Lucidity [WIP]

Bear with me people, as I hesitantly start the official Lucidity thread (the title is WIP without a doubt) and post my first synopsis


Name: Lucidity
Genre: Fantasy


Falling is a sensation.

A sensation you felt the last time when you were dreaming.

And in today’s world, sensations kill people.

People dealt with dreams in very different ways throughout history. Dreams started and ended wars, saved or razed countries. But never before were they the literal means to an end.

First the Sleepwalkers were recognized as people with gifts. First they appeared on late night shows and several conferences. Then they started healing Earth and the people on it. Perhaps they weren’t fast enough for the nations shattered once again and sparked a new war. And as it always has been with new weaponry, they were used as specialists during the new world war. The Third War ended as abruptly as it started. The use of Sleepwalkers resulted in The Third War being the biggest but shortest war in history.

The people feared Sleepwalkers after The Third War, with their otherworldly strength hidden under normal appearances. Steps were taken and Sleepwalkers were incarcerated. Most came peacefully with little or no resistance. Some of the more troubling Sleepwalkers resulted in unexpected catastrophes such as the destruction of Detroit or the leveling of Japan. No Sleepwalker was seen after incarceration and no court files were ever public. Peace had its price and to stop these from ever happening again, the Lucidity Act was enacted.

Now, almost fifty years has passed and bright individuals arise throughout the world, people with dreams that can change the very fabric of reality, give others hope or fear. All of them are lost before reaching infancy and no one speaks of why. Perhaps the government is covering up as usual, perhaps this is the work of splinter groups or even more unorthodox causes can be the case.

You are such an individual. You carry a legacy you are not aware of. Secrets have been kept from you. Your father’s obsessions and controversies regarding your birth kept you safe. You were raised with a sense of false security but soon all of it will come crashing upon you. Your morals will be tested, strength measured.

In the unexpected case of your survival you will be given a choice, you will be in power while all hangs in balance.

Will you cure the world and raise it from the ashes or will you realize your true strength and bring it to its knees?


As of today, I have the pilot fleshed out and will shortly post a dropbox link with current stage and changelists.

I’d like to talk about an idea I had about presentation as well.
Apparently, İ can draw quite a bit and (with all due respect to different art styles) prefer a more realistic art style. As in even though nothing on screen might not be realistic, I enjoy a good sense of anatomy, textures and lightning. Obviously, this will be time consuming and İ feel the need to prioritize. Suggestions would be most welcome.

I will regularly post about game mythos, character backstories, the mechanics of dreaming and real life repercussions or benefits etc.

I hope you enjoy the growth and materialization of Lucidity as much as I do

Suggestions and comments are most welcome


I love this concept. I really want to play.

@FairyGodfeather Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it. And I mean to deliver.

Backstory info :
Nation-based factions

As it was observed in previous global-scale wars, countries tend to form large factions that preserve their positive or negative relations even after the war for a long time.
Now I should warn you that I am as far from a geopolitical analyst as it gets but I tried to portray a realistic simulation as to how factions could emerge and change throughout the war and beyond. As always, any input is greatly appreciated.

Firstly, to analyze the current states
EU is mostly held up by Germany
There is a trend of positive relations between China, Russia, India and Brazil
Northern countries (north of UK mostly) tend to sway away from the EU but a threat of war could reunite them.
In almost all wars, the winner is “good” and losing side “bad” or “evil” therefore the fact that history is written (at least public history) by the victor must be taken into account.
While not all that refreshing, USA seems to be getting better and with time, could gain some influential power overseas back

Here are the main factions

A) The Atlantic-Pacific Cooperation
a. Consisting of USA, Japan, Australia, Western EU as major powerhouses
They sought victory through advanced technology and quality over quantity.

B) The BRIC and new additions
a. Consisting of Brazil, China, India, Russia and northeastern EU as major powerhouses.
They sought victory through economic and population advantage.

C) C.R.A.D.L.E.
a. Consisting of Middle Eastern countries (which apparently made some kind of pact) and Northeastern African countries. They sought peace and advancement through isolation and spacefaring.

As you can see the (involved) center of the world maps is sure to change.
And no worries, you’ll be involved with all of them, all of the subfactions too.

As always, any input is appreciated


Here is the demo, as promised

Prologue is close to be done. I think it needs a bit more fleshing out on Jason’s side of the story.

Chapter one is still work in progress but you get to take a peek :smiley:

I found and error with the title command.
I don’t know if i liked it is the most confusing story i read in all my life the third person make believe a salvage is telling a tribal story im not native English but it’s the first time i got problem to understand the options and what the author try to tell me in a cog.
But on the other hand the story and universe seem really interesting with a lot of polish could be a masterpiece

Thanks, I agree that it needs polish, several layers of it, and Jason’s story was kind of my introduction to Choicescript.
But yeah, what you’re reading is basically edited real-time and I’m looking in at the title command. Right now. Refresh :slight_smile:

But to address your main issue,
What little I can tell is that my priorities lie in following order
Main Arc materialization
Side Arc(s) materialization(s)
Polish another!

It had been all along since even though I’m not bad at planning a setting and/or general universe (thx, btw) when it comes to execution of the story, I get all excited and out of control. I hope to have a more solid style through time and experience.

As always, any input is appreciated

The story is a little confusing at first. I kind of thought the player was the jungle person at first because we could input his name, then I thought we were playing as Jason, and at the end, none of that was true.
I’m not saying it was bad or that you should change it, but I think it might confuse the reader a little at first.

I understand, and thanks for the input.
I will give it my best shot to tell the player they are not Jason but are defining Jason’s story.
The first dream sequence will hurt a bit, considering you change personae again. (Happens in some dreams)
But i got it. I’ll revamp the prologue so that it doesn’t instantly turn people off while keeping the content.
Thanks for the input :smiley:

I did a temporary fix on the identity crisis and wrote a little bit more of the first chapter regarding “Jason’s lifelong friend” and his relationship with you.

It still has the same link, as I wrote before it refreshes as I write.

The story is more understandable with the new introduction. The first time I played I didn’t even know the player was Jason’s child (but then again, I’m kind of dense).

“Afraid to hurt his wife, he tried to warn them about the fire but they wee in a kind of trance.”(shows up at the end ,where you chose to stay and set a fire to sneak in) I think you mean were instead of wee.

Yes, I did :smiley:
The wee trance :smiley:
Thanks a bunch I’ll correct it right away

Backstory info

Cybele Biotechnics

The now leading firm in biotechnology, Cybele Biotechnics was founded by two doctors and a nanotechnology engineer named (by you, incidentally but for all intents and purposes I’ll call him Noah) Noah Schweizer. Schweizer and his team quickly gained velocity and within two years, started competing and beating major medical technology giants.

Schweizer grew up on the edge of the Rocky mountain range in Utah. His parents were lost in a clinic trial they experimented on themselves after a series of unfortunate events crushed their company. The bankruptcy had driven them to the range of insanity and little Noah had to witness them go about with it until they were found dead in the old Schweizer Dynamics laboratory.

Noah was brought up by his uncle, though he never knew of it.

Cybele Biotechnics produces biochip implants used mostly in Sleepwalker detection/inhibition and population control. They have close ties with all major factions except C.R.A.D.L.E. and closer ties with Atlantic Pacific Cooperation still. They are publicly considered to be #1 threat against uncovering hidden Sleepwalkers, but the public does not think of this as a bad thing at all.

“C) C.R.A.D.L.E.
a. Consisting of Middle Eastern countries (which apparently made some kind of pact) and Northeastern African countries. They sought peace and advancement through isolation and space faring.”

I have a question. How big is your definition of Middle East and North East Africa, because I may have the answer to how they just made some kind of pact. Maybe expand it a little more to include North Africa and some other areas as well so all the Muslim countries are included. Now they could be joined in terms of same Religion. It’s only a little more countries and will make the game more realistic, at least for me.

This Link leads to an Image that might help you.

*Blue Owl flies away with his Army of Owls* Adios.

Sorry for the Double Post but the time of 30 minutes of the above comment finished.

This is the Map I seem to be getting when I place all the Factions in it.

Wow @BluOwl358 this is great, and since I try to hold on to realism when setting the universe up, I’ll definitely take this into account.

Thanks a lot for the input

@Daedalus I really enjoyed the demo so far! I can’t wait to see how this turns out, but one word of advice: don’t be overly ambitious. I’m not saying you are being that now (quite the contrary, in fact), but I don’t want a brilliant game to be spoiled at all. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, for the advice, cannot agree more

@Daedalus really much better now i understand what you are trying to show engaging story and universe maybe still a little untidy style but it’s a early beta. Cheers

Thanks, @MaraJade
I’m working on it