Journey of the Vanguard (WIP) - Updated 6/27/16


For nearly a thousand years, an group of heroes and adventurers known as the Vanguard have protected the people of the world of Echo. They have protected civilians in the heat of war, and turned back the tide of monsters that encroach from the Wilds.

But something has happened. One of the Vanguard’s most closely guarded secrets is being turned against them, slowly but surely, and it’ll be up to the next generation of the world’s adventurers to avert catastrophe. They’ll have time to learn, to grow, to train, but will it be enough?

I’m posting this WIP so early so that I can make sure that the world building works, listen to what kind of choices work/don’t work/are desired, and just in general get a read for the audience reception. On top of that, feedback has always been great for helping me get through long projects, and whatever way this thing ends up working out, I can tell already this could be a long one.

Journey of the Vanguard is a science-fantasy story that follows the player character from happy childhood all the way to late adulthood. It covers the protagonist’s career as an adventurer, their battle with an arch nemesis that threatens the entire Vanguard order, and their attempts to to have a life beyond all of that.

The game is currently planned to have 5 segments (detailed below): Child, Survivor, Student, Adventurer, and Veteran. Each segment will eventually support multiple paths that greatly change them. As an example, in the survivor phase, the player can live in an airship crashsite, in the wilds, or in a very dangerous town.

The child phase is a where the groundwork of the player character is laid, establishing their interests and serving as the origin story for both them and the central conflict.

Immediately following that, the survivor phase is the “taking a beatdown” phase, the crucible which serves as the player character’s final transition from talented youth to fully capable individual.

The student phase will focus on time spent making friends and honing skills, both with those friends and under more experienced mentors while also pulling the player deeper into the central conflict.

This phase focus on the player as a full fledged adventurer traveling the world and helping where and how they decide to while also dealing with a personal life and the central conflict.

In the final phase, the player trades some of their youthful vigor with hard earned experience. The focus here is on the player deciding what their real priorities are, and what kind of legacy they’ll leave. Also, there’s that central conflict that needs a final, firm resolution.

The Cast
Anthony Howler (Male,) [Saboteur]- The son of a wealthy Talisean industrialist, an obsessive and particular inventor and tinkerer. Also, a bit of a flirt.

Unrevealed Student (Female) [Futurist]

Clark Kalburn (Male) [Helmsman]- A simple, kind boyscout raised on a farm in the Fertile District of Westerra

Diana Recpin (Female) [Combat Medic]- Top of the combat class, accepted into the Academy a year early after fleeing Kaberon on a refugee ship.

Tayana Wilson (Female) [Enforcer]- A stern and fiercely independent girl who left Valiant Academy after her first year to become an active vigilante

Perry Haro (Male) [Ace]- A serious, withdrawn vigiliante whose parents fled Oriean crime families

Marty Matthers (Male) [Cypher]- A cocky, wisecracking thief who specializes in finding people

Unrevealed Street Tough (Female) [Surgeon]

Without further ado, here is the current playable build (v 0.4.3):

Current features:

  • Fully playable childhood and character creation
  • Childhood/survivor transition scene
  • Work in progress Survivor stage (1/3 paths completed)
  • Survivor/Student transition chapter

Patch Notes (v. 0.4.3):

  • Fixed numerous typos
  • Marty now only feels the need to tell you how classy he is once
  • Marty has also ditched his finerless gloves in exchange for fingerless ones
  • Sprinkled in additional text here and there
  • When meeting Diana, “My eyes are up here,” has been changed to “Like what you see?”
  • Added two new stats, under a new category: Reputation. Players will now have a measureable reputation on the streets and with the Vanguard
  • Added conseqeunces to some existing choices to effect both street and Vanguard rep
  • Attempted to add Reputation to the stats screen when it becomes relevant
  • The fight on the train now provides combat experience in much the same manner that the Tesla snake fight does
  • Fixed an issue where a strategic retreat from the Tesla snake was misinterpreted as “running away so quickly you break the game”
  • Moved the “To be continued…” from the end of the Survivor/Student chapter to the start of both the Student-Street and Student-Vanguard chapters

Known bugs/typos in current version:

Features to be included by the next major update:

  • The rest of the drone sidequests pilots can unlock during the Survivor-Mountain chapter
  • New chapter, dependent on feedback

Especially Looking for Feedback On

Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?
Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

I will try it and send feedback :grin:

i think this error
You always calls you the light of his world, should be He not You


I enjoyed playing your game


Looks to be deep and enjoyable. Really liked the development. Hit error startup line 714: Non-existent variable ‘pc’


Found a bug: after choosing who I wanted to train Aura with, got "non-existent variable ‘pc’"
Other than that, this is really cool! I like the concept of being part of a hero family.


Work in Progress- in Progress? :open_mouth: Is it that early in the process? (joking, of course)

The story sounds pretty interesting this far.

Ran into an error too.

line 668: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "mother


Good so far a few spelling corrections and it would look like a professional writer wrote it :smile:


Dude this is awesome i look forward to more ,btw did you draw inspiration from hunter x hunter for this.


Found a bug: startup line 523; illegal to fall into *else statement.

Aside from that, it looks good; good luck with the writing.


Well, after an hour of reading all bug reports(thanks a million to @The_Chosen_Plump @Lordirish @Scribblesome @Cecilia_Rosewood and @ParrotWatcher for finding them), I went into the code, tracked down each of the buggers, and promptly squashed them with a few hotfixes.

So now that that’s been said…

@Cecilia_Rosewood Rosewood Yeah, there’s currently 12 possible chapters planned (1 for Child, 3 for Survivor, 2 for Student, 3 for Adventurer, and 3 for Veteran), and knowing me they’re going to need multiple rounds of debugging, so we’re looking at about 8% complete? Which, if I apply the completion standards of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is not a work. In fact, it’s barely a concept. :sweat_smile:

@The_Chosen_Plump Aw shucks! Thanks for saying that! And for reminding me to shove this thing through a spell checker sometime.

@Dvalor445 Actually (at the risk of influencing people’s expectations and perceptions) my principle inspiration for the world was RWBY.


I think you meant to say @Dvalor445 there, not me.


Hm. Seems I did. Dang line skipping eyes…


Yeah it sounds like an excellent story with loads of potential, also I see a lot of miss spelled words or incorrect sentencing but I don’t mention all of them or people would probably hate me because I know too much grammatical spelling and sentencing structure. So I only mentioned one out of a few spelling errors or sentences that would need a little reworking. :smile_cat:

I am a high school student my grammar and spelling is way above my grades standards so that’s what to expect from me when I point out spelling errors of sorts, my friends all hate me when I correct their sentencing or I correct them on grammar so plus one for me, being smart is awesome.

@PhoenixAgent003 do you have a twitter if so I would happily follow you on it.


(sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’m liking the game so far, though I found a few bugs in it like when choosing to go to the escape pod it pops out that error code


Found another bug, when choosing to just go to the escape pod without argument leads to an error message


Pretty good so far, besides the typos. Looking forward to your updates!


Wow this was riveting! Found no errors with the route that I was going.

Can’t wait for more, great job!


I could tell really early that this was heavily influenced by RWBY, in fact you might want to change a few things to make it less obvious. You have huntsmen in airships fighting grimm-like creatures with customized gun-weapons that use various elemental rounds while being protected by auras. Heck, you even have uncle Qrow. I love RWBY, and I love the idea of a choice game based in that world, but if you’re going to make your own world you have to make it your own and change things around a bit.
Going back to the game, I did enjoy the playthrough and I personally didn’t run into any bugs on my first read. Just make the references a little less obvious, as once I made the connection I couldn’t stop seeing the similarities :sweat_smile:.


Yep, was kind of afraid that would happen with at least some people.

I’ll do my best with keeping the worlds different, and hopefully the differences become more apparent as the game progresses and a bit more of the mythology/how the Vanguard operate is explored.