Lord of Dust (WIP) (updated 01/02/16) (Now With Playable Demo)

Hey there everyone!

I got this idea about a few months ago and made some progress.

I really wanted this game feel more like a fully fleshed out RPG than a book. In that regard the game is less narrative focused, and more focused on exploring the world, doing quests, and making a name for yourself than any overarching “storyline”.

But enough about that. Let’s look at the actual world!

The Empire of Ashan:

Ashan is an desert empire located on the continent of Ilar. Most of the empire consists of vast deserts of sand, referred to as “dust” by it’s inhabitants. Mountain ranges and oases of water are spread throughout the country side, but the most unique part about this empire are the Blackspines.

The blackspines are vast tracts of sharp, black rocks that randomly appear out of the ground during earthquakes all over the continent.

The Ashani people revered these rocks in their early history as being the spikes that jut out of the spine of their most revered god, the great Serpent. They believed the earthquakes to be caused by the movement of the great serpent that lay under the sands of their land and treated the blackspines as sacred places.

Over time however, the Ashani people discovered the myriad uses of the black powder obtained from these rocks and began to harvest them.

Unfortunately, the spines don’t stay put. The blackspines would retreat into and out of the ground at random times, causing earthquakes and leaving huge holes in the ground.

At first, the Ashani tribes simply migrated to the next deposit that appeared. The tribes turned to the driju, huge beetles that had been domesticated and used for thousands of years as pack animals. The ancient people quickly found out that when fed a tincture of blackspine powder, the driju grew even bigger, colossal enough to carry great weight. The Ashani tribes built their huts and soon began to live on the backs of gigantic driju.

This nomadic lifestyle continued for centuries, till booming populations required a new solution. The tribes then began construction of their great cities, gigantic creations of packed sand, rock, and wood from desert trees. The Cities were set on a intricate set of wheels and rollers, which allowed them to move.

The Ashani used systems of gigantic sails to harness the desert wind’s power and set their cities in motion across the sands. Each of the early tribes created a city of their own, and thus were born the great Houses.

The head family of each tribe became the financiers and masters of the city, and over time became the Noble Houses that controlled the empire. After a long period of wars and conflict between the individual cities, the great houses all gathered in the very centre of the empire to create a capital city on a particularly unique blackrock deposit that never disappeared.

The city of Setias became the center of the Ashani people politically and culturally. A Khan was appointed from the most dominant house of the time, House Renos, and the Renos Dynasty has ruled the empire since.

Today, the empire is stable and prosperous, a shining example of civilization.

However, things may not be as good as they seem. A plot to assassinate the king is in the works. Were the king to die the whole country would be thrown into chaos and civil war. Who knows who will rise to power?

Across the mountains however, there are those those might take this weakness as the perfect opportunity to invade your prosperous country…

You, dear reader, are about to embark on an adventure to Ashan.
A world of endless deserts, moving cities, and untold riches.
Will you become a feared warlord? An honest peace-keeper?
Can you fight your way to the crown and become the the next great Khan?
Or will be left on the wayside like countless others?

The choice is yours.

More about how the game actually functions:

You play as an adventurer thrown into this world after you are captured by bandits. Discover your power as a paragon, the magic users of this world. Play as male/female/anything.

Visit the nine traveling cities of Ashan, each one culturally and aesthetically unique. Explore the cities and go on exciting quests as you discover secrets about your world and gain renown.

As you gain men and resources you can make a name for yourself. Become a warlord, a knight, a merchant, a lord, a rouge paragon, a king! the possibilities are endless.

Skills: 15 battle skills including hand-to-hand, poles, swords, etc

Magic System: You will be a Paragon, a being of unimaginable power

Paragon of the Mind: Psychic powers, control and influence the minds of your enemies! Create illusions and hallucinations, make armies bend to your will.

Paragon of the Sun: Control over energy, make lightning crack across the battlefield or fire scorch your enemies.

Paragon of Matter: Control all forms of matter. Create mountains and chasms at the flick of your wrist. Make weapons out of thin air or bring cities crumbling down.

Demo is up!

Enjoy: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zcb116wd24w9ln7/lord_of_dust.html?dl=0


Sounds like a really cool idea but is this blackspines hard enough like iron to make a weapon out of it like a Saber (is it saber or sabre?) or a Claymore since you said it’s a sacred material of some sort maybe we could get an unholy claymore :smile:.

huh…never even thought of that…They are a bio agent really, they help plants grow and animals grow. Militray applications are an awesome idea though

Sounds fun. I look forward to the demo.

Bio agents … that can be militarized! We could make flesh eating bio-agents … or something like that. Anyways, do you have any ideas about the plot, why we are adventuring and what we are trying to do(besides becoming Khan)?

Bio agent huh… Still can we add it to a weapon to makw ir grow? how could you become a warlord (prefere overlord over it) without a super weapon?! THIS IS MADNESS! but seriously if everyone thought that the blackspines were sacred and the MC didn’t care we could make a size changing weapon or even add it to armours even if it had any cool effect we could become invincible.

Wait a minute … Did you mean grow. like being fiertilizers of grow in size?

Yeah! Like it is attuned with our biology and grants us super strength, speed, etc. Also, how technologically advanced is your society?

Powdered blackspine helps plants grow faster and using less water, extremely important to a desert society of course. When fed food mixed with treated blackspine certain animals grow in size but not endlessly, there is a max size. There is no effect to humans (or so we think…)

As @TheTrueKing suggested I’m thinking I can come up with more uses. Maybe putting blackspine into the iron smelting process makes steel, just like carbon.

@WhiteLynx When I said it was sacred I meant it purely in the sense that the people held it sacred, it has no intrinsic magical properties. I might pursue that idea though

I actually didn’t mean for it to sound like I thought it’s magical I thought the place it was at was considered a holy place of some sort and if you commit a sin or something there or disrespect it you will be punished

oh okay I thought unholy weapon meant like something magical

Updated the description with some more information

I kind of used it in a bad way but I ment by unholy that you use something that the people believe is a gift/miracle from the gods/god (I don’t know if you have multiple gods or not in the game) and using it to hurt others, Oh! and please add a Claymore to the game if you already haven’t cause I want to play as a female version of guts from berserk (if you know the anime/manga) like the type who would crush however stands in her way something like an anti-hero type (like using evil to fight evil or save the world or have your vengeance at the present warlord) and if I chose.the sun paragon will I be able to set my weapon on fire or electrify it like in dark souls? … I’m talking alot aren’t I?

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nah man I totally feel you. Sorta evil bad-ass female rouges are my jam. A claymore was not going to be one of the weapons but just for you I’ll add it as a buy-able item from the city forge. Oh maybe there will be a quest to unlock it hmmmm.

And yes paragon of the Sun can manipulate energy, which includes flame swords

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Man! Really?! I would travel the world twice to give you a kiss right now. but what about making it a memento or a gift from the MC’s father or something that way you could start with it but the quest idea sounds cool too like making it a family heirloom that was lost and the MC want it back and when it’s found it might be broken (or not) and needs to be fixed so you melt it at a forge in the city and make a new one by mixing some blackspines fragments to make some kind of unbreakable steel or maybe even stumble upon it while escaping the bandits or after killing them all (which I prefer the most)

I meant for the MC to have a clean slate background, no pesky family.

I actually made up a quest for it in when you gave me the idea.

I was picturing this:

You walk into the forge of the master smith of Fellmar, one of the nine great cities. After perusing through the smith’s fairly standard stock you eyes fall on a great broadsword displayed over the wall.

“How much for that one?” you ask the man sweating over the forge.

He stands. "Not for sale sir, that’s my master work there. Made it years ago and it earned me the golden hammer form the academy " he says proudly

“Oh come on” you say “everything has a price”

“Well” he appears to mull it over “I’ll part with it for something. You see I’m in need of someone willing to fetch something for me”

“I’m your man then!”

“Well it’s not that easy, it’s in an old abandoned mine, an extremely pure ore the miners left behind when they left the place”

“Just a hunk of rock? That should be easy”

“The mines were abandoned because a Geas mother took over. She and her brood live there now”

A girl enters through the back door. “Customer, father?”

“Actually, hired help. I’m sending him to get the mine ore”

“Father you promised me that would be my task! I’ve asked you to let me go forever”

“She can come along if she likes” you say. She looks to be a tough girl, with thick muscles earned through forge work no doubt.

He strokes his beard for a while "Fine, just be careful. he says “And you, keep her safe”

The girl walks back into the back room and comes out with a huge sword. The girl wields a claymore?!

“Lets go!” she says blowing a strand of hair over her eye away.

You’ll have to play the game to find out what happens on the quest… :smile:

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Is this demo on dashingdon (may as well check myself)

That actually … Sounds good to me but will there ever be a difference between genders in this game or is it just in pronouncing like choosing to me male/female/I don’t like genders option in most of the games I encounter in this site cause having this thing (there is no difference between a man and a woman thing bothers me cause there is clearly a difference with how they look and think) and is it going to be kid friendly cause you could show the difference between genders with how the bandits you mentioned at the start treat the MC like if you are a man they would hit the mc alot and if you are female they could be a little perverted(ish?). oh and how old will the MC be cause I hope they will be young like 18 : 22 years old

There is a small demo on dashingdon

There isn’t really an actual gender difference unfortunately. And the game is quite violent too. Also MC is around 28. I might include some gender difference actually,