No Peace (13/03/2024)


“Even in such a world every single one of us can find our ‘purpose’! We can will meaning into the meaningless! We can seek a most beautiful delusion to LOVE! AND THAT’S A DREAM! YAYUYUYU!” - Bromley Hearthguard.

“It’s all so strange…the world I mean. It’s too… uh, PRECISE! Yes! Split right into four neat seas! With unmoving patches pf water dividing them! It’s as if the world was tailored for the world government!”-Quinn Shardwell.

“You’re all the luckiest idiots I’ve ever laid eyes on…maybe it’ll rub off.”-Pipper Marlowe.

“They’re called pastries you moron! If what the kid says is true…then I can make the world that much sweeter…Don’t laugh, I’ll hit you.”- Hugo Redmar


A generation too early to witness the great pirate era and the treasure that set the world aflame, an ocean to far to witness the rise of a king.

You are however just in time to be among the final true adventurer pirates, who were defined entirely by their own unique dreams!

Will you find the courage to wonder? Will you find the callousness to pursue it, consequences be damned!?

Then leave it all behind! Step forward! And SET SAIL!



Marines. Clad in dazzling white, the noble instruments of JUSTICE!

That is what you believed, that is what you fought and killed for. And yet…in your would be final moments you found no peace. And so! with a shout! You pulled yourself from the dark reborn, An instrument no longer.

You are now left to define your own dream. To find take to the seas once more, as one among those you’ve hunted.


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I like it so far




That was really good! Had me hooked from the beginning lol


Its very short so theres not a lot to judge so far, i like the stats though and i am interested to see what happens next


So what is this? A prequel for one piece?

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What an interesting thing we have here. Sooooo cool!

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Way too short for my liking but since I’m obsessed with One Piece, I’ll pin this so I can keep track of it.

Only suggestion is that you change the name of the currency because you could be sued for copyright infringement if you use “berri”

Also wish that we could have a longer interaction with the Whitebeard figure as well


I like this I’m surprised I died so quickly if this is how this game is going to be this world is dangerous and I like that on a sidenote, I always wanted to be a swordsman in that crazy pirate world

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Come aboard and bring alooong. All your hopes and dreams!


This is gonna be interesting one piece read. I wonder what our character will be. Hero or villain.

Love this intro, expecially that you can just glat out die for going “this is it”

I can’t say I’m a fan of one piece, but I’m willing to give this a chance since I think the world itself is interesting. Good luck.

I just gave this another read and you most definitely can’t use Cipher Pol, berri, or Celestial Dragons as it’s copyright infringement so you should change the terms you may had picked up from One Piece. And you should change the numbers of the islands that forms the World Government but the terms Marines and World Government should be okay at the least.


Kind of short but still a really good story so far. The plot sounds really interesting and your writing is good. I look forward to more content from this one! :]

Thank you!

Brace yourself! :laughing:

Oh…that’s actually something I’m already working on. You’ll see what I mean in the coming update it’s a fun little gag.

okay thank you. I’ll make sure to fix that!

Thank you! :smile:


Loved this so far. I’m a very big one piece fan and am happy to see something related to it on the site, keep up the good work.

By the way, I went with the knife.Nothing can go wrong with a short weapon But in a gunfight, it’s bad.Never bring a knife into gunfight if you know how to use it properly!

Aye one piece if that’s pretty cool