Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


The Myrmidon by @Moreau , 'cause, gosh, that was just my all-time favorite WiP. Hands down. (And one of the ones that finally convinced me that I should suck it up and try and actually talk on the forums instead of just dance around from subject to subject quietly in awe of people’s talent, and shying away from ever participating in any of the discussions myself).

But, yeah, amazing writing, fantastic plot, great characters, marvelous worldbuilding, (not to mention glorious drama)… and the last post was on September of 2016.

And none of this is even mentioning the copious amount of puns in the thread itself… So. Many. Puns.

It was beautiful.


Yes, that and Vendetta are the ones I miss most, though there were just too many great wip’s that, sadly never got finished.:cry:


Vendetta by @Vendetta … I remember that one. :broken_heart:

Perhaps some of these authors will make their way back.


Vendetta said he was still working on it behind the scenes, so I still have hopes for that one. Moreau still makes sporadic appearances as well, so maybe not all hope for the Myrmidon is yet lost. Those two are my absolute favourites of the wip’s that are currently on a (public) hiatus.


Someone knocked on the glass of my cryo-chamber and has temporarily awoken me from my fugue state.

See? It was all worth it in the end…

Oh you

Hehe… Oops?

Not dead yet! Not dead yet! Just… sleeping. Very quietly. Motionlessly. Several feet under the ground…


Come now, surely you mean Sleeping with the fishes… :rofl:


(Sorry, when I read that I had to :laughing:)


S’fine, the Norwegian Blue prefers kippin’ on it’s back! Remarkable bird, id’nit, squire? Lovely plumage!


In a lovely wooden bed, that just so happens to be shaped in a lovely rectangular box-shape… comes with a wooden cover over it as well, too! Right? :wink:


Well if I wasn’t thinking @Moreau was a vampire I’m thinking it now :joy::thinking:


Ahem… quite sure I don’t know what you’re talking about…


Oh, great, between this and my ever-present theory that you’re secretly trying to take over the world and rule all humanity, @Moreau, now I have even more things to fear for.

And to think! I almost let that theory die. But now there’s vampirism as well? I really can’t let my guard down, can I…?

On topic on dead WiPs, and joking paranoia aside, however, I realized that there’s quite a few more that haven’t been touched in a while that I absolutely adored as well. The four that immediately popped to my mind were, however,

Nest of Snakes by @OrigamiPencil seemed like it had amazing potential, it had a very, very intriguing beginning and I loved the writing-style as well.

The Masked Mirror by @RGH similarly had an interesting premise, and in general I’m usually just a sucker for those sorta fantasy stories.

Don’t Wake Me Up by @Isabella_Welch had a really nice sense of humor about it. (Also an intriguing premise but that goes for all the ones I’m listening here so if I keep stating that then I’ll start to sound like a Norwegian Blue.)

For Peace We Die by @TwoSharp was just fantastically written and had a really interesting world to explore.

And, finally, The Chaos State by @Nathan_Faxon was really cool. It was kinda urban fantasy. I love urban fantasy.


A WIP I really enjoyed was Lord Of Dust by @Imon.
Loved the lore and how the world was built.
Unfortunately, it’s been on hiatus (or at least I like to believe so) due to some complications. The author still lurks around though, but hasn’t posted in a while. The link, unfortunately, is dead.

Edit: Here is a super early link that still works.


Glad you enjoyed it, I still work on it piecemeal when I can, so it’s not abandoned!


When I read it, my joy knew no bounds!


For Peace We Die, could’ve been so great! It’s so sad to see abandoned work with so much potential.


@RenaB and @tooweiss Thanks so much for remembering my WIP! :hugs: I haven’t given up on it, it’s just that I’ve put it on hold while I work on something for the COG contest with @SharpOne. For Peace We Die is the one I’ll be working on after the contest is all done.


Sheds tears of joy

It’s the only wip that I get to keep up on from since I joined.


For me it will be seven heirs of ophaesia. The link is still up but I don’t know it have been worked on or not the thread is closed for a long time.


Omega’s Revenge is another I’d love to bring back! It was intriguing and original. I still find myself wandering back to it. I miss it…