Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Draconic Challenges on my to-do list I promise :sweat_smile: (Really need to get all those WIP’s finished off, it’s taking me a while, my bad.)

@Koda222 you beat me to it. I thought you might be referring to the dragon raising game fairygodfeather was making a few years ago. (There’s no stinky dragons in mine :laughing:)


Idk if its dead or not but i really hope not.
The Guardian

Ultimata isn’t dead i suppose, the thread was closed in december because the author hadn’t updated the demo for a very long time, he did answer many questions and talked a lot about the lore of the game so yeah, it isnt dead since he has been giving us some information(before the thread was closed of course) the author is still working on the game as far as i know and ultimata is a very complex game and i think it will take a lot of time to be concluded so you may need to wait a long time before its released.
About the guardian im not sure but since the author is still active is possible that he hasn’t have time for writing the game, so i think its possible to see more updates in the future…
(sorry if its confusing, my english is not that good)


You don’t have to worry, Ultimata is far from dead. I’m still working intently on it and I’m not planning on abondoning it anytime soon. However, as @correia said Ultimata is a quite complex story and takes a while to write. On top of that I had to rethink a lot of my overall concepts and had to finally settle for where I want my story to go, which I more or less managed to achieve. I’m really sorry that you haven’t heard from me in a rather long time, but please be assured that I try my best to be able to open my old thread as soon as possible and this time with some actual proof of the progress of my story.


Damn… I read this one ages ago where you were a soldier who woke up in the middle of a city with no memories, and the demo ended shortly after you found a man in a bar who could restore some of them to you. Found that one through Dashingdon but could never find it on the forums. That one was really good. The other one would be Monster Maker.


The Clueless Teen’s Guide to the Supernatural, Espien/The Gift, and Journey of the Vanguard were really good back in their day :cry: It’s a shame their demos are lost forever to the dropbox crush that forced everyone onto dashingdon… unless your dropbox account downloaded the demo to play it when things were still wonky.

There’s also Team Zero, From Ashes We Rise, and a lot more of the more recent popular (yet seemingly dead) WIPs.

Does anyone remember that one fantasy setting WIP where the MC breaks free from a tube/lab and has the option of staying or fleeing? And fleeing you encounter a werewolf named Maya and a vampire named Adrian(?) or something like that? I always confuse the title with United We Rise but it’s definitely not that :sweat_smile:


Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster. I am a huge fan of crime genres and that WIP has everything that I have ever wanted for a crime game. Even the writing style is great. Sadly the developer might not publish it and would stay as a WIP forever.

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Rise of Etrea: The Royal Spy
I am not sure how to explain it well, but it is very good and I would love to read/play a completed game.

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I found the game I was talking about! For Peace We Die! Pretty easy to confused with the Spanish civil war titles :sweat_smile:


But RoE is not dead.


Every wip hehehe

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I’m glad to know that your doing well and very excited for your comeback :grin::blush:


I’m still working on The Guardian and like 3 other projects I just haven’t been able to balance school, trying to get custody of my nephew. And other crazy jazz with writing very well. The Guardian will be hard to finish in a fast period of time due to my lack of skill with coding I have another of test errors and have to fix them pretty often. I hope to have a new playable demo by June. I’m glad your intrested though it is my pet project and the one I would like to finish the most.

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the guardian actually one of my most anticipated wip i like to read. i’m glad to hear you still continue to complete it. thanks for responding.
i wish i can help but sadly i have zero knowledge about coding and programming stuff. not good with grammar too since english is my 3rd language. anyway i’m glad you still around. good luck with your school and your projects.

Yeah, what is up with that guy? It’s been an interesting year and I was struggling with unemployment/depression when you guys wrote this.

I’m now finding myself developing and writing STEM curriculum for the Army JROTC. It keeps me pretty busy especially as I’m trying to help bring curriculum online due to the virus.

If I’m not working, I am in my home lab developing labs and just practicing programming and cyber stuff.

As for Supra, I haven’t completely scrapped it. Notes like these and random likes keep me interested in finishing this project.

Thanks again guys and I hope to see you around.


I don’t know if the following WIPs are on hiatus or dead, but they were really good.

Sos: Mortal Coil
Children of the Gods
Guenevere (man I really liked this one)

And this one WIP whose name I can’t remember. You play as a detective who is some sort of fallen god with Zeus-like powers. It had a western feel that was quite unique on CoG.


Children of the Gods is unfortunately dead since the author announced this on her tumblr about a month or two ago. I will try to find that link where she announced it.

Edited: I cannot access that tumblr page so I’m not sure what happened to it. Probably deleted or something?


How about A Drop of Night… Is that one still being worked?

I believe the author is still dealing with real life issues so my gut tells me no, not for now.

I can’t get it to load either. And trying to go directly to the blog gives me a password prompt. You’re correct though, she did decide not to continue.