking it. I have been planning out the choices that will appear in each sequence, and trying to see how they affect the main character’s chances of success in the sequences to come.

Expect a small update in a few days, and a bigger one about once a week thereafter.

Good to hear that, this sounded interesting and I would like to see it progress.

Sorry–got sidetracked into the other game I am working on. I will post an update (and a WiP topic) for that game this week, and then will work on an update for this game.

No problem mate take your time