Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Embark on a thrilling adventure in “Lost in Your Eyes: A Dark Fantasy Romance Book,” where you are the main protagonist of the show in a city filled with supernatural creatures who are hated and hunted by humans. As you make your way through the branching storylines and meet a cast of unforgettable characters, three individuals stand out as potential love interests. (Now 4, introducing John/Elizabeth!)

Will you choose the charismatic werewolf (Whose beauty matches their brains and maturity. Is it bad that you fall in love with the character you made?), the mysterious vampire (who is in need of cuddles and affection lol), or a sarcastic human

(I should add gremlin instead of a human. Go bash rocks Valentine!
Valentine: F#%@ you >:C)

The choice is yours, but beware - danger lurks at every turn, and as you struggle to come to terms with your troubled past and confront the darkness within, you may find that your greatest enemy is yourself. Can you find love, redemption, and the strength to save those you’ve lost, or will your obsessions and desires consume you and bring about the end of society as you know it?

Main storyline: close to 210K words long
Code: close to 240K words long
Characters with spaces: close to 1.5Million+
Words per play through: Close to 65K

[The game! || Discord ||Tumblr||Ko-fi/Patreon (10K words ahead along with interactive short stories]

English isn’t my native language so I deeply apologize for all the typos that you encounter! Hope you guys have a great read!

Synopsis of the story so far

If the above description wasn’t enough, well here’s my try again lol.

The story follows a vampire MC who travels from town to town with their parents, trying to stay hidden from the prying eyes of the Empire. It’s a modern world, cameras everywhere, making it harder to hide, so they stick to rural areas. But with technological advancements, the Empire eventually tracks down the MC’s parents. A brutal attack separates you from your parents, and you end up in an orphanage where you train and grow stronger over the years. Finally, when you’re considered skilled enough, you join missions. On one mission, things go south. Fast forward six years, and now you’re teamed up with a partner who has a unique sense of femininity. After completing a mission together, the principal/rebellion leader assigns you to infiltrate the enemy base and gather intelligence.

As you venture deeper into the enemy’s lair, memories start to resurface, revealing something disturbing.

The game isn’t about love and smoochie smooch, but also about how much pressure can a relationship take before it breaks and does going through trauma after trauma really harden a person or does it slowly break them down? The book also focuses on how everything isn’t black and white and is as simple as it looks. Hope you all enjoy! ^^

What you can expect
  • Play as a vampire man, woman, trans or non-binary.
  • Explore a world rich in lore and unveil a variety of locations and races.
  • Customize your MC’s physical appearance and personality, clothes, etc etc.
  • Make choices that will affect the people around you. (Big emphasis on this one. If you guys don’t think a particular choice didn’t effect anything, let me know. I’ll try to make every choice matter)
  • Choose the nickname that the public will know you by.
  • Embark on a series of missions to rescue your loved ones from the oppressive rule of a tyrannical government.
  • Find love, befriend, or make enemies with 3 gender-selectable characters and 1 gender locked character.
  • Will you heed the teachings of your mentor and become the ultimate weapon of destruction? Or will you follow in your father’s footsteps and fight for the freedom of your people? Or perhaps you have chosen to seek revenge and revel in causing chaos and anarchy?

  • Sacrifice and redemption.
  • Identity and self-acceptance.
  • Dual nature and complex relationships.
  • Supernatural and mythology.
  • Forbidden love and struggles of self-discovery.
  • Betrayal and heartbreaks.
  • Freedom and oppression.
  • Loss and grief.
  • Personal growth and Discrimination.

Book Logs (9/6/2023)

detailed logs can be found on Discord. (I won’t be updating this but you can find all the logs if you scroll down a bit.


Jan 30
Jan 22


Feb 14

Feb 20

Feb 27

Feb 7


March 27

Mar 20

Mar 13

Mar 6

April, May and June

April: Wrote about 20K words I think lol. I can’t keep going down and looking at logs >.<

May: This month was spent for Patreons where a 30K long short story was written. (Something that I was proud of! :smiley:

Current Ro's
Male Blaine

Marcus Blaine is a caucasian male who stands at 5’1 and cuts an androgynous figure with a lithe, sinuous frame that was both graceful and feminine. His hazel eyes sparkle like a bed of embers, drawing people in with their warmth and depth.

His chestnut hair is short and styled in a way that perfectly framed his striking features. The dappling of freckles is scattered like stars across his nose and cheeks, adding a touch of whimsy to his appearance.

Personality: Marcus has a timid and shy personality. While he was often content to blend into the background, observing and taking in the world around her. But when the time calls for it, he is an exceptional strategist. His natural intelligence and quick thinking always shinies through. he is a master of reading people and situations, knowing just when to speak up and when to stay quiet… well, master of reading people that aren’t you.

Female Blaine

Melissa is a caucasian female who stands at a petite 5’1, yet her presence always commands attention with her feminine figure that is both sinuous and elegant. Her hazel eyes sparkles like a bed of burning coals, drawing in onlookers with their mesmerizing warmth and depth.

Her chestnut hair cascades around her striking features like a perfect frame, drawing attention to her dappled freckles that are scattered like a galaxy across her nose and cheeks, adding a touch of playful charm to her appearance

While she has a timid and shy personality. She is often content to blend into the background, observing and taking in the world around her. But when the time calls for it, she is always an exceptional strategist, her natural intelligence and quick thinking shining through. She is a master of reading people and situations, knowing just when to speak up and when to stay quiet… well, master of reading people that aren’t you.

Vivian Valentine

A 5’8 woman who flirted with you the first chance she got. Everything about her is chaotic, From her business like short, jet-black hair that is styled, paired with a blouse and a shirt that blatantly defies the churche’s dress code. Her tanned skin complements her striking black eyes that glint with mischief. Despite the disapproving stares from onlookers, a smirk is ever-present on her lips, making it clear that she has no intention of conforming to societal norms.


A 5’8" boy whose entire appearance exudes an air of pure chaos. His skin is tanned, and a newly added eye patch covers one of his eyes. The deranged smile that seems to be permanently etched onto his face is matched by his black eyes and jet black hair which falls all the way to his hips. His outfit is a bold mockery of the church’s dress code, consisting of a shirt and a skirt and everything about him screams trouble.


Eyes: Dark
Height: 6’5
Age: ???
Personality: Kind but assertive.


Personality: Kind, but flirtatious (Not shamelessly flirtatious like Vale/Vivian but reserved)
Eyes: Black
Age: ???
Height: 6’1

Other important characters
Mr Vigil

Vigil is a Were-Vampire, A mixture of Vampire and Werewolf, and is also said to be the continent’s 20 strongest creature. He has shoulders that are broad and powerful, like the wings of an eagle with bulging pecks and an 8-pack abdomen.

His Nordic-gold hair slides down his shoulders in a wild mane, framing his striking almond-brown eyes. High cheekbones grace his pale, chiselled face which gives him a regal and statuesque appearance. A hint of stubble on his face gave him a rugged, masculine edge. His nose was straight, perfectly complementing his high cheekbones. They set his lips in a firm line, hinting at a hint of a stoic and reserved personality.

Vigil serves as a father figure to the main characters, providing guidance and mentorship as they take on missions to fight against the oppressive government. He is deeply invested in the well-being of his students and treats them with the same care and concern that a father would have for his own children. He is a strong leader who is able to inspire and motivate his students to fight for what is right, while also providing them with the support and protection they need

Kate and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a weaver whose body is defined and honed from countless hours of training and conditioning but the most notable thing about him is his powerful and agile legs that are able to propel him forward at lightning speed and change direction on a dime. His shoulders are broad and strong so he can shrug off defenders with ease. His arms are toned and sculpted, evidence of the upper body strength needed to make explosive shots towards the goal. Finally, the boy has an impressive jawline and ash grey eyes and a cheerful yet mature and fun-loving personality.

Kate is a weaver, just like Sagittarius and has waist-length hair that is fluffy and as soft as a cloud that is the colour of freshly roasted almonds. Her skin is a pale pink similar to a delicate rose petal. Her hair cascades around her shoulders in loose waves, hiding her electric blue eyes. She has a personality that is similar to a tomboy, which makes sense since her body is honed and toned from years of training and playing soccer. Her legs are muscular in order to make quick runs and sharp turns on the field. But her strongest point was her core which is strong and tight and gives her the stability to make quick movements and maintain her balance.

Share Your Thoughts
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  2. Are there any moments in the story that particularly stood out to you, either positively or negatively?
  3. Do you have any questions or concerns about the direction of the story?
  4. Are there any characters or subplots that you would like to see more development for in the future?
  5. What are your expectations for the future of the protagonist’s journey?
  6. Are there any elements of the world-building that you would like to see explored further?
  7. Finally, is there anything else you would like to share or suggest about the story so far?

Public stories

New Year’s celebration! <3 2k words!

Stories up in Patreon

From Front lines to romance (Now added in book)

(Massive spoiler alerts)

word count

Word count: 20,325
Words per playthrough: 9,000


Blaine recently expressed their feelings to you, and Vigil has come up with an interesting mission: A shopping spree But it’s not exactly a date (at least according to him) He wants to make sure that you both blend in with humans!

Vigil’s wardrobe is limited to camouflage and formal attire, so it’s time to find some more suitable clothes. Rather than picking the outfits for you, the principal allows you and Blaine to choose your own styles during the shopping adventure. As the story unfolds, you’ll have the choice to spend a night at a bar, witnessing Blaine’s drunken stupor or have a delightful and wholesome picnic with them. Lots of world building in this one!

Broken Chains

Wprd Count

31,000 words (11K per play through)


NSFW warning.
After trying to recruit someone from Prison which fails badly for Vigil, he sends you and Blaine out. This is the first time you both are going out on mission and have met only a few hours prior. Hayes’s loss has been devastating and every time you think of it, your skull feels as if it is splitting open. Hopefully this mission will prove a good distraction and also show you what Blaine is like.

(Gore and implied rape warning. Gore can be avoided by passing the dice rolls.


After getting used to the environment of the church, Blaine is slowly coming to realize that they love the MC, even if they don’t reciprocate their feelings. The story follows Blaine’s thought process and what they do when the MC isn’t around.

Fan art



Snapdragon (@cinnamon_snapdragon) • Instagram photos and videos


It’s good but our friend keeps switching gender. Please fix this


It was an interesting read,would love to see where this goes!


Sorry about that, do you mean Hayes? I’ll get right on that, Kinda re-read it a few times but it seems that there were still a few mistakes that slipped past me.


Sounds interesting are we supernatural or no

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We are, The main character would be a vampire thought it’s a bit different then traditional vampires, so don’t worry about putting too much garlic in your broth :sweat_smile:


Would it be possible to add saves. Also female Blaine keeps switching names to stuff like Jessica.


I’m working on adding a save but it’s a work in progress. As for the name change, Blaine, Hayes and Valentine are surnames. Alice/Alex, Marcus/Melissa and Vivian/Vale are their real name.


I’m confused, acn you tell me the different names for Blaine, also which personality they are.

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Blaine mostly has a shy personality though they will try (and fail) to act dominant if you’re shy. Their name is only “Jessica Blaine” (female version)


Then who are Melissa and Vivian?

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Alice is “Hayes”, aka “Alice Hayes” while Vivian is a future RO character that I’m planning to introduce in the 3rd chapter.


Yes it’s them. Thanks

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“He isn’t a normal vampire Melissa and you shouldn’t treat his like one. I chose you for one reason. Keep an eye on his and protect his at all cost.” Vigil started. “He may be strong but not nearly as strong as his father. And you know how he was taken out along with Alfie and his son.”

“They do, But you’ve noticed that Adrian is no ordinary boy. Only he could wield its strength, but if he were to reach his full potential, he could share that power with those around his, making them formidable creatures as well. Of course, the one to who they transfer their power needs to be close which is why—”

You’re sharp. But…" The man scratched his neck, Looking away from the Girl “Yes. You and only have the potential to be a hero for our people, the one who delivers us from our suffering. Do not let your doubts hold you back. If you can get close to his and make his influence your body and somehow your powers, You both may be as strong as those who we fear.” Blaine listened intently as Vigil spoke, the weight of his words sinking in. The message was clear, and it inspired Melissa’s determination to preserve and protect her people.

“I also realized that he had gotten a bit weaker after using his necklace. When I asked his if everything okay, he just… Brushed the question off.” Her words made the Principal frown. “Hmmm… That’s… not really how the artefact should work. Makes me wonder if Nathan really chose the right kid or not. But it was promised to Adrian by him. I don’t know what he even saw in his.” Vigil said, shaking his head in disgust and then looking back at Blaine.

“Don’t be fooled by Adrian’s connection to Nathan. I’ve told you before, Blaine, there’s no way that man could have fathered a child. It’s a foolish mistake to place all of our trust in his. But at least you’ve said that he’s a skilled fighter. Still, it’s a gloomy prospect to rely on one person.” The man sighed and then placed his hands on the desk and tutted.

He could take the punishment and dish them out too. The evidence was clear in that forest they had left behind but then… Why did the principal care about his so much to the point he was becoming overprotective? Did he see his as his own too? “Well sir, if there is nothing to talk about, can I take my leave?”

The halls were empty as the girl walked towards her room. This gave Melissa the excuse to think about her time with Adrian. It was a struggle for her not to think about his adoringly.

The only thing that kept entering her mind was that he was still very much in love with his. But as these feelings began to reemerge, her guilt grew. The Order would frown upon this, she told himself.

She was mesmerized by the otherworldly beauty that radiated from his. yet she knew that within his rested a power that was beyond imaginable.

Melissa’s hands brushed through his silk like hair, tucking them behind his ear so she could see his face better. The perfect skin, that soft gorgeous hair and everything that she had made her heart flutter. she walked in front of the sunlight so she could shield His.

She felt his stir a little and froze. His eyelids fluttered as he opened his eyes. She was starting to regret the decision of coming closer to his now.

Those should all be him instead.

And I presume that’s meant to be “You and he” instead of “You and only.”

The phrase is “dish it out” not “dish them out.”

Should be herself instead.

“The vampire sauntered over his, gazing as His” I guess you meant to type “sauntered over to him, gazing at him.” Just a guess though

Screamed not knowing who he was. She rather.

“My my, If you really wanted to get in my pants, You could have just asked you know” You whispered, matching her seductive tone and pulled him her close, enjoying her warm body against yours. Shouldn’t be there, since Alice isn’t a he.

There’s also several instances where Melissa is referred to with they/them. I’d copy and paste those for you but I’m running out of energy here, sorry.

Right! Yes,” she quickly said. “I was uhmm… saying that You uhh… P-Pulled me on top of you,” The girl paused, letting out an audible gulp, but somehow managed to continue speaking despite his flushed cheeks. “A-And told me that I-If I wanted to get into your pants, I-I could have just asked you" Her cheeks somehow turned even redder, practically glowing in the dim light and you let out a light cough to dispel the silence awkwardness that fell over you.

You walked over to the toilet and looked up at yourself, watching your dishevelled face. Your hair was messy and your wife beater (Or sleeveless vest) was damp with sweat. You sighed and reflected on your fantasies. You wondered whether she was still alive and clinging to hope that one day you might have saved him, Much like your parents.

Almost every boy was trying to score with her, and you weren’t really surprised. The Herculean-gold hair danced around the wind hypnotically as his body dribbled past people. There was something unnatural about her looks that made you wonder if she was using her magic to make herself more glamorous. Not that she needed it anyway.

You didn’t want him to ask for your permission to hug you, and to show him that, You hugged him first.

What’s wrong? Throat suddenly dry?" You asked with your eyebrow raised and the poor girl scratched the back of her neck and chuckled nervously. As much as you wanted to tease them even more, You had a werewolf to bag. “Uhhh… Let’s go bag ourselves a werewolf then” Blaine cleared his throat and awkwardly gave you a nod before dashing after the werewolf. You looked at the person who was slowly bleeding out. It seems in her haste she had forgotten the poor victim of the experimental. You quickly made your way towards them to find…

Should have been her there.

"You just realized that the two of you were really close to each other now. Was she trying to make a move on you? She alread+y hugged you twice, and you could already. Your heart was racing and your mind was in a frenzy. It took every ounce of will power not to smile sheepishly “Thanks,” you said, cheeks heating up as you realized how sweet those words sounded coming from her mouth. Just as things were starting to get steamy, Michael’s voice blared through the hallway like a foghorn, startling both of you out of your cozy embrace. “Hey lovebirds!” he called out, causing heads to turn and eyebrows to raise. You shot him an annoyed look, but he just chuckled and gave you two a cheeky grin. “Sorry to interrupt the love fest.” Already of course

On the side, You could saw a massive muscular person standing with his arms crossed looking at you intently. “It’s been a What can I do for you? You’ve been standing here for a few seconds studying the room as you’ve you never come here” He said with a sincere smile. “Sorry” You said apologatically. “It’s been a while, what” rather, and apologetically rather.

He was wearing a button shirt with chest hair sticking out. A name tag with words “Fin” were written on the right peck. The man had a clean shaven face with dark hair and crew cut. Fin already had wrinkles on his forehead and age was already showing on his face however it also told you that the man was kind. “You alright?” He asked in a gruff voice, smile lightly faltering, and you realized you were staring at him for a while. You were dominant/Confident enough to answer with a straight face.

Was rather.

“You aren’t being rude to Melissa are you Adrian?” Kate suddenly spoke up, crossing her arms and giving you a stink eye. You blinked a little but it was $!Melissa who spoke up for you. Should just be Melissa.

Just in cast all that was discouraging, I wanted to say it’s an enjoyable game and I look forward to seeing more of it.


pretty good so far. one problem i noticed was stats bugging out. for example, i had high dominant stat but the game said my character was submissive.


Oh no, that’s not discouraging at all! Your feed back is really important to me, and the fact that you took the time to copy that and show it to me so I could fix it is a lot more helpful then me Re-re-reading it again, so I really appreciate it! :two_hearts: And I’m so glad that you enjoyed the game!


I love the demo so much :heart:.
I like all of the romance options :heart_eyes:.
And I like the change in pov so much :heart_eyes:
Just one problem the pronouns of ros keep changing , and a save option will be great.
Just a question is Nathan our real dad or are we adopted :sweat_smile:? .


It’s good but our friend keeps switching gender. Please fix this

@Christopher_Bull That problem should hopefully be resolved by now!

pretty good so far. one problem i noticed was stats bugging out. for example, i had high dominant stat but the game said my character was submissive.

@kumori_sensho stat check were a pain to deal with but thankfully they’re also hopefully fixed!

Just one problem the pronouns of ros keep changing , and a save option will be great.
Just a question is Nathan our real dad or are we adopted :sweat_smile:? .

@Mary Hopefully that has been solved as well! ^-^ As for the last question, Well, I can’t really answer that without spoiling the book too much :sweat_smile:

Special thanks to @stsword and @LawfulLeah and one other person in discord for helping me find all the bugs! You guys are awesome!!


Upon choosing the childhood friend’s gender, I encountered this issue:

chapter_1 line 374: Non-existent variable 'hayes_prince'

seems to show up whether you pick them to be male or female.


I apologize if any of these are repeats that you just haven’t gotten around to fixing yet.

One of them was an older man who looked to be in his mid thirties.

I do remember my youth when people in their thirties seemed ancients with one foot in the grave.

But in the adult world, mid thirties isn’t really “older man” territory. Perhaps you mean the older of the two?

In which case it should be “The older of the two who looked to be in his mid thirties.”

She stretched for a few more seconds before getting off of the bed and walking towards you while scratching her back but those weary, tired face was quickly replaced by a frown when she saw the same thing that you did. Should be that weary…rather.

“We should go to the hallways… I’m hungry Alice.” You whispered and walked out of your room and towards the end of the corridor. After a few seconds of walking, You realized that Hayes wasn’t walking you. When you looked back, You saw that she just stood there, Looking at the ground and you decided to… Should be “walking with you” rather.

“It’s good that you both are up. Me and Micheal took the liberty to carry you from your car while you were asleep and tucked you to bed. By the way, My name’s Vigil little one and I’m the principal and owner of the school and Orphanage that you’ll be staying in.” He paused and then sighed. Should be Vigil, little one,

Something this morning changed. she had never seen him like this before. Helpless, eyes bloodshot, desperately clutching onto them, even when he slept. But then she remembered those times when Adrian looked at her with a smile. Remembered his cheeks lighting up like a Christmas tree whenever she complimented him. Should be her.

Something about her childhood friend made her blush. They both had been through so much and she could feel that they had grown closer. Alice cherished every single second spent with Adrian and it made her crave more of his. Him rather

Despite the game stating that I can now see the lore of the world in the stats page, the link to “Do you want to know the lore of the world?” is greyed out.

The game expects you to remember Kate’s name even if, in game, the MC never met her in the Entertainment room.

The werewolf’s concrete-like hands connected with your arms, and you could feel your bones crack . To your surprise, a shock wave erupted from the force of the punch. But that surprise was wiped away from your face when were sent flying backwards at a dangerous speed. “When you were” rather

Melissa snapped her fingers to get your attention. “You need to snap out of it Adrian, I don’t know why you’re telling me all these things after we’ve been roommates for 2 years and been on so many missions together but now is not the time.” Her voice was no louder than a pleading whisper but you could feel a sense of desperation in the girl’s voice.

The previous page indicated we had been roommates for 5 years. Or was that a sign of a concussion?

They found their way into their neck and squirted out their payload. The medicine knocked the both of them out before they even landed on the ground, and their massive bodies fell on the dirt like a sack of potatoes. Necks rather.

Suddenly you felt a hand against your shoulder and you whipped back to see Melissa’s inches away from you. “Don’t blame yourself, I know we can catch up.” You looked at him and said… Her rather.

“Alright. Very well. If you’re willing to take responsibility, then sure.” He said, face still scrunched up in anger and looking back at you. “Now, Adrian. You are to meet me tomorrow at O fifteen hundred hours for your next mission. You are dismissed.” With those words, He sent you on your way and you looked back at Melissa with a thankful smile. You hoped that the principal wouldn’t be too hard on him. Her rather

Comparing your bed to your roommate’s, you saw that s was clean and all well organized with pillows folded and blankets in one place while yours was all messy with blanket and pillow mixed up against each other. Even though this was both of your rooms, your gorgeous-looking friend allowed you to decorate it and you decided to give it… It rather

You walked over to the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror and You looked at your face in the mirror and a deep sense of hatred washed over you but you closed your eyes and breathed deeply. After what happened to Alice you couldn’t look at yourself in the mirror but Melissa was always there to help you accept yourself. The memories of when you first met them flashed through your vision which made you smile fondly.

It was the first day that they were assigned as your roommate after you refused to stay with anyone. But Vigil was persistent and you relented. To your surprise, the door opened up and you watched as Melissa strutted in as if they were living with you for years.

She laid there shyly on top of you, Biting her lips. Your faces were inches away from each other and you could feel their hyper-ventilated breath brush against your cheeks in a quick succession. Your hands slowly teased her toned belly, caressing it with your finger tips and watched as the smooth skin shy away from your touch. You opened your mouth to say something…

“I-Is something wrong? Why are you smiling at me like that?” She asked, cheeks going crimson and you shrugged innocently. “You were telling me about how you got on top of me?” You urged them to continue.

Her rather

You had a slim, toned body that demanded to be worshiped. Despite your small stature, your physique was strong and athletic, with well-defined muscles that rippled with each movement. I chose to be tall, so not so small.

You didn’t care much about your reputation, so what Vigil was thinking of now didn’t really bother you a lot. Not to mention people could just talk to you if they had any issue but one glimpse at Alice made you sigh and you glared at Mr vigil, daring him to think anything wrong. Melissa rather

He paused before pulling back from you and frowned before the pressure on your shoulder increased. “Adrian… Wake up.” She rather.

You smiled at the fond memory of when you were studying her one day and saw the blond ran through the field, biceps flexing and hair bouncing. Everyone just looked at her with sparkling eyes, But all she did was come over to you and ruffled up your hair and chuckled at you. You couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being foolish, or that you were setting yourself up for heartbreak. It didn’t matter anyways now, did it? You were glad to have kept your feelings to yourself. Run rather

After a while, she Would you " her voice rang out and you spat on the sink before gargling on the water and emptied your mouth and washed your mouth again before walking out of the toilet and muttered a thanks. You looked at the time and saw that there were still two hours till four hours till 5 am.

I assume you meant- She said “Would you” but I’m just not sure.

You didn’t want him to ask for your permission to hug you, and to show him that, You hugged him first. Her rather

“Thank you,” she whispered, and before you knew it, she was hugging you again. This time, you cold tell that there was a sense of intimacy into it. As if she were trying to convey her emotions through her action. Could rather

If you choose to look at ammo there is no option to leave the page without buying any ammo. Even if you don’t have a gun to buy ammo for.

You can also buy ammo for the nonexistent gun that costs more money than you have.

The link to “Do you want to see your relationships?” doesn’t work, it just brings you back to the main stats page.

Since the guy said that the pendant is making us like Alice, shouldn’t be the question be “It’s turning me into a witch?” instead of “It’s turning me into a human?”

Kind of an important distinction, one being squishy and the other being squishy but with awesome magical superpowers.

The Referee let out a whistle, and the game kicked off. Balls were passed, dribbled and finally it was your turn to show off. The was until Blaine jumped in front of you, grabbed the ball WITH HIS HANDS and proceeded to run over to the other side before punching the goalee in the face, and throwing the ball in the net. “GOAAALLL!!!” she yelled making you all groan WITH HER HANDS rather

“Listen, Blaine” You said out loud just as she was giggling and looking at others, thinking they weren’t just sore loosers. It happened to you once too when you were a kid so you couldn’t blame her. Were just sore losers rather.

“If you want a fight, I won’t mind giving you Adrian” Kate narrowed her eyes but Sagittarius put a hand on her shoulder. Giving you one rather.

And lastly a gamebreaking bug- chapter_3 line 824: Non-existent variable ‘pc_herself’