Throne of Blood (chapter 5: Cy is up!) [230k+ words]

You are royalty living in the unforgiving demon realm. Even though you are the third child in line to inherit the throne, your half-angel ancestry is met with disdain by your kin.

When the current Emperor dies, the fight for the throne begins. All three children must kill each other until only one is left. How will you, the clear underdog, snatch the crown from your brothers?

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary!
  • Find connection with your celestial blood, unleash your hidden power and take control of your destiny.
  • Expand your influence, reform the prejudiced demon realm or embrace your villainous side and terrorize the other races.
  • Recruit a seasoned mercenary, an exhausted advisor and a nerdy scientist to help you with your ruling duties.
  • Be romantically involved with your knights: the hunky and fiery dragonkin, your doting childhood friend, your charming retainer with a dark side, or all three of them!
  • Stop your hidden power from consuming you… if you want to.

Play here.

Word count: ~200,000 without code.
Note: In prologue + chapter 1 you play as a weak-willed MC who will break out of their shell starting from the end of chapter 1.
All art drawn by me.

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Romance options


1. Any chance for female Zero?
Short answer is no. He was one of the first characters I finalised. I toyed with the idea of adding that option but ended up not going through with it because I can’t envision him being anything other than a male (and there’s a lore significance to this too!).

2. Why so many fixed males?
This was supposed to be reverse-harem, and I enjoy writing fixed characters since it eliminates many variables for error. And I’m a man enjoyer, so :joy: I’m here to have the most fun I can! Please don’t bother me too much about it because this topic always makes me a little uncomfortable ^^;

3. Do I need to flirt with the ROs to trigger their romance flags?
Nope! I don’t like the idea of blocking it off completely. Some people might not be affectionate at all, and it might be the way their characters are. Punishing them for sticking to their gun seems a little counter-intuitive. So, I’m thinking that even if people are “professional” towards the knights, they can still pursue a romance with them, but with unique dialogues of the ROs being like [visible confusion].

4. I’m not into men
The plan is: you can romance them individually, all three of them at the same time or just romance Dai and Cy.

This is my very first time doing a CYOA game. Very nervous about it! Please let me know your feedback! Any grammatical error spotting and inconsistencies, feel free to point them out.

I hope you enjoy this ^^

FYI. This game was actually a reverse harem story I planned with male-dominated ROs, so I do apologise for the lack of customizability on some of the characters! I’ll try to add more females if it permits but since this is my first game, I’d like to eliminate as many variables as possible so I don’t get overwhelmed.


Bug in demo access. When I click the link I can’t play it.


I’m curious, is there some Little Nicky influence here?

Gotcha. They’re not super similar but there’s a couple aspects I noticed that made me wonder. Looks like a cool concept and it’s well written :+1:


Huh, strange. It seems to work fine to me. If you go to Dashingdon front page, it should be there! DashingDon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting

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Never heard of that actually! Had to google it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally a thread for this, I’ve been waiting since I read the demo on Dashingdon. Looking forward to read more! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks interesting what races are there in your world

I want that one, please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m in love with your WIP. I played a pessimistic MC who was all “I am weak can’t do nothing right”, who just gets enough of her brother’s shit in the library and was so funny lashing on the motherfucker

I will protect my precious knights :triumph: but not gonna lie, Zero already have me. I got a thing for redheads, I always play the their routes first in otome games.

I found a pronoum error here (should be “her”)

I am so curious to see your characters drawings :heart_eyes:


Thanks! You’ll definitely find more about the world but currently there’s:

In good standing:

  • Demons
  • Orc

No ally:

  • Angels

In good standing:

  • Humans
  • Elves inc dark/wood
  • Beastkins

The following goes under the beastkin category

  • Dragonkin (tainted) = have crossbred with other race. Lost their magic and long lifepspan, cannot transform.
  • Dragonkin (pure)
  • Rabbitkin
  • Catkin
  • Wolfkin/dogkin

Cheers! I’ll fix that! I thought I got them all but apparently not haha

OMGG I FEEL YOU!! Zero is highkey inspired by Benimaru from Slime and Ignis from Cafe Enchante ;-;

Good to know you’re enjoying it!! I love playing as the meek characters too always :wink: angst fodder


NOW I LOVE ZERO EVEN MORE. I absolutely adore Ignis and all the angst of his route. I didn’t finished Cafe Enchante yet, because this game is HEAVY. I only played Ignis and Canus and then took some time to recover :smiling_face_with_tear: it hurts so much

I picked the light blue skin and long horns just to see my MC as Dahlia from Monster Camp… But nicer and not much a fighter :rofl:



AAAA I’m still in the middle of Canus’ route but Ignis was the second one!!! Gotta feed on the angst, you’re only selling his route more!!!

And since we’re in the topic of otome, Cyrus is TOTALLY inspired by Crius Castlerock from Even if Tempest nudge nudge

Oooh she looks amazing!
Haha! Time for that power trip fantasy then!


Hehe his route isn’t as angsty as Ignis, though. The game is overall very angsty and sometimes I need a pause. To be honest, I don’t think there is a angstier route than Ignis. Not after … You know.

I haven’t play Even If Tempest yet, but it’s in my wishlist, I’m waiting a sale :sweat_smile: damn expensive switch games

Can Zero be gender selectable as well?


Not at this point, maybe in the future ^^


They really are bloody expensive, got it for full price but honestly I enjoyed it so much so I wasn’t even mad hahahsdjjkfld

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Hope so, be cool to have all women like you can have all men.


Yeah! I’ll definitely think about implementing that :smiley:


Love it so far! A very cool and original take on the ‘battle for the throne’ tale. There are a few pronoun coding issues here and there (my princess was called ‘he’ numerous times) and a couple of typos, but your writing is engaging!

Oh, and… I love Zero. That is all.

Can’t wait for an update!


Started reading this in dashingdon before the thread was created, it’s really good. Is enchantment the only stat that has the potential to make PC be able to fight without relying on others?