Lord of Dust (WIP)

Hey everyone.

So I’ve been wanting to write this story a while and just started today. I have a bare bones intro and would love to get some feedback




I got a bug trying to look at the stats. I think you need to create scenes. Writing the story in the startup will cost you some functionality of choicescript I believe.

oh i assumed that startup acted as the first scene right? once the name and gender were picked I was going to continue into another scene

I’m not an expert by any means, but usually I see experienced authors just do all the game setup in startup and have most of the player’s first interactions in the first scene.

Okay, Thanks for the tip

Seems as good a game as any to make ‘road warrior’ my mc’s name… looks good

Ok, so I made a new scene called first and added all my code, there, start_up now only has setup stuff

Yup, working good now. I kinda like the different aesthetic you are using. Keep up the good work!

different aesthetic?

The color scheme, layout-out and general look.

I think that’s just the hosting website i am using, but thanks nonetheless XD

The font was the only difference on mine.

I like what there is so far. There is just so little of it… I think it better to get a good chunk done before showing. It allows for sizeable feed back.
Mmm bacon…:smiley:

I think it is really too so far

sorry, could you be a little more clear? not sure what you’re saying :blush:

I think the story has a lot of potential and your writing is great I can’t wait to read more

oh wow, thank you!!!

Hearing this is great because I’ve never coded or even written anything except school essays before XD

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there is too little here for me too really comment on but from what i have right now i am interested too see where your going with this.

oh and when your not going back too the house of ix ( i think it was called) i get an error

thanks, will check for that

Where are you hosting it? My Web Advisor gets really unhappy with big red warnings that it doesn’t want me to go anywhere near this page when I try to open it.

It’s the community hosting website by dashingdon.