The Chaos State


The world is a fairytale come to life but there is no beautiful lands or noble knights, not anymore in the year 2017.

Corporations aren’t corrupted by the greed for money, but for magical essence and ran by a powerful creed of wizards and witches. The mafia is not run by families of criminals but cruel and intelligent elder dragons and their loyal and cunning lieutenants the dragon blooded humanoids, the drakeborns.

California is a free state, a city of anarchy and Marshall law. The perfect home for criminals and monsters. Unfortunately, all of that is about to change and nobody will see it coming. Vorric, a corporation has been slowly building their strength by recruiting mages and silver tongued negotiators, ready to make their move and claim order over this chaos. Lucas Pepperidge steers the wheel, a wealthy and young blood mage with ruthless determination.

They aren’t the only ones who want control, a powerful gang have been bringing in business through the black market you work for. Shra’Veneer, the emerald serpent, has her fingers in every illegal errand going and everybody working in shadows works for Shra’Veneer, even if you don’t realise it, and she doesn’t share her little kingdom in California, especially not with Vorric.

You tried to stay out of the tension between the corp and the dragon for as long as you could remember. Surviving as a black market smuggler to keep food on the table and a warm bed, you don’t need anybody else in this chaotic world but you and your pet and faithful friend, a hellhound with cybernetics. You can’t help but sense that this tension will turn violent fast, a war for territory in this little piece of hell, and you will have to pick a side whether you like it or not.

-Pick your race! Be the ever adapting human, the charming and quick witted elf, the technological geniuses’ known as dwarves or the intimidating and powerful orc.
-Become a street mage, a shadow rogue, a future knight.
-the iron age is over! Baseball bats and switchblades replace swords and shields, rifles and handcannons replaces bows and quivers.
-Will you choose to sell your soul to work for Vorric? Strike an eternal partnership with the emerald serpent Shra’Veneer? Or will you piece together your own movement to take down the two giants?
-Choose to be good, evil or neutral.
-meet and work with fellow shadow dwellers, anarchists, crooked detectives, drakeborns and business suits… Or work against them.

Inspired by Shadowrun, one of the best turn based games I’ve had the joy of playing. The only similarities will be modern age fantasy races and cyborgs. Lore, story, characters and everything else will be my own original creation.

Play-Test Link:

Currently writing more NPC character sheets
Prologue is very near being finished finally.

Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Sounds weird, interesting, and potentially very unique. Also sounds like it may be too ambitious for a first game, especially for someone who doesn’t think he can code to save his life.

Make sure you read the first couple of tutorials here:, and it would probably also be a good idea to read through actual code from other games like can be found here: If you experience confusion or have any questions, feel free to ask people here for help. Though it’s probably a good idea to first check if the question has already been asked and answered in another forum topic.


I agree, very ambitious. This isn’t a bad thing, but you’re probably unlikely to find someone willing to do the coding for you. If you want the game made then you’re probably going to be stuck doing all the writing and coding on your own.

Don’t mistake this for a bad thing, though. It’s a good learning experience, and I can tell you that the feeling you get when you finish a new chapter, or solve a bug, or even get someone’s opinion… Makes it worth all the work. Besides, you can never have enough skills, in my opinion.


Oh I’ve tried coding a couple of times and it’s something which doesn’t work for me.

So it’s more like I’m offering the story idea, I wouldn’t want it to go to waste and there many talented coders, editors etc. Who could help me bring this to life. So basically I was hoping create a cooperation with others who are interested in helping out polish it, code, edit and all the other bits and pieces and see how it turns out.

Odd of course, but I feel more comfortable working alongside people who have experience with this because as you said, it’s a very ambitious story and would take a lot of work.


Eh, if that’s the case I’ll work out something on my own then. Long project ahead of me!


as long as you don’t become another statistic in the “totally awesome but abandoned” WIP theme going on here you’ll be golden :smile:


You’ll almost always find someone willing to give you advice, too. But when it comes down to actual coding people are usually just like, “Do it your own damn self.” XD

The upside to this is that you don’t have to comprise. You don’t have anyone working with you to say that they want this character removed or this thing added. It’s all you, baby!

Is that creepy? I think it might be a little creepy.


This will be a long WiP, made even longer with having to teach myself to code :laughing: But I’m too stubborn to let it go abandoned so don’t worry :wink:

@DarthDovahkin maybe a little creepy… But I like it.

Plan I have:

Write out the storyboard, some NPCs, post basic info on them here and see how much interest they receive (if you don’t like them then too bad! :wink:) while learning the fundamentals of coding.

Fully write the story in rough, get into coding and polish it up as I go along (can’t really jump in with a half finished story, that’s bad news most of the time.)

Make. Time. To. Update. People. Regularly.

Have a demo of the first chapter and hope to god it don’t blow up.

This could take awhile, but like I said, I’m too stubborn to back down :smile:


I actually enjoy coding :speak_no_evil: Sometimes more than the actual writing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Unfortunately I’m slightly busy with my own WIP - which I’m finding hard enough to put time into at the moment :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t mind helping, I just wouldn’t be able to spend an awful amount of time on it :pensive:


Sounds really good can’t wait to go play the demo


Don’t worry yourself @AJ_ I gotta a lot to write, I’ve got two chapters written so far and have written in three NPCs including Shra so far so I’m gonna get a rough draft first before coding. Besides, I don’t want to hinder elemental since it’s a game I’m really looking forward to :smile:

I’ll post the NPC files and the lore after polishing it up.


I’m definitely interested


Writing out the prologue today and hopefully a bit of chapter 1 and should have that done this week hopefully.

The prologue at the very least will give you character customisation, a basic layout of what the MC’s lifestyle is, change your stats slightly and an introduction to a recurring NPC.

Also I’d like to thank @Cecilia_Rosewood for offering to help me with coding. You da man!


I. Did. Not. Realise. You. Had. This!

Coding can be fun, put extremely annoying. Hope you pull this off, and maybe learn a thing or two.

Interesting story though. Fantasy set in present day, in this world, and everyone knows about it. Living in somewhat harmony.


Well, shit, this sounds pretty awesome, and I don’t think there’s even something like it on this forum.
Also I remember trying (out of curiosity) the choicescript program and it made me feel so stupid xD… and I think this is supposed to be one of the easier coding programs out there…
Btw, did you take a page off of @daydreamsincolor’s book by adding a pet? :smile:
Anyway , can’t wait for the demo.


Wait, what pet? Am I missing something here?


That’s on the summary.


curse my poor memory, argh. I can even remember reading that, damm.


@Talkingtaco @UmbraLamia idea was an inspiration from @daydreamsincolor but also from a game I played the other year. he will play a bigger part than just a pet, maaaaybe you can take him/her with you on a job :wink:

I’m learning to use the code for myself, putting about 2 hours every few days with fiddling about with it. Just grateful for the extra hand which means I can get a demo out soon!

Two characters you will meet in the prologue:

Marie Roosevelt - a young human girl full of energy and your partner in crime.

Christian Eamor - a crooked private detective with cybernetic implants, the dwarf sells information to the highest bidder.


Guess I won’t be using any hellhounds in my game :yum:

Coding for Choicescript is pretty easy to learn, and the wiki is really helpful if you have any questions. The things (I think) you might want to be familiar with first are variables, choices/fake choices, if statements, and goto/labels. Other things like line breaks/page breaks are really easy to get a hang of.

As for the story idea, it sounds like a great idea for a game! Definitely looking forward to it. :smile: