(WIP) The Last Scion (Superhero)

Uhhghh, this MC is so heroic, that makes me cringe xD

At least I can be Herald and happily fly in the sky :sunny: :cloud:

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@dgprector thank you for giving us a IF where I can be Superman I have a few questions

  1. Do all inhabitants of Utopia have powers of just the Scions
  2. Was Mentor implanted in MC brain when they were created
  3. Are the different Scions created to look like the inhabitants of the planet they are deployed to

Looking forward to the next update.


I love the game! Found some bugs though; I’ll list them later, need to do a more thorough sweep.

  1. How many Scions are there throughout the verse, and why are they assigned to different planets.

  2. At the end, will we have the option to “reveal our plan to the others”? (Pseudo Omni-Man)

  3. Why is this game called, "The LAST Scion?

  4. Will we have the option to kill certain opponents?

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From what the story tells me, the home is gone. Not sure why as not told. At least where i remember it referred at, past tense.


Great story but i hope you included a save system.

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Can we become a villain?


Choice game of my dreams

I just hit the end of chapter 1 myself and I have to say, the ONLY thing this is missing so far is the save system. I enjoy games with systems like this, where its more about reacting than choosing an option that matches what you’re good in. We’re just good at it all, yeah? LOL

I’m enjoying this one, I look forward to the rest and what you bring in the future. Great job!


@wraithmaster20 This character reminds me too much of superman so probably not. Even tho I prefer villians to heroes. Villians are just more…colorful.