For Peace We Die WIP

Hello all!

Step into the role of the Connect in this fantasy adventure where
your choices decide the fate of the world and all who call it home.
Five factions war and scheme against each other in order to survive in a
hostile world, where cruelty is in no short supply. Choose whether to
encourage their hostile ways or try to change their path. Gather
allies, friends, lovers and enemies along the way and discover what it
truly means to be the Connect. Identify yourself as Vampire, Werewolf,
Human or Mage and join a faction that aligns with your goals as you
explore the magic within yourself and the secrets surrounding your

Currently, this demo covers the first three chapters. Please know
that this is a work in progress and susceptible to change at any time.
Feedback is always welcome!

(Also if you see @SharpOne lurking around here that’s just my editor/writing partner! SharpOne can answer questions just as well as I can so if you can’t reach me then you can try messaging SharpOne!)


@ChimeraLord Well I won’t go into the history of the Werewolf like I did for the Vampires (unless you want me to) but I designed each race to be different but equal. So, yes, Werewolves are physically the strongest, followed closely by Vampires, but Werewolves lack long distance, population, and skill variety. The Werewolves have the smallest population among the four due to a high casualty rate when young. Similarly to Vampires with draining addiction, Werewolves can loose themselves to the rage/animal within themselves. (In fact if you’re a Werewolf in Chapter 3 this can happen!)

And as for the other races I’ll use Mages as an example. While they lack physical strength they have a wide variety of powerful skills. In the stats screen Mages are the only race without 5% in each category and the only one with five skills because the player can only pick three to specialize in! Mages can cover a wide variety of magical skills, but they can only master three classes due to the stress it puts on them. However, the Mages also have some very unique and powerful special skills: telepathy, telekinesis, divination, cursing, and transmutation. These skills are limited in power and each of these follow a specific class, but are more active versus the Werewolves passive skills : Night Vision, Pheromone Detection, and Tough Body.

I hope that clears things up!

@stsword Very true! The gadget imbedded in you does block your racial abilities. Along with you being untrained, the MC wouldn’t know how to control their power anyway. (Unless you’re a Human because of the type of magic they use, which is inventing.)

@Rebelmaiden Thank you for the feedback, though I am a little hesitant to input a choice like that. I purposely left the MC without an opinion of the woman’s death so the player can project any emotion they want. I think if I added that kind of choice it would be forcing some players to have their MC feel something they don’t agree with. There is a small choice that has you pick a feeling, in a way. (“Better her then me, Messy…I like Messy, and Right now she is my enemy and deserves a messy end”)

Can you tell me which emotions you would like to see? I’ll try to figure a way to add it in if I can find a way to make it work…

I cannot play the demo…says not found

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Oh! I absolutely love it! I didn’t encounter any bugs my first playthrough but I’m going to try again pretty soon. I’m loving the world you’re writing up, though the beginning seems incredibly confusing.

@snappingcookies what confused you? I was trying to make it seem like you didn’t know what was going on, but I don’t want it to be difficult to understand by the player.

@TwoSharp 2 questions: 1. What time period is this in. 2. Why in the cafeteria does the MC attack that woman

nice game so far


  1. This is more a medieval time on a planet similar to Earth. But here only the Humans have crafted any form of technology due to their special brand of magic. So you will see items similar to those we have (such as the lamp and lab equipment). The Division has the benefit of all the races abilities and knowledge so their environment will be more integrated with technology but technology will have an even greater presence in the Human faction.

  2. The MC is still pretty paranoid at this point and doesn’t trust anyone. The woman didn’t mean to sneak behind you but she successfully did so while you are distracted. The reaction is meant as an instinctual response and doesn’t really know anything beyond attacking things before they attack you.

Does that clear things up?

@Lobo420 Thank you!

Great one! Looking forward to seeing more of it.

I love it! Please i desire more!! Im a mage in this hehehe but i have a hunch the MC might be alot more heheheh

@Rebelmaiden and @Xhandas_Antonidas Thanks for the feedback! More is coming soon! And yes the MC is more then meets the eye…
If you stay with the Division you will find out more about yourself faster then leaving.

This plot is confusing ;-;

@TheGlobeh While I was going for a confused captive MC I don’t won’t the player to feel lost. Can you tell me which part confused you most? Or was it the plot in general that confused you and I just need to clarify it?

I was a little confused also… What’s with randomly killing everyone you see when you wake up?

loved it

@Doctor Hmmm…more confusion. I will definitely consider changing a few things to make it more clear. But with the killing people the MC is waking up with no personal memories and believes him/herself to be in danger. The MC is meant to be a weapon for the Division but wakes up too early to be obedient to the Division and has the skill (and paranoia) to attack everyone else before they get attacked.

I hope that clears some things up for you, but if you were confused with anything else please let me know.

@Azraeldrake9 Thank you!

I love this! Your writing style is fantastic, and the story is intriguing. I love your sense of humor. :smiley: I didn’t find the story confusing, but then again, people say my train of thought confuses them, so it might just be me. Anyways, great job!

@Mirabella Your awesome! Thank you for the feedback!

I love what you’ve done! The theme,the contour, everything! Like @Mirabella, I understand the plot completely. Can’t wait for more! :slight_smile: