The Blood of The Dragon: Dynasty of Greatness (*UPDATED* 15/8/23) [28K]

Hello everyone! I’m Hayden and, well, this is one of my first WIPs. The setting for this story is kind of a mediaevalesque one, and I know mediaeval times is such a broad term so it ranges from very early to late ages, and to that add fantasy I mean probably just dragons and the fact that is a fict world, though magic not quite, I mean I haven’t totally ruled it out, we’ll see.


“Those who wield power are the ones who deserve it”.

You are the youngest child of the King, the third child, a Princess/Prince third in line to the throne of The Eight Kingdoms, third in line to the throne, you have nothing to worry about, well of course you have your lessons but aren’t as extensive as your brother’s, your elder brother is the heir and even if something happened to him, there is your other older brother (of course is ambitious as hell and wants the throne but would not be so good at it).

Perhaps you will be used as a pawn in a marital alliance by your father. However, who knows what the future holds? Something or someone could ensure that your dynasty will be nothing more than dust and you will have to fight for the throne as the heir apparent, or maybe you won’t have to fight at all…

But remember, everyone has the capacity for good and evil. It all depends on what you let guide your choices.

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Your father has earned the name of the Impaler King, earning the fear of those who dared to cross him. There were rumours that the Impaler King whenever he had finished an enemy on the battlefield, his blood thirst would only grow. Some say he invented new ways to torture and kill his enemies, and even those who weren’t.

Being a Dracarion was more than living among dragons, at least when they existed, there were plenty of eggs left but no one in one hundred and eighty years has discovered the how to make them hatch, with now only two remaining, but even without dragons your house has remained in power, could it continue to be this way or will the power-hungry Lords strike now.

  • Father: Bhaltair III Dracarion the King of the Eight Kingdoms (aka The Impaler King).
  • Mother: Merindah Draegert Queen Consort of the Eight Kingdoms.
  • Eldest Brother: Crown Prince Basilius Dracarion (7 years older).
  • Older Brother: Prince Drystan Dracarion (4 years older).
  • Twin: Prince/ss Arlan Dracarion (S/he is one or two minutes younger than MC) :smiling_imp:
  • Grandmother: Zhera BlancbastonThe Dowager Queen.
  • Uncle: Sir Branton Dracarion Captain of the City watch.
  • Uncle: Lord Dedrick Draegert the Count of Osddia.
  • Cousins: Lord Asher & Lady Ashela Draegert (The twins are a year older than MC).
  • And there’s also your aunt, your father’s sister, but I won’t include her cause she won’t appear, yet (Her name is Nigellia).
  • Your Great-uncle Valeon Dracarion no more because spoilers, he’s a monk, and yeah Maester Aemon death made me want to have one with a happy ending *leaves crying

There are nine romanceable characters.

Also, as canon, all the RO’s are the most beautiful of their lands. (In Hanniel’s case, whilst he was born in Barakon he has blood of a northern) But MC is the prettiest of them all. :smiling_imp:

Oh, and what I was trying to achieve with the portraits was in a way to capture the OC’s personalities and I am actually quite satisfied with the results, but now to what you actually came for, the RO’s.

Lady/Lord Aurelia/n Mezzei

Firstborn child and heir of Bricriu Mezzei, the Duke of Sabbya.

Appearance: (male) Has medium-length coiled black hair / (female) to her shoulders adorned with a golden brooch of a hare, soft kind brown eyes, dark brown skin with a lithe build.
Height: 5’9(180)M - 5’5 (170)F
2 years older than MC

Proud, rational, skilful, and deadly with his/her whip, s/he can make an excellent ally and a dangerous enemy. A free spirit, s/he loves to travel around the continents. S/he’s usually very kind and reasonable, but can be dangerous when provoked.

Lady/Lord Doria/n Muriel

S/he is the disowned daughter/son of Wallranus Muriel, the Duke of Merbris. Now is the quartermaster of Horace one eye’s ship.

Appearance: (male) Has dark brown hair that almost reaches his jaw / (female) that almost reaches her shoulders, deep brown eyes that seem black, tanned skin, has a small scar on the edge of her/his lips and an athletic build.
Height: 5’8 (178)M- 5’4 (167)F
3 years older than MC

Is ruthless, somewhat cynical, untrusting, and s/he doesn’t have any guilt or remorse for her/his actions or hurting others (just when s/he has to, it’s not like s/he goes around hurting people…), but has a hidden heart of gold, not that s/he would admit it. If s/he sees you hurting a child, you are as good as dead.

Hanniel Amlinger (Connell)

The acknowledged illegitimate son of Gerard Connell, Duke of Kardia and the grandson of Matous Amlinger the Baron of Berchley Pass in Barakon.

Appearance: Has short dark brown hair, and a serious grey-blue set of eyes (some people say he’s the very image of Duke Gerard Connell when younger). clean-shaven, or at least he tries to. With fair skin and a strong build.
Height: 6’3 (192)
4 years older than MC

He may appear distant, owing to his self-consciousness about being a bastard, but he is actually quite kind, sensitive, and compassionate, with a soft spot for women, particularly female MC. He is sensible, yet he has difficulties expressing himself.

Lord Damon Lavone

He is the firstborn and heir of the second wealthiest man of The Eight Kingdoms, Leandre Lavone the Duke of Peminster, who is also the chancellor of the King.

Appearance: Has light brown hair that reaches to his neck, sea-green eyes that brighten up when wearing his golden armour and sun-kissed skin with a toned build.
Height: 6’0 (183)
4 years older than MC

An arrogant, hot-blooded, and proud swordsman may appear cocky and stubborn at first, but he is devoted to his friends and harbours guilt if he believes he has let them down. You’ll pay with your life if you hurt or endanger his sister in any manner.

Lady Jasira Oursbar

The sixth child and eldest daughter of Caloghero Oursbar, the Duke of Greyrim.

Appearance: Has long curly deep red hair which often wears in two or a single braid, bright green eyes (that can also be described as blue), with an athletic build and very prominent freckles thanks to her pale complexion.
Height: 5’7 (175)
2 years older than MC

Is outspoken, strong-willed, and passionate. She has a free and rebellious attitude, and will not be defeated by anything, much less by anybody. She is a skilled marksman with a bow and is also able to hold her own with a battle axe.

Lady Nesrin Parovus

She is the second child and younger daughter of Javaid Parovus, the Duke of Gaart.

Appearance: With bright brown hair that reaches past her shoulders, seemingly innocent dark brown eyes, fair skin, slim build and graceful hands with which she plays the harp, she rivals Odette as the most beautiful woman in all the realm (among other things…).
Height: 5’4 (165)
1 year older than MC

The ladylike and graceful type.
Although she is charming and generous (or so she seems to be), ambition drives her. She is also a clever schemer who will not hesitate to exact revenge on someone who has wronged her :shushing_face:.

Lady Odette Lavone

The second and younger child. The daughter of the wealthiest man (after the king) of The Eight Kingdoms, Leandre Lavone, the Duke of Peminster and the chancellor of the King.

Appearance: Has wavy blonde hair that reaches to her waist, dark blue eyes that complement her comely smile, with fair skin and a slender build, regarded by many as the most beautiful woman of all the realm.
Height: 5’6 (172)
1 year younger than MC

Is compassionate, idealistic, impulsive and benevolent. (that might change :smiling_imp:) She has it all: beauty, wealth, noble background, elegance, and the melodious voice of a nightingale (think of Christy Altomare’s voice). So it comes as no surprise that she’s often regarded as the ideal example of a court lady.

Sorin of Kileadmedden

A con artist of Soirsa, along with her brother and associates, distracts the crowd, so while she entertains them with her talent, her companions rob them from valuable possessions.

Appearance: Has curly dark brown hair that falls to her waist, a pair of beautiful green eyes that resemble emeralds, with brown skin and a lithe build.
Height: 5’2 (161)
2 years older than MC

Is resourceful, astute, and fearless. She has lived a tormenting life and has survived it thanks to her many skills and abilities, one of which is the veil dance, which is used as a distraction to scam the people watching.

Lady Verena Sarpe

The third child and only daughter of the Duke of Rouge Lake and the King’s spymaster, Veneger Sarpe.

Appearance: She has straight black hair that falls down to her back, fair skin, and intense blue eyes that, combined with her smile and graceful build, make her one of the most enviable ladies in the realm.
Height: 5’5 (170)
Is the same age as MC

Determined, cold-blooded, and obstinate. She constantly exploits her sexuality and attractiveness to get what she wants from men and women in order to achieve her goals. She typically prioritises her own interests, but if you have her loyalty, she will stick with you till the end… probably.

Great Houses

Revenge is Our Fire, Let It Burn Bright
The royal house of the Eight Kingdoms. Your house has ruled over the Eight Kingdoms for almost five hundred years. The major source of income has been precious stones, but rubies and obsidian are the ones that build their coffers and inspired the house colours, and the dragon, well, their land has plenty of volcanoes, inactive though, at least some of them are.

Oh, and they did in fact had real dragons, there has been many rumours about their origin but one of the most believed is that they at some point had been dragons themselves, the gods of the land, but evolved into human form so they could rule humans, that’s why the Dracarions or at least some of them are not religious, they think of themselves as gods among men, but in the one and a half thousand years of this world, it has been almost two hundred years without dragons, dragon eggs either lost or turned to stone. That helped to further the rumour that the Dracarions are cursed as they tend to suffer tragic deaths.


Alone We Shall Stand, Alone We Shall Prosper
They’re strong and hard to kill,they are one of the finest warriors and make decent administrators (Sometimes), placing a high value in war and martial matters.
Fish, fur, and hides have been the major resources of income.


“Worthy Deeds, Just Rewards”
The most wealthy House in the realm
They are an incredibly old family, control the second-largest city in the realm, own the biggest bank in all the eight kingdoms, hold control over the lucrative silk industry, have gold and silver mines, and thus have money and influence. Not to mention they have one of the most powerful armies.


Swiftness in Action, Wisdom in Thought
They export goods like spices, diamonds, coal, fruits, and local wines. They also have a unique breed of horse that is only bred in the sand fields and the glass trade.
They are also the third-largest producer of food after the Meadows and Lakes.


From the Depths, Strength and Courage Emerge
They have one of the most powerful fleets in the realm. The people of the Wallows rely primarily on iron, steel, salt, and fish exports as a means of income.
They have two large fleets, one for fishing and the other for exporting.
They are a new house established after the conquest, which is frowned upon; it does them no good either that their ancestors were pirates.


Endurance in Battle, Strength at Home
It is one of the most honourable houses in the realm, if not the most. The primary exported resources are wood, wool, lumber, hide and the ice trade. They also have a breed of beautiful and unique horses to the north-west, though they are not quite as well-known or highly-regarded as the Connells as they often avoid conflict.


Proud and Majestic, Ever Vigilant
Immense amounts of trade and commerce flow through its prosperous harbour, having gold mines in a river that carries gold all throughout and thanks to the yearly flooding have up to four harvests per year, while its vast population provides the foundation for Parovus power as their economy is based on agriculture.


Where There is Wisdom, There is Victory
They have one of the strongest navies in all of the realm. They are pretty wealthy thanks to the wine they export, the spy network they control, and a city where the scholars and healers train at the Generell (is like a university, scholars and healers are in every noble house, which gives them ears in all the lords and lady’s courts).



Okay, I tried and realised I need to work on my mapping skills. Sorry Mrs R.

Now in this first map Soirsa seems small because it was always believed to be a rather small continent and kinda helped so they could be a free-ish continent yay.


Guys I had no idea making maps would be so addictive! TOOK ME one month to get something that weren’t so terrible.


In this one I fixed some things that were bugging me, I mean it’s still not great but well, oh and I also added BIOMES!


Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue, betrayal, lust and love.

In this game, the worst thing you could do is do nothing. In a realm where everyone is willing to lie, backstab, seduce even murder, all to further their ambitious goals, doing nothing is a sure way to die painfully.

  • Play as a Princess/Prince of an ancient and powerful dynasty.
  • Uncover the dangerous secrets of the nobles from court.
  • Find love among nine characters of whom two are gender selectable.
  • Manipulate, or genuinely care for the people you interact with.
  • Bond with creatures thought to be extinct.
  • Blur the line between good and bad.
  • Form alliances to win the crown or to support your brothers.
  • Do what it takes to survive.
  • Please, if you find any errors and if you can, point them out to me.
  • if you spot an elephant let me know as well (as in the word ELEPHANT it’s what I use when I forget words which happens often).
  • And grammar of course, I’m not perfect.
  • Also, just reminding you this is the suck draft, as I’m still working on how to handle multiple choices and the balance and impact of the stats, so in this case if you also have ideas about it, please do share.
  • I’m more used to writing screenplays and performing them, and well my prose it’s not that great but I’ve written more of like historical papers, just recently like few years ago I’ve started developing this story that was supposed to be my secondary project, and also was supposed to be a visual novel but well I suppose thanks to my boyfriend and his group of lovely nerd friends with their D&D campaign that kinda made me fall in love with fantasy, because if the Hayden of today told Hayden from years ago that she would become a fantasy nerd, not just a history nerd, she would’ve totally not believe it.
  • THIS IS THE ANGSTY EMOJI :smiling_imp:
From where did this story came up

Now I know this story screams ASOIAF, but I guess that was like after my boyfriend pointed it out to me, I mean to be fair he had made me like read the books and watch the show (he still hasn’t convinced me to give it a try at TLOTR), but if you ask me, there it is only five seasons periodt!.

Alright so in my history class, we were studying the Chinese Empire and the myth of the Pendragons and the Aztec’s Quetzalcóatl, more like the ancient kingdoms of great civilisations and their history. So I guess after having done a lot of research and get fascinated by it, there came some of the inspiration for TBOTD.

More great sources of inspiration: the awesome Dragon Age franchise but Origins it’ll always be my favourite (Love u Morrigan), also from authors I mean besides G.R.R.M. such as Robin Hobb, Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Hartman, Christopher Paolini, Anne McCaffrey, The Accursed Kings series made me step up my French and especially the dragon heart series that really got me tho.

And my now secondary wip has nothing of these things, it is more of a crime-romance story because yes, I also happen to be a true crime junkie, and feel like a fucking detective and that’s why I love Wayhaven, oh well I’ve had spoke too much, so if you read all of that I apologise now I’ll shut up.

:small_red_triangle_down:Demo The short prologue and the first chapter, I wanted to actually finish half of the demo like the first five chapters and then post it, but I think this way is better so you guys can give me feedback and I’ll just edit per chapter.

:small_red_triangle_down:Tumblr Ask me whatever you want, I’ll be answering just the same as on here, but also I would love to hear your suggestions or just something you would like to be implemented on the story.

:small_red_triangle_down:Pinterest In here I’ve put together the boards of the Houses and the regions they hold control over and of course some face claims for the RO’s.


After months of editing the draft for the thread turns out I can’t upload any images, so I had to remove every image I had compiled :melting_face: MAPS I had spent like six months trying to get right-ish, and even the RO’s portraits but I hope to soon be able to do that.

So anyway guys here’s the first part of the demo and sure I was actually going to upload it when I had reached at least the half of it but knowing myself I would definitely have drag it out as I would want it to be perfect but, that’s just not possible, it has already been three or four years since I’ve wanted to (to be fair I plotted it as a visual novel, now I just have to make it less linear and include different routes to the ones I had)


I don’t know if something is to load after I click “6 years later” or not but it isnt (could be a problem with my phone rebelling against me lol)


It’s fixed, all because of a space, silly me.


I always remember to rule never be the guy with the Crown always be the puppet master Be the guy in the shadows to do all the good work that is not on the Crown stuck in your head just to be populated by people who want to kiss your ass so I’m not interested in the chair of death


Good thing your role is to be just a spare to the throne or is it?

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My mc is male


For some reason it’s not letting me go past the 6-year mark still?


You get the ability to upload images upon reaching trust level 2. You are currently trust level 1.

And now thay you’ve uploaded a WiP thread, you’ll likely get it in no time, just be patient. :slight_smile:


My twins are girls

To say this is your first wip u done well. You explained the lore well whilst making it an enjoyable experience interacting with the cast of characters and the world. Even if it’s just the prologue u built the foundation’s brilliantly ready to expand on this diamond in the rough


I choose boys but the game state differently,


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I choose for the twins to be male but it keeps changing


Does that mean this RO is only for female MC?

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Well no, in this WIP every RO may have their specific preferences but MC can be their first, for example Hanniel and James have never had a relationship with a guy, but it can change with MC, the same goes for Odette and Nesrin with girls.


Alright I need to fix the bugs regarding the gender, I hope to do it soon with the complete chapter one, so be patient.


Ok, I like this much better than ROs available to MCs of particular gender


I really like the Sarpe family crest. Idk if it was intentional but I find it ironic that it looks a bit like the Staff of Asclepius only it’s a tool for injuring people not healing them.

Oh also, I found a bug in the Codex. House Blancbaston is listed nine times under the minor noble houses.


many mistakes when playing as a prince / Male

Say will the mc be able to have a dragon and will it be like a must or based on mc’s choice?