Eastend (WIP)

Hey :butterfly:
I’ve been trying to write my if EASTEND (as seen above) and I have a few words written (more than a hundred, I promise). It’s the first time I do something like this!

You keep having the same dreams over and over. It happened, years ago, before you left. You thought you had left Eastend behind for good.

It seems you can never truly escape your past. The Priest had warned you.

There’s a girl you’ve never seen in your dreams. Yet, she seems so familiar - as a forgotten teddy bear you left in the attic of your home. She feels right, she looks wrong, she’s wrong. Because she’s not you, she says. And the two of you stand on the road…a bright light blinds you but the smell of iron reaches you. You do not need your eyes to deduce the ending of the nightmares.

Metaphorical dreams have never been your forte…except this is real. On the day you arrive, she’s still alive. And smiling…laughing…walking with her friends. She looks like a normal girl of your age.

You black out - from the shock you think. The familiar iron smell being all too close, it makes you nauseous. At least, the earthen scent that lingers on your clothes counters it a little.

Why are you in the woods again?

…Why is there blood on your hands?

Welcome home, whispers the wind.


Customize the vessel whether be it in looks, personality or identity.

You are free to romance four of the cast. Maybe more, there are many eyes on you.

Your choices will shape you as they shape the town. They will have consequences on the people around you and those who aren’t anymore. Be careful you never know what effect the ripples may have.

Explore your past to shape your future.

Fight your nightmares should you be so inclined - or welcome them, there might be surprises in the deep dark part of your mind?

Choose whether or not you’ll doom your childhood town - although, that might not be left to you. Leaving is an option too, after all, you’ve already left once.

Survive - or don’t . You didn’t think you were the only one who could save them, did you?

Eastend is rated 18+ for sexual themes, substance use, explicit language, explicit violence, death and more.


Beverly Arevalo [F,23], your childhood friend. At least, one of you perceived it that way. She has always been difficult to read and understand, you were one of the few who could years back. Maybe you can rekindle your friendship - maybe it will grow into more. The only thing you know for certain is that there are many unknowns surrounding Beverly.

Aina Valen [F,26] is that stereotypical preppy girl, at least what you know of her. You were never quite close when you still lived in town, but things have changed and so have both of you. Surprisingly enough, she works at the library now, having taken over her brother. You’re unaware of what happened between them, only that she seems overly bored whenever you pass the vitrine. At least she insists on telling you you are the ‘spice’ of her days, whatever that may mean.

Benjamin Li [M,26] his preferred nickname, Benji has always shown kindness to you and this didn’t change with your unexpected return. He somehow always has a nice word for you or others in his vicinity, it’s refreshing quite frankly. There are always critters following him around but they say animals are good judges of characters so that’s a good sign, right?

Hezekiah Lyncroft [M, 24] was always a pain in your ass, even younger. Always arguing with you over anything and nothing, he was the reason for many headaches. Back then, there were rumours about his home life, ones you remember well. At least, he seems to be in a better place nowadays, even though he’s still a pain to be around. But not all pains are bad.

I’d be remiss to not mention the fact this is a WIP so it could change :bust_in_silhouette:

Currently, the demo sits at 5.8k (without code) and I’m working towards a bigger update. In the current demo, you can create your MC, arrive in the town and have several flashbacks to what life was for you in Eastend and the promise of a meeting with an old friend.
Depending on how progress goes, I might just update once the prologue is done which I intend to be when MC meets all the primary cast (but plans often go to the wayside so who knows).
:derelict_house: You can find the demo here

Additional link:

All feedback is appreciated and welcome. Thank you for reading! :butterfly:


Said it once, I’ll say it again, just so people know; The start of this is super good in my opinion. I’m looking forward to more.


You’re so kind always thank you so much :sob::heartpulse:


Some of the flashback scenes towards the end of the demo feel quite heavy, especially when playing on an iphone. You might want to try breaking them up with next buttons and maybe adding *fake_choices to maintain some element of interactivity.

Woa, I wasn’t expecting to like it so much, but you shut me up. What a demo oh my god.

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Aww thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it :pleading_face::yellow_heart:

I’ll look at what I can do ^_^!
If it’s not too much to ask, was there a point where you were thinking woah its been a while since I’ve had a choice or? It’d be easier for me to pinpoint, but it’s ok if not :)!
Thank you!

The page which begins with:

The events had left you shaken and you needed to think about yourself first. If it was this dark, she should already have left the forest anyway. You thought, you assumed. You know you wouldn’t stay this long searching for her, she could be anywhere.

Also, typos, for the question on hair color, it should be “is” and not “are”. For the page above, one part should be “pins and needles”.

Anyways, your work looks promising, and these are the only feedback items I have for now. I wish you the best.

Certainly interesting! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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