(WIP) The Last Scion (Superhero)

Hello all! First post in the forums.
This is an announcement of my new game, “The Last Scion”. In it, you play as a classic “flying brick” (as Mutants & Masterminds puts it) type of super hero, newly arrived on Earth and ready to battle against evil with your amazing powers!
I’m trying to strike a balance between the feel of classic comic book adventures and modern storytelling styles.

I’m four chapters in out of a planned nine, so a little less than halfway through.

Here’s the link to what’s available so far: The Last Scion


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You had me at super heroes :eyes:
Gonna give this a read later bbl with my opinions then :yum:


Engaging and interesting. I look forward to seeing more


yes yes yes yes


Sounds like a lot of fun! Welcome to the forum!


This is really fun! And there’s plenty here already for me to say I quite like it. It has the same kind of spirit to me as The Hero Unmasked, which is one of my absolute favorite IFs. Really looking forward to getting to know the other characters more.


Hey sorry, Right off bat, I’m curious if you add a dark mode, if possible? Even after turning my phone light down- I won’t lie- the white of the screen is really bright (it hurts to stare at; but maybe it’s just me):sweat_smile:


No, I second this. I got distracted by how much I liked the story and writing but I would very much also appreciate a dark mode. White backed text hurts me.

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Try reversing your phone’s colours just remember to put it back to normal after

That’s the spirit! Good luck with the remaining chapters!

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Hey there! I’ve switched to a classic CS style, which should let you change the background color in settings now. Hope that helps!


Ok um definitely an enjoyable story, and quite a diverse caste that’s for sure :joy::star_struck: The writing was good, pace was enjoyable and flowed nicely.

Tho I do have a bone to pick with ya, I felt like chump change when fighting Conqueror. For an alien with super powers, in ch3 fighting the big bad boss I felt like a cheap Omni-man knockoff. Don’t get me wrong story is great and I don’t mind being weak in the beginning BUT to not even be able to get a SINGLE good hit in. That’s just abominable… and real depressing didn’t even feel like reading after that. That’s how disheartening it felt. Because you build this impressive looking character only to swat them down the moment they thought they’d shine. So I’d add something to fix that. Because building up this spectacular image of the MC up only to blow it up with some hidden TNT is well… it’s sad. If you gonna blow it up at least let it look cool or feel awesome. But did like the part of Ment wanting a body :joy: another JARVIS situation.

Otherwise I have 3 burning questions/request
1) What are all the MC’s powers and their limits.
2) Who are all the Romances, I need names :joy::yum:
3) Could we possible get a save sytem because restarting over and over if you leave your browser is real tedious :thinking::expressionless:

Otherwise I’ll keep an eye on this.
Me after the first fight;

Second Fight :laughing:


I was having so much fun reading this that I legitimately thought I was tripping when I read the same sentence twice
but overall I would definitely say I will be watching as things progress with the excitement & silence of impeccable lurking (calling out to every other fellow lurker that doesn’t comment or write much)


Hi there!
Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words! I might not address all your questions fully as there’s certain things I’m keeping a little close to the chest right now, but rest assured that you’ve given me a lot to think about.


Regarding the first fight with the Conqueror, it definitely is intended to be a TOUGH battle. I may revise some of the stat checks in that section to make it a little easier to “go down swinging.”

  1. For powers, I’m deliberately keeping it a bit vague right now. I have some broad personal notes, but as the game is still developing, I don’t want to put any hard caps on the character just yet. Currently, it’s best to think of the PC as having the classic Super Strong, Super Fast, Super Tough, Flight, plus your A.I. buddy to assist you in calculations.
  2. Oh, wouldn’t you like to know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: All I’ll say is that there are currently 5 potential love interests, one of whom is a villain.
    3)That’s a good note. I’ll freely admit that I’m still learning choice script, but I’ll see if I can’t work something up by the next update.

Thanks for the response! I did a minor update which has hopefully fixed this, plus a few other capitalization/grammar errors.


Get to be a Superman type, have a secret identity of a journalist and my own Lois Lane…


Swr this is damm good :blush:

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Our nemesis is diet kang the conqueror with superman’s powerset

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:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:
YES…(votes for Conqueror)